Supan (Bob 70) Brennan passed away
From Mark Schmitz (70): Rolette, ND

Dear Gary and friends:

I am so sorry to announce the passing of Supan Brennan. Supan is the wife of Robert Brennan. Robert (Bob) Brennan was in the class of 70. Circumstances unknown as of yet. Apparently she fell outside her home, reasons unknown. She was able to crawl into her home. Bob and Mike Brennan found her when they had returned home from a horse sale in Minot. She was taken to the Bottineau Hospital where she expired. Supan was a lovely lady, always present with the Catholic Ladies Auxiliary making and serving her special dishes. I know as this tragedy unfolds many hearts will be touched and broken with those who loved and respected this lovely lady from Thailand. The cause of death is at this time unknown.

Bob and Supan had no internet services, Their home address is 2325 97th. St. Ne. Dunseith N.D. 58329.
Their phone # 1-701-244-5911. I will collect, print, and deliver any condolence’s sent to me, for the Brennan Family,
How sad, I remember Bobby well. He rode our bus. Our condolences are with him and his family. Gary
1964 Concert photos
Reply from Paula Fassett (71): North Branch, MN

What great photos, Dick! I’ll have to dig out my old albums and see if I have any of those. The city hall doesn’t look near a HUGE as it appeared way back then! I loved Trish’ remembrances of band. We did have some very musically talented kids in that little high school. I don’t remember Cheryl in the music camp production, but I’ve played for her so many times over the years and have seen her “wow” people many times over. I always said when I played for Cheryl I never had to worry about how loud the piano got. No matter how loud I played, she could out sing the noise! Cheryl and I have chuckled in recent years over how many hours we spent at the piano – me playing and her singing – and not even practicing for anything – that’s just what we enjoyed doing!!!




One summer at the Bottineau Fair there was a band playing at the grandstand – their lead singer would go to different people in the crowd and hold his mic up for them to sing. Most people would giggle, or get all embarassed and not sing much. About the time he wandered down in front of Cheryl, they were playing “New York, New York” – imagine his surprise when he waved his mic in front of Cheryl and she took it, stood and finished the entire song … AND brought on applause that was greater than what he’d been getting!!! It was a great moment!!




Paula Fassett-Pfuhl

Fines, Penalties and Forfeitures Officer

Customs and Border Protection

Minneapolis, MN

Deerhart Lodge
Message/Pictures from Don Boardman (60): Bottineau, ND
I have a couple of the pieces that Henry Kotschevar made up at Deerhart Lodge. They lived just a half mile west of our farm, a mile and a half north and then a little way west. It was just south of the Schneider Farm where Wes and all of his siblings were raised. They would let us pick juneberries from the patch along the road into their Lodge. I can remember going up there many times and going through the Lodge with them with Marion explaining the doll house that he had made with the carved shingles and the taxidermy animals that she had done. They were really handy and they did a lot of fine work. He used to go around to the sloughs and find diamond willow and make all kinds of lamp stands, candlestick holders, canes and other things. He also used the native poplar to make things. If I remember right the Lodge was made out of the native trees. They were fine people and proud of the things they could do with mounting animals and carving things. The only time he would get angry was when he played whist. He was very good at counting cards and very soon after you were playing a hand he knew just about what everyone had in their hand. If you didn’t play it right he got mad at his partner.
Just a few memories of “the good ole days”.
Don Boardman
Mrs. Conroy’s 4 grade class Picture
Reply from Mary Eurich Knutson (62): Dunseith, ND
Morning Gary
We made it through another big snow. I don’t know how much we really
received but it must be close to the 9″ predicted. State plows had
already cleaned 43 by the time I left for work.
I wonder if the little girls name on that class picture was Marta
Graham seems I remember that name but I do not remember the girl. I
have more pictures ready to send but Karen is so busy I didn’t have the
heart to ask her to send them. I’ll wait till after Christmas when
things slow down a bit.

3rd row front to back: Kenny Handeland, Lowell K., Dwight Lang, Lynda Williams
2nd row front to back: Nicole Bedard, August Johnson, Nikkey Bedard, Patty Spaeth, Johnny Morgan
1st row Front to back: Cecile Gouin, Joan L., Gearld Anderson, Duane T., Marta G.,
George Gottbreht, Glenda Fletcher, Mrs. Conroy