Tucson Massacre
Posting from Dwight Lang (61): Tucson, AZ

Gary and friends,

I know all of you must of heard of the massacre here in Tucson. This occurred in a small shopping center less than a mile and one half from my condo. I frequently visit the Safeway and Walgreens stores in the center and I’m certain I have walked over the sidewalks at the scene of this crime many times. I don’t know if any of the killed or wounded had any Rolette and/or Bottineau county connections. But we have all offered our prayers and thoughts for some of our own. I would like to suggest that at this time, we put these individuals in our prayers and wish the survivors a speedy and full recovery.


While all deaths by murder are tragic, it was the little nine year old girl, Christina Green, who was gunned down that caused me the most torment and pain. Congresswoman, Gabriel Giffords, is not a normal type of politician or is she a Democrat lackey. She has been a servant to her people in Tucson and was always open to all. Unfortunately these activities lead to the Congress on your Corner event. Let’s wish that her recovery goes well and she becomes able to continue in the life she chose.

Dwight Lang





Address change

From Don Berg (71): Scottsdate, AZ




Mary and I moved to Arizona 15 months ago. Our mailing address is 9383 E Bell Road, #619, Scottsdale, AZ 85260.

Hope all is well and 2011 is a great year for you and Bernadette.


Thanks Don, I have updated my records. Gary

Metcalfe history with Photo
Posted by Vickie Metcalfe (70): Bottineau, ND

Gary and friends,

The attached photo Right to left; My grand dad, William Metcalfe I.

To his right, his daugher- in- law Mary Marjorie (DeMontigney) Metcalfe, the little girl is his daughter, Leona Rose (Metcalfe) Oswell.

The writing on the back of this photo says, Mrs.Eric Gottbreht and her children, I think the Gottbreht family were neighbors at Rabbit City Lake who left the area.

And, leave it to a Metcalfe to have horses or dogs. One dog appears to be a a border collie, a breed favored by many family members.
The attached photo was taken in 1923 summer/fall. Dad was born in July at the Metcalfe home place overlooking Rabbit City Lake. Someone gave this photo to my mom after Dad passed away. She tucked it into our family album.
“Young Bill” or William II and Mary (DeMontigney) Metcalfe were married in September 1923. Gertrude Anderson and John Awalt, lifelong friends were the attendants. Frank Poitra another lifelong R.C.friend played the music for their wedding dance.
In years gone by, some people would act confused about our big extended family and tease. But those who knew the whole story never found the family confusing. All of Bill and Mary’s children I have known, and loved as my 1st cousins.

To those still confused;
The best way I found to explain is Father (William I) and Son (William II)
married Mother (Veronica Rose nee Ledoux) and Daughter (Mary Marjorie DeMontigney).
Until Later. Vickie
R to L: William Metcalfe I, Marjorie (DeMontigney) Metcalfe,
Leona Rose (Metcalfe) Oswell, ?, ? & ?
Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe: Bottineau & Minot, ND

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