From Evie Gottbreht (65):

Hello Friends,

The last email made me think about the day that Charlton Heston came to town…..he landed in a small plane in the Berube pasture…..remember it had a wind flag and that was where little planes would land…..

 Several of the Gottbreht kids went to see Mr. Heston arrive, he picked up my sister Lori and gave her a kiss….Phyllis McKay and myself were way too busy playing in the lagoon for that Hollywood “stuff”.  Were we really 9 years old playing at the lagoon?  What were our parents thinking……all that freedom.   We were probably smoking cigarettes.

 He stayed at Dales in #9, our family called that the Charleston Heston Suite…..I doubt today you could get an actor to land in a pasture in North Dakota to dedicate anything!

Evie Gottbreht

PS  Winter in California has been great.  Lots of snow on the mountains that I can see almost everyday,  lots of rain so everything else is green, with my work I drive along the ocean to San Diego several times a month.  I absolutely love California but the things I like about myself I learned in North Dakota!


From Mona Dionne Johnson (48):

I remember Albert Ledoux well.  He lived in Thorne, ND as I did, when I
was a kid   I remember he was good to us kids, and when I was 12 or so,
learned to drive while sitting in his lap and then graduating to the
whole bit of driving by myself.  He was a very good carpenter.  He was
also a Vet of World War II.
I too remember Charlton Heston at the Peace Garden – there with my
family – one hot day !!
Mona Johnson (48)

Message & Pictures from Doreen Bailey, Vance’s wife: 
Gary,  I have been going through some of Vance’s files (many of his picture are in the Museum at ST John) and I found these two some may enjoy:
One, is of one of his favorite childhood  citizens in Dunseith, he was fascinated with the black smith shop,and the other is the Bailey homestead.   About 4 miles north of town. Someone mentioned Virgil; Vance’s father & Harvey Bailey his Uncle.-  They both grew up on this farm also. 
    The memorial for Vance @ Riverside Cemetery, Dunseith, will be May 28th, 10 AM grave side.  Our family will be there; it is open to friends of Vance and Dunseith.  This is what he wanted.  Thank you for all you are doing’ bring the wonderful life of a small town, that is  what draws so many people back “HOME.”
Doreen Bailey, Vance’s wife
            Bailey, Mahlon; home N. Dunseith
         Billy Lawrence Blacksmith, Dunseith, ND