“Thank You”  from Don Olson (72), son of Lorraine Metcalfe Somers: 
I would like to thank all of the Dunseith people for visiting
about the past expereiences of their youth and adulthood in

My name is Don Olson.  I am one of three sons that Lorraine
Somers raised with the right hand of God on her side.  I would
like all of those who knew our mother that she cherished each
and every one of you.  She loved making music with her brothers
and great life-long friends that she had the privilege of
playing with in different bands and events.  Thank you for
remembering her and her life.

Love to all


Rod Hiatt’s (69) Memories of KC Sine: 
Reading the stories about old KC brings back the memory when I went down
to get some candy when I was quite young. I am sure, like most kids, it
took me sometime to finally pick out a nickels worth and when I paid him
with a dime he gave me back a quarter in change. When I got home I was
bragging about my extra money and Dad, Howard, marched me back up to KC
to explain his mistake. Well by the time I left, I had more candy in a
bag for being honest( I think that part was forced on me) than what I
could have bought with the quarter. The candy back then must have had a
special coating on it, as I don’t ever recall germs on that unwrapped
candy that was no doubt handled by hundreds of dirty little fingers as
we all decided on what we wanted.
“Remember When” From Donna Dubois Thomas (72):
I’d like to start a DHS “remember when” dialogue.


 Mr. Knight would yell “OK, you clowns!”


Remember ?- from Bonnie Awalt Houle (56):

Good Morning Gary,

    I wondered if anyone can remember the music teacher we had that was named Miss Harschanko (Spelling probably wrong).  She was Russian I believe we were told.  She directed the school in a variety show.  The costumes were made out of Crepe Paper.(real flimsy, good thing the wind couldn’t blow in the city hall).  Spencer Teal helped her with the lights etc.  Some of the songs I remember doing were, Lavender Blue, Winter Wonderland, and something about clouds. She was quite strict, and quite verbal as I remember.  She did involve almost every kid in school that she could talk into doing it.  It seems some of the boys sang a song from the “Sons of the Pioneers”, called “Cool Water”, Barry Shelver sang the tenor part doing the echo.  I think I was in 4th or 5th grade, with Mrs. Conroy as my teacher.  Mrs. Conroy was so great to everyone that I would do anything for her.
Bonnie Awalt Houle  1956
Names for thought from Gary Metcalfe (57):  
Hi all,  I would like to throw out a few names of people who were on main street in the 50’s and see if anyone remembers them or has stories.  Alphie Dion, Pete Richard, Vernon Richard and his brother, I seem to remember a Swaub (?sp), he may have owned a lumber yard, if not who did own the lumber yard at that time?  Lawrence Gouin (?sp), Clarence Schultz,  Erling Sem,  Art Seim (confectionary),  Minnie Alvin…..for starts.  Gary Metcalfe
Message & picture from Melvin Kuhn (70): 
Howdy Gary,
I was looking through some pictures yesterday trying to find a picture of my daughter and I found this picture. It’s a picture of Hazel Hiatt, Kick McKay and Hazel’s BIG dog, I think maybe in 1979. I was visiting from Indiana and went to see Kick with my dad for some reason or another and was amazed with the size of Hazel’s dog. There was mention of Hazel just recently so I thought I’d just send it along. Hope it comes through OK.
Mel Kuhn