Marvin Olson
(December 7, 1939 – October 9, 2011)

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Marvin A. Olson, age 71 of Bottineau, died Saturday in a Dunseith nursing home.

Our condolence go to Marvin’s family with his passing. Marvin was the son on Johnny and Adeline Pladson Olson. He was a first cousin to all of the Pladson’s from the Dunseith area. The Olson’s lived 2 1/2 miles straight west of us up in the hills. Terry is the only surviving member of that family now. He lives in Bottineau. Gary


Reply to the “Train Ride” posted several days ago


From Tom Hagen (51): Mesa, AZ


Hi Gary, I have to tell you and fellow bloggers that my wife, Dot, and I have ridden the train to the east, west and south parts of the USA. We enjoyed the times we met people in the dining car when we shared a table and just meeting others traveling with us. We went from Williston to NY many times when our kids lived there. We took Amtrak to Atlanta, Georgia when our son was in the army, by way of New Orleans and stopped to see the Super Dome and tour. Then another time we went to AZ by Amtrak and home through Utah where we stopped in Salt Lake City and went to the Temple to hear the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. We never took a sleeper or Pullman car. Thanks for the pictures and news from Dunseith and area!!!! Tom Hagen (51)


Reply to the Baby boomer posting


From Bob Lykins (Teacher): Hutto, TX


Hay, Gary. I got 18 and I’m not even a baby boomer. The bear thing got me and I should have remembered it was Joe Namath who wore the women’s socks. He was such a heart throb with the women he would be a natural to sell them stockings.




Bob: Being a pre-baby boomer, you are not much ahead of those of us that are though. This year will be the 70th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor bombings. Seems like yesterday we were celebrating 50 years. Gary

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