Happy Birthday Conrid Metcalfe: Washington State



Happy Birthday Diane Hill Malone (DHS ’75): Burlington, ND
Happy Birthday Aimee Lagerquist (DHS ’97): Helena, MT
Reply to Deb LaVallie’s Story
From Glen Williams (’52): Missoula, MT
Gary…Deb’s story was great….glad you had it published..

Merry Christmas to you and your family..

Glen Williams


Merry Christmas and a Reply to Deb LaVallie’s Story

From Mel Kuhn (’70): St. John, ND

Howdy Gary,


I would like to pass along to everyone a Very Merry Christmas. I didn’t send in many stories this year, I guess the wife didn’t screw up allot this year so I didn’t have any material to write about. I suppose I could have talked about Dick Johnson and Larry Hackman scaring all the little girls by showing them their hienies and other such things. I guess this coming year I’ll have to be more on the ball.


Deborah LaVallie, a very well written and good story. Thank you for sharing.


Mel Kuhn

Maiden name correction to yesterday’s posting
From Deborah Crasco LaVallie: Dunseith, ND
Hi Gary: My name is Deborah Crasco LaVallie….my Dad was from Fort
Belknap, Montana and my Mom was Mildred Gillies Crasco, the daughter
of John and Lucy Gillies.
Thank you so much for this info. I have made this correction in my files for you, but I need to get some corrections for some of the other LaVallie’s in my records. That will be a good NY’s project.
I think I remember you telling me that Pete (’65) Gillis is your uncle?
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
From Dennis Dubois (’63): Minneapolis, MN
Gary, it’s so wonderful to see your year has been so abundant that you can do for others. I wish you folks a very merry Christmas and another great year.



San Haven Pictures

From Deborah LaVallie: Dunseith, ND
Hi Gary: I am emailing some old photos of San Haven employees that
you might want to use on your website…the only one I know is my
Grandpa John Gillies, who worked there for many years in the
powerhouse…Deb LaVallie
Thank you much for these pictures. I know they will be of interest to many
of our readers.
I am guessing that John Gillis, your grandpa, is the guy on the far right in the top photo? He looks
very much like Pete Gillis from my DHS class of 65.

San Haven – Can we Identify these guys?
OK folks, I know some of you know a whole lot of these folks. I will re-post with identifies. Thanks Gary
ND snow pictures

From Larry Liere (55) Devils Lake, ND & Mesa, AZ

Merry Christmas


What a difference in one year! Attachment picture “snow on table” was taken Dec. 2010 & picture Dec. 2011 was taken this Dec. I think whiter & brighter is the picture we need for Christmas in North Dakota.


Happy New Year,