Alice Kuhn
Memories from Rob Olson (79): Walla Walla, WA
Gary I would like to wish Alice Kuhn a belated Happy Birthday. When I was growing up I spent a lot of time at the Kuhn house with Ricky. Alice was always nice and it is a joy to see her again, if only through a picture.

Rob Olson
Pete Gillis (65)
Update from Verena Gillis: Dunseith, ND
Just a little update on Pete – he’s had 2 chemo sessions – lost his hair
but I love him anyway, he actually looks cute bald. Currently, he has a
terrible cold, some bone, muscle pain but other than that tolerating the
chemo pretty good. I got this fantastic homemade tomato soup recipe from
one of my co-workers and he just loves it! Next session is December 18th
for a cat scan and the 19th for chemo in Fargo. Thank you to all for your
good wishes and prayers.

I am also going to include a flyer for Renee St. Claire Salmonson who has
been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer – she is a sister to Larry St. Claire.
She is currently undergoing chemo in Bismarck and staying with Darlene and
Jim Tooke in Wilton, ND.

Booster cable (Neck Tie)
Reply from Larry Hackman (66): Bismarck, ND


That Dick Johnson is a funny guy

and he also has one good memory.

Apparently a dangerous combination.

Yes, wearing a set of booster cables as a tie became the thing to do back in the day.

In fact it became a hell of a fad back in the sticks, almost a necessity.

You never knew when that battery was going to quit?

But if you were wearing that tie.

People knew that they could count on you, to give them a boost.

There was one young feller in particular, who found that after he hooked up the booster cables,

that he could create a bigger charge by rubbing his heinie.

It would make them turn over a lot faster.

Was that for starting cars, or getting girls, or both?

Was that you Dick?

See what you started.

Them damn booster cables!

I was hoping that they were just a forgotten memory.

I still carry a set in the trunk of the car and in the tool box of the pickup,

for getting into them exclusive clubs,

and for giving a boost now and then to help someone out.

Although its been years since I have been asked for a boost.

Maybe because I don’t have a heinie.

I have never had a heinie!

Joke of the day
Posted by Mel Kuhn (70): St. John, ND
Norwegian Love Story

Ole & Lena lived by a lake in Northern Minnesota. It was springtime, and the lakes were just beginning to thaw.

Ole asked Lena if she vould valk across da frozen lake to da yeneral store to get him some smokes. She asked him for some money, but he told her, “Nah, yust put it on our tab”.

So she walked across, got the smokes at the general store, then walked back home across the lake. When she got home and gave Ole his smokes, she asked him, “Ole, you alvays tell me not to run up da tab at da store. Why didn’t you yust give me some money?”

Ole replied, “Vell, I didn’t vant to send you out dere vit some money ven I vasn’t sure how tick the ice vas.”