Question for Bill Hosmer:
I have been asked how to go about purchasing the Book “The Birds Were Silver Then” written by your friend Lowell Peterson. Can you provide us with that info once again? I have the book, compliments of you. There is an address and email address on the copyright page, but I’m not sure if those are correct anymore. It’s a really good reading hard cover book all about the air war over North Viet Nam of which you were a big part of and are mentioned numerous times throughout the book. Being a career Air Force pilot, you were Senior and the lead for your group for all the air strikes you performed. The old saying, “Rank has it’s privileges” may not have been so true with the air strikes over Viet Nam.
From Ivy Eller Robert (74):
Hi Gary…..Hope all is well!

This is for Janice Leonard Workman:

Janice…I remember your sister Corinne. I believed she loved to play cards and board games. I remember when I was little, a would tag along with my sister Carol (sometimes Bonnie) and we would go visit Corinne. We had a great time with her, she loved company. I remember, she had a crush on someone ( I don’t recall who it was) and Carol would tease her about him, she would laugh and blush. She was so sweet. I have fond memories of her……..I can still see her in my “minds-eye” laughing and playing games!

Ivy Eller Robert

From sharron Gottbreht Shen (59):
Hello Gary,

The family of Donald Sharratt [11 Jan 1931-1 Feb 2009] asked that I would inform friends of his passing. Don was the adopted son of Erwin and Leah Boucher. Don did not complete high school but would have been in the class of ’48. He enlisted in the Korean War and worked as a mechanic; skills he used in lifelong service. The family asks that any memorials be made to Disabled Veterans.

Don was an avid genealogist and enormous help to me researching the Boucher and Casavant families. Always spoke with great fondness of his many Edward Boucher and Sharratt cousins. I will miss his many phone calls over the years since 1982. Bonnie McGibbon, Don’s beloved wife of more than 20 years will share expressions of sympathy with his several children and grandchildren.

Bonnie L. McGibbon, 6921 N Montezuma Dr, Tucson, AZ 85718

Reply from Tom Hagen (51):
Hi Gary, Just a quick reply to Pam
Wenstad Lane.(78) My name is Tom Hagen and I am first cousin of your
Dad,Oscar Wenstad and your grandma Anna and my father Tom were brother
and sister. I would visit your home when you kids were little and even
stayed with you for a couple days when there was a snowstorm!!! Cousin
Tom Hagen, 51
Reply from Dick Johnson (68):
Gary and Friends,

Today I got an email from Linda Johnson Juntunen in Rolla. She said her
husband Dale remembered our address in Grand Forks was 2029 2nd Ave N,
not 2022 2nd Ave N as I said. He lived there with several of us in
’70-’71 and has a great memory! I hope he doesn’t spread any ‘rumors’
about the old ‘Sugar Shack’, as it was called. Just a bunch of decent
guys doing the things that nice guys do! It really wouldn’t bother me,
Dale, if your memory is a bit faded! Thanks Dale and Linda! Thanks again


New email address for Marty Spriggs (former teacher):
We did change our email address.
New address:
Thanks for everything you do.
Take care, Marty
Reply from Crystal Fassett Andersen (70):
Well,since veryone else added their two cents,I thought I better add mine. What I remember about Elaine:…my boys (Aaron & Tyler Gunderson) thought of her as Aunt Laney. She never forgot my birthday or theirs and she made a wonderful angel food cake,always had a Knock,Knock joke,scratched your back and loved to “thumb” wrestle. She may have been mean when she was younger but I never saw it. She loved all our babies and would sit and hold them for hours.She would get so excited when she saw us coming to their house ^& she would be half down the road to meet us. She adored my Mom Irene and called her daily on the phone. She was a gift from God to our family. I also remember Corinne Leonard. She and Edna went many places with my Mom and loved to touch you and would smile that big smile of hers. I am attaching a few photo. Some I thought you “boys” would love and my favorite of some of out “aunts” and cousins. I saw Lorraine Neameyer Haas and she commented on how she didn’t realize how we were related to so many people. We had huge family picnics annually at he Peace garden and Uncle Ernie Amundson’s and I always thought everyone who came was a relative. As I got older I now see ,that in our family, if you show up at a picnic even once,You’re family!! So to all my extended family in the Turtle Mts. And everywhere…”Thanks for the Memories!!” Love and Blessings Crystal Fassett Andersen 1st picture; Dad Bill Fassett batting against Rolla at the Rolla fair June 1951 2nd : Grandpa Wilmar “Pappy” Fassett and Harry Fassett June 1953 3rd: Bill Fassett shooting,John Hill,Elvin Haagenson, Kids are (I think) Charlie Carbonneau,Gary Wenstad & Janet Haagenson (correct me Sisiter Sue ,if I’m wrong) 4th: Irene Fassett holding Paula,Murl Hill holding Brenda,Elaine & Helen Watkins,front: Ann Carbonneau,Susan &Crystal(in bonnet) Fassett,Charlie Carbonneau & Grandma Gudrun Watkins holding Marise Hoover
Reply from Neola Kofoid Garbe:
Hi Gary,
I’m enjoying the wonderful/loving stories about Elaine Watkins. The pictures of Elaine when she was “little” are adorable and precious. I remember her as she looks in the picture where she and Irene are dancing. I didn’t know Elaine well, but I felt so bad when she passed away. If my memory is correct, I met Elaine at a get-together at the Rendahl Church may years ago. I can’t remember if it was a New Year’s Eve event, or it is was after some other event. I remember we played “board games”. Orvin Hagen was there, of course (I can still picture him laughing/giving directions/entertaining us.), as were Barbara and Bobby Bott, Mickey and Neva Haagenson. I’m sure there were many others, too (Gary/Karen Wenstad?), but these are the ones I remember. That’s probably the night I met these people. Mickey and I didn’t see each other often through the years, but we were friends the last 25 years,or so, of her life. I see Barbara often when I visit Mom at Good Samaritan.
Message/Picture from Bonnie Awalt Houle (56):
Dear Gary, In answer to Bobby Hosmer; Bobby I too remember the day Elaine was struck, not a pleasant sight. Scared the heck out of me and I gave Miss. Eggy a healthy distance after that. Elaine loved to swing, you had to race like crazy at recess time in order to get a swing. Elaine had a limp or walked on the balls of her feet sorta but it didn’t slow her down one bit when it came to getting a swing at recess. When frustrated Elaine would find someone that wouldn’t fight back to take it out on, usually I was one of the people she would pinch.
My Parents and Bertha and Earl Myers were good friends and enjoyed having dinner together and playing cards. Bud liked to play cards also, he would play with us kids. When Bud won everyone with-in a mile knew it because of his laugh. When I was entering high school Bud was told he had TB and went to the San Haven to live. I don’t ever remember seeing him again.
This picture was taken at the school reunion can’t remember what year.
Bonnie Awalt Houle (56)
Elaine Schneider, Dwight Lang, Elaine Watkins, Duwayne Lang, Janice Leonard, Mickey Haagenson & Bonnie Awalt
From Bonnie/Lloyd Awalt (44):
Lloyd, he has compiled a listing of the Main Street Businesses in Dunseith. If anyone has any changes to make, feel free to add your memories. bonnie (56)


Lloyd Awalt



Ifyou were entering Dunseith from the South back in the early 40’s these are the businesses you would see.(to the best of my recollection)


East Side


Richards Service Station

Hassens Store

(street intersection)

Deiters Telephone Office

Mornville’s Grocery*

(vacant lot)

Leonard’s Café

(operated by Ed Leonard

Anderson’s Creamery

Ray Wilson’s Law Office

Barber shop

Althea Theater (Arnold Lilleby)

Douglas’s Funeral Home

(Street intersection)


Bank (Campbells)

Post Office

Hardware Store

S. Kadry Pool Hall

Pete Richard’s Variety Store***

Cote Liquor Store

Hosmer’s Store


(street intersection)

Gamble Store

Charlie Wright’s Creamery

Pool Hall/Teen Center

Wilson’s Home **

Watkins/Morgan Lumber Yard


*** Joe Mornville started his store here

**Dunseith Clinic

* Michaels started the Dunseith Journal in this building until a fire burned it down.




West Side


Michaels Newspaper (Dunseith Journal)

(street intersection)

Corner Garage

Stadheim/Woodford bar- bowling lanes

Small lunch counter -Bertha Myers cook

KC Siems Red/White Store

(vacant lot)

Lamoureux Brothers Garage with a large lot full of oil drums/machinery

Liquor Store/Lilleby-Lacroix

(Street intersection)

Stone Garage-Ray Lake

Red Owl Grocery-Lamoureux/Bedard

DionShoe Store

Snow White BakeryPat McAtee

Myer’s Clothing Store

Crystal CaféPoliquins/ Rosie McCoy

CreameryRay Murray/Bottineau

Peace Garden Café Fountain’s

Barber shop

Dry Cleaners/ Shoe Repair Dore

Shelver’s Drug


(street intersection)

Dakota Hotel

Cabin Gas Station Lloyd Awalt

Boarder Patrol Office in hotel cabins



From Mel Kuhn (70):
Gary, Dick left things so wide I open that I’m having trouble knowing what to do. I spent last Friday with him helping him work on a couple of tractors. The word challenged comes to mind but I just don’t know how to put it in a sentence with Dick’s name and use it properly. I am just totally at a loss for words, someone else is going to have to step up and take a shot. Larry H. how about it?
Mel Kuhn



From Allen Richard (65):

I think a lot of us would like this—-

Allen, This is really Neat. Thanks for sharring. Gary