Reply from Vickie Metcalfe (70): Bottineau, ND
Gary and friends,
I enjoyed the photo from Peggy, about Hazel and John Hiatt, who were probably the very first couple of real cowboy life ie. ( cowboy and cowgirl) I ever saw as a child. They always dressed the part and lived the hard cowboy life of hauling cattle and managing horses and ranching. They were a unique couple, kind of their own version of Dale Evans and Roy Rodgers.
I too, enjoyed Warren’s horse story. I could picture in my minds eye as he “Warren the Kid” and his brother, “the Anderson boys” rode the hills West of Highway #3. I’m glad other kids used their vivid imaginations to play cops and robbers too! My cousin, Janice (Metcalfe) Poitra and I called it cowboys and outlaws. Warren your reference to fathers was right on the mark. “How we needed our dads when bad events happened.”
I found Woody Gagnon’s life long dedication to service of his fellow man inspiring. My dad was one of the folks who enjoyed the benefits of attendance and fellowship at Camp Grassick.
And Bill and Dick,thanks again for the humor. I love it when I can start my days laughing.
Hope y’all are wintering well. Vic
Horse Story
From Richard Langer: Belcourt, ND

Hi Gary: after reading all the horse stories on the blog lately. I thought the following would be nice, even though it is not really my personal experience:

“I went horseback riding today, it was a near death experience. I got on the horse and fell. I got on the horse again and fell off. I got on again and my foot got caught in the stirrup, just as I thought it couldn’t get any worse, the Wal-Mart Manager came over and unplugged it.” I am enjoying reading the daily blogs. Richard Langer

Richard, We too, enjoy having you and Rita among us. Gary
Reply from Dale Pritchard (63): Leesville, LA
Return message for Bob Lykins,

My first tour in Japan was at Tachikawa (66-68) and my second was at
Yokota (75-78). I didn’t have a car during the first tour and don’t
think I would have considered driving anyway. I made that 25 mile drive
to Atsugi a couple times myself during my second tour. You said it was
“about” two hours. My best time was 2-3/4 hours. Between railroad
crossings, pedestrian crossings, slow moving busses and the sheer volume
of vehicle traffic, it was a white-knuckle drive. I imagine that, by
now, the same thing could be said of almost any big American city.


Birmingham Visitors
Posting by Bill Grimme (65): wgrim Birmingham, AL

I had the great pleasure of having two fine people visit me in my fair city today. They really fit in with the local scene, as you can see.


John and Margaret, You guys look great! I’ll bet you’ve been cruising too?
John (65) and Margaret Bedard





Picture from Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND
Gary and Friends,

I have a question to ask of the readers. The attached picture was taken in a well known business on Main street in Dunseith. I bet most of the readers will be able to identify where it was taken. It’s a picture of Grandpa Henry Olson, but the background really brings back a lot of memories. I bet several of you know the lady at the till behind my grandpa too. Let’s have everyone write tomorrow with their thoughts on the picture. Thanks Gary!



Picture posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe: Bottineau, ND



Here’s a good picture of Mark LaCroix/came from the Courant.



Folks, Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe Mark’s father is Jerry LaCroix (73).
Thank you Neola for sharing. Gary