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Reply from Allen Richard (66): Midland, MI

To Bonnie Awalt Houle.


It brought back something more like memories of memories passed down. Too bad we are not as skilled in passing on our legacies in story telling like our Native American friends! So much is lost. We should all try to bring back the “between the lines” things that never made it into Prairie’s Past and Mountain Memories. We all should try to compile stories from the past. Age wise your dad was about half way between Dad and Grand Dad. Grand Dad was a well known “house party fiddler” and Dad started farming with horses and bought his first tractor at the age of 15.


Your dad and Fred Nicholson did a lot of remodeling on Dad’s home in the late 60’s early 70’s. There were more than a few “story breaks.” I wish i had paid more attention.







John Awalt

Reply from Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND.


Gary and Friends,

A special thank you to Bonnie for sharing the story about her dad. I sure do enjoy hearing these stories from people I have known. There were good times in those hard times. Thanks Gary!


Folks, I had a streak of luck last week bowling. I must have had a good lane where the pins feel easily. My previous high game was 182. Gary

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Gary Stokes took the high Game of 208 and in the process had both a new personal best High Game and a new personal best High series of 485



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