Note: Some folks have been concerned that they are not getting all of these messages and there’s not really a way for them to be able to tell if they have or not.  Starting today I will start numbering these group messages starting with (1) in the Subject line.  I have discovered that one can not trust that all email gets delivered. Please let me know if you don’t get a message and I will gladly forward it to you.  Gary

Correction to yesterdays message:  I said Diane Fugere instead of Diane Hill.  Sorry Diane for the error.  I know better.  I had Fugere/Hill buses on my mind. Gary
Bonnie (Awalt) Houle, (56): 
Dear Gary,
    I wonder if anyone else remembers the Halloween costume party we had at school. Barry Shelver came dressed as “Said Kadry”.  He did such a good job of impersonating Said, that at first you weren’t certain if Said hadn’t finally gone somewhere besides the pool hall. 
    Gayle Lamoureux and I worked at the Althea Theater from 8th grade until we graduated.  Gayl was able to box popcorn faster than anyone I have ever seen.  When I go to a theater now and the popcorn person is so slow and putzy I always think Gayle should be in charge and shape these people up,  We had a wonderful time working there.  We got to watch all the movies free, visit with all our friends as they came to the movies and Arnold paid us.  Arnold Lilleby was a wonderful man, he was so kind, he let many people come in free if he thought they couldn’t really afford the ticket.  We used to get a good chuckle out of him because he talked to the screen during the movies.  He loved a good Western!  He never charged the Nuns or any other religious leader that came to the theater.
    On Saturday nights Gayle and I needed to go around to some of the Business’s and change the advertisements to the new up-coming movies.  One place was the pool-hall.  It was LATE Saturday night and we had to go into the pool hall, not to many people in the Pool Hall were completely sober. Some nights it became a challenge to get to the ad and get it changed.  Said was pretty good about watching out for us.
    I was told by someone working in the Bank in Dunseith that when Said and His Wife passed away, their Niece cleaned out the house and brought sacks of money to the bank.  It was moldy from being stored in that house somewhere.  Said didn’t believe in banks.
    Thanks to everyone that contributes to this “BLOG”   It is a trip into a wonderful past.
Dick Johnson’s (68) reply to the memories of his dad, Don Johnson:
Gary and DHS Friends

I do truly appreciate all the good memories folks have about my
dad,Don Johnson. He had an ability to understand the needs of
those around him and then find a way to make their lives a
little better. The one thing that I believe he passed on to
most of the kids was that everyone is of similar value
regardless of his background or wealth or name! This I believe
is what allowed him to achieve things like Governor’s Choir
with something like sixty kids singing that well. The other
atribute that he had was to never give up no matter what the
odds were. This determination could be seen by his students and
I believe it also drove them to achieve. Thanks to all those of
you who have told your stories of your memories of my dad, it
means a lot!

Dick Johnson

Colette Hosmer’s (64) reply to Connie Halvorson (64) & Diane Hill (75):
Note: I sent Colette the original files of these songs in question, Gary

I wasn’t able to play those two songs that you talked about…..now I’m dying with curiosity.  Gary, if you sent the reduced files I missed them ……

Also, Diane, I want to tell you that my dad (Bob Hosmer) considered Johnny Hill to be one of his closest friends.  He admired and respected Johnny completely and was very sad when he died.  I remember both your mom and dad as being the kind of people that everyone held in high regard.

Duane Woodford’s (57) memories of the Philippines: 
Note: Cebu, PI that Duane talks about is now my home.  A lot of what he says is still true today. Gary 

Gary, I have enjoyed reading the messages from the various people but only recognized Gary Morgan, Margarie Landsverk and Gary Metcalf as most of the others are much younger. I do remenber Don & Bernice Johnson and their untimely deaths as my mother forwarded the details at the time it happened.
In August of 1980, when I was the VP of Sales and Marketing for Electric Machinery Mfg. Co in Minneapolis, along with a group of people from a sister company that manufactured steam turbines we spent time at Atlas Mining trying to sell them a sream turbine electric generator package. Before the trip to their compound about as hour van ride from Cebu, there had been very heavy rains so the mountain dirt road was very slick and mucky ruts (similar to the road to my gandfather, John Lagerquist in the Turtle Mountains). An engineer from the sister company and I sat on the same bench seat going to the compound that put him on the outer edge side of the road where the dropoff was a couple of hundred feet straight down so when the van was sliding through the ruts, he saw the big fall everytime. After spending the majority of the day there, we departed to return to Cebu. He commented that he got to sit on the other side going back and choose where I had been seated on the way to Atlas so he got to sit on the same side going back. I told him that I didn’t want him desigining anything for me. Instead of going back to Manilla we spent the night at the Hotel Magellan which is the only hotel I’ve seen with the lobby open to the elements. In our party was a native Phillipino so we ate like the natives without utensils and the large scallop sinks throughout the restaurant to cleanse our hands as necessary, Later we retired to our rooms, in the middle of the night I awoke with a 8″ beetle of some type in bed with me. As I had shared a suite with Benny Campo, (the native) he came into my room as I was using my shoe to kill the creature. Benny wondered  what I was doing and I told him that my bed partner startled the hell of me. Never before or since have I seen any bug that big. Unfortunately, we did not obtain the order so I could relive the experience
This all happened under the martial law imposed by Marcos so we saw alot of machine guns in office buildings and at the airport in Manila. It was a very interesting experience. We were there for about a week and did a day taxi sightseeing trip that included visiting the Chinese cementery and the tiny room where the Japanese imterned more that a hundred allied forces. The Jeepneys were also very interesting.
Duane Woodford (57)
Marshall Awalt’s (51) reply to Gary Stokes (65):
Hi Gary
Just a short note to let you know that I agree with you that the Philippines is a great Country and the people are truly wonderful.During my 25 years in the Marine Corps I got to spend numerous deployments training in the Philippines.We spent most of our time at Cubi Point in Subic bay.I got to see the biggest snake of my life in the jungles there.Sure shook me up you will never run on to anything like that in North Dakota.
I have many of my friends from the Marine Corps who married Ladies from the Philippines and it is always great when they have parties because they will cook the dishes of the Philippines.
Take care Marshall
Message & Memory from Neola Kofoid Garbe (Gary Stokes’ Cousin):
Note: I sent Neola the original (not compressed) files of those songs
I just listened to these four songs.  The original files really make a difference! “To Daddy” is one of my favorite songs.  I think it’s an Emily Lou Harris song, right?  Great job on all the songs.  I hope you share more of them with “Gary’s lists”.
I was standing by the gas pumps at Dad’s garage (Corner Service/Corner Garage) one
Saturday when two men came flying out of ,what I gather, was the Snake Pit Saloon.  It was the first time I had seen an actual fight.  It left quite an impression on me.
Neola Kofoid Garbe
Neola’s reply when I sent her the original songs, Gary:
Neola, I have included Eileen with this message too, so she will have a copy of the originals. Gary. Thanks, Gary.  That save my forwarding it to her.  She/I love these songs.  Thanks to you, Kenny/Sherry, for sharing them.  I don’t know you, but I love this type music.  I’m grateful to be on Gary’s Dunseith lists.
Reply from Eileen Brudwick: Eileen’s husband Mike is a cousin to Neola Kofoid. The Brudwick’s lived west of Rendahl church, in Bottineau county:
Thank you so much, Gary!!  These songs are great.  I like “To Daddy” the best of all these, but they all sure bring back old memories.  You people do such awesome work with all the projects you get involved in!! 


Bobbie Slyter’s (70) Reply to the tunes:
Yet some more wonderful music keep em coming mel