Reply to Larry Hackman’s story
From Colette Hosmer (64): Santa Fe, NM
Bravo, Larry. I’m warm and wrapped in a quilted robe, cup of hot coffee cupped in both hands. Outside my glass-sliding door, the Sangre de Christo Mountains are draped in snow under a clear, blue sky — a perfect backdrop for your Uncle Gus story this cold, bright Saturday morning.




Reply to Larry Hackman’s story

From Mel Kuhn (70): St. John, ND


Howdy Gary,


It had been a while since we’ve had one of Larry Hackman’s good old stories. It brought back good old memories–well maybe good. My memoriy was of the spinning button on the string. I too was told to stay away from the little sisters hair. Well I think it must have slipped or something. The next think I remember was that snapping noise–much like the snapping of the reins on the horses rumps–only it wasn’t the horses rumps,and the old man wasn’t wearing his belt. I think I was more careful the next time I was allowed to play with buttons and string.



Contruction in the Philippines
The addition (22′ x 40′) to our house is pretty much complete. We are in the process of finishing the extended roof area from the work shop and the office and the cement area in front of the new addition. The door to the extreme right in the top picture is an outside bathroom that we included with the addition. That is a 25,000 BTU air conditioner over the door. It cools the living room (20′ x 22′) nicely. The other A/C unit, in our bed, is an 8,000 BTU unit that we brought with us from the states.
Often times I’ll take a shower before we go places in the late afternoon or evening. With the heat and the humidity it’s often times hard to get dried off when toweling down from the shower. Ones body is sticky making it difficult to dress too. With this new addition, I decided to put an air conditioner in our new bath room. It’s great! I’ll turn it on a half hour or so before taking my shower so it’s nice and cool. Problem solved.