Dunseith & San Haven Photo’s

Reply from Dick Johnson (’68): Dunseith, ND

Gary and Friends,

Again, many folks are putting the names on the unidentified people
in the San picture. Brenda Hoffman triggered my memory when she said
the tall guy is Stanley ?—- that’s Stanley Dowling. Thanks for
bringing up his first name, Brenda. It sometimes take a little hint to
jar the memory. He was well known but I could not remember his name.
Thanks again to Brenda and Gary!

The Main Street picture I was trying to put a date on( ’42-’43) is
the one taken looking south. The other one had been sent in earlier by
Bernard Morin and I think we decided it was probably around 1960, as
Allen Richard said. He also mentioned the ’60 Chevy in front of the
bank may have been sold by Joe Spaeth. I had a few car deals with Joe,
myself. He let me try out a ’46 Ford pickup once. It had been traded
in and we knew the guy had replaced the engine and transmission with an
Olds ‘Rocket’ V8 and automatic transmission. We had seen him drag race a
Mustang and give the Mustang a spanking so we just had to try it out.
It had poor steering and WAY too much power and some real poorly
engineered engine mounts. As we brought it back into Joe’s lot behind
the Corner Service, I stepped on the gas a little to get over the rise
behind the curb. The engine mount broke and the throttle linkage pulled
the throttle wide open. The brakes were almost non existent and I
couldn’t find the key to shut if off for a split second too long and we
smacked into the side of KCs store, right about in the shoe department.
It was in the evening so the store was closed. We didn’t go through the
wall but it gave it quite a whack so I suppose KC and Margie had a few
shoes to put back on the shelf the next day. I went in with the keys
and told Joe he would have to have someone check out the engine mount
before someone got hurt. I think I may have–may have–neglected to
tell Joe about smacking the wall. Joe got a demo 442 Oldsmobile in
1965. I was looking at it sitting on Main Street in front of the Corner
Service and couldn’t believe it had the big ‘442’ letters painted on the
doors like a Nascar race car. He came out with a cigarette in his mouth
and said, “Get in and I’ll show you some real power.” We went out to
Dale’s and turned west and Joe stuck his foot to the floor and I was
impressed to say the least! We all had cars that we thought were a
little faster than the next guy’s but this was wild! Anybody else
remember the 442 display-demo car Joe had? Seems to me it was white.
It was the earlier ‘square’ type Cutlass body. I think it was passed
around between dealers so Joe probably only had it a few days. Thanks Gary!



Dunseith Photo’s

From Larry Liere (55): Mesa, AZ & Devils Lake, ND


Hi Gary


Great pictures that bring back fond memories. Is the cafe by the theater the same cafe that the Leonards ran or was theirs South of it? I remember Edna,s home-made Tomato Soup made with real cream and real pieces of tomato. Until I was about 60 years old it was the only kind of soup I would eat and I still only like about four kinds of soup. A friend in Devils Lake whose dad was the Sheriff had a Nash like the one parked in front of the cafe. She took a lot of teasing because if you remember Nash had seats that would turn into beds and with the sheriffs red light on top, well you can guess what they teased her about. What year did Barry’s Dad take the Horsman Drug sign off of the drug store?

Lo’s Cities Service Station has another memory because my mother was a good friend of Mrs. Lo. I think the Immigration Office closed after I moved to Devils Lake about 1946. Pictures like these bring back a lot of memories but at this age I wonder if all the memories are 100% correct or if the mind is playing tricks on us. Happy New Year!


Dunseith Photo’s

Reply Bonnie Awalt Houle (’56): Becker, MN


Happy New Year Gary,

Looking at the postcards of Dunseith, the sign for the Lake Brothers, Stone Garage has a sign that looks very like the Standard Oil sign on the other postcard yet the first letter is a V can anyone tell me what brand of gasoline that would have been? The sign at the Gamble Store, Cities Service would have been when Iver Lo had the Gamble store, earlier than the other postcard. There was also a soft ice cream shoppe attached between the Gamble store and Marie’s Beauty Shop. The sign of the cafe next to the Drug Store is the Peace Garden Cafe I believe. My magnifying glass can’t bring the letters up. Amazing what memories come back when you publish these pictures.

Thank you so much.

Bonnie Awalt Houle (56)

Dunseith Photo’s
Reply from Dennis Dubois (’63): Minneapolis, MN
So glad to see the responses to the main street pictures. Upon further viewing, I also noticed that the North facing picture includes street lights, whereas the South facing picture doesn’t. I was the paper boy in Dunseith in the early 60’s and when I was in the service (64-67) I drew a map of Dunseith from memory of every building on the west side of town and all the business’s in town (over 60 of them). I can’t remember this now, but with the help of Gary and every one else’s, my memory is aroused. The San Haven pictures, I could only recognize Evertt and Ruby Olson and Eva Trafford. They were my mom’s bosses when she worked there. I do remember that the Olson’s had a son, Jeff, who was born on December 26 ( I don’t remember the year). Thanks to all for making my day.




San Haven Photo

Reply Mona Dionne Johnson (’48): Bottineau, ND
Re: San Pic
I think the man between Andy Sand and Red Pearson is “Oscar Thone” – he worked at the front desk – telephone operator.
Mona Johnson


San Haven Photo

Forsyth, MO

Reply to San Haven picture message…..Your mystery man Stanley is Stanley Dowling. He worked in the carpenter shop with Albert Richard when I knew him.


Lloyd you do a good job on Dunseith history, I wish you were a couple years older so you could relate some of the Wayside Inn stories. The same goes for Floyd Dion.


Keith and Bonnie….great Christmas photo….a good thing you did not raise your family in Dunseith, the population would have doubled! Nice group. Gary Metcalfe

Bonnie, did I miss the picture that Gary is referring to? Gary

Gary’s comments – San haven photo




With my labeling, I have made a lot of guesses for whom I thought the Identifies were meant for in this photo. This is part of the process to getting things all right in the end. Eventually we should have these folks identified. It is hard to distinguish rows, so identifying these folks from left to right may be the route to go.



Everett Olson – dietitian, Ruby Olson – his wife, Andy (I think) Sands husband of Arlene Sands -postmistress, Nels Holman? or Oscar Thone?, Red Pearson – X-ray technician, Grace Frovarp? – Nurse or Vivian Poitra?, Bennie Frovarp – Postmaster and Commissary, Murile McDermeott? or Vivian Poitra (Champagen)? – Nurce, Pete Link (I think) behind the nurses powerhouse, Mary Lou (Hills) Dowling – Nurse, Barbara Schlatt? – Occupational Therapy or Bernice Vanory?,Edna Mohagen (forgot where she worked) in black and white dress, Marge Lillico – (short lady with gray hair in a black suit) Business office, Maxine Magnuson (I think) behind Margie Lillico – Business office, Eva Morin, Arlene Sands in beige jumper with white top – Postmistress, Eva Trafford in white – Manager of Employee Dining Room, Unknown Woman, Stanley Dowling, John Gillis, Dan Kalk