From Sharon Longie Dana (73): MIssoula, MT


Condolences to the Stickland Family, especially Dean. Thoughts and prayers are with you all during this time


Sharon Longie Dana(73)




From Dave Slyter (70): Fargo, ND


To the Stickland family,

Gary and Lee,

I too remember Bob driving the mail route up in the hills and even down at the house just a half mile west of Dunseith by Clifford Halvorson and Erling Bergs place. We were all neighbors along with the Darrell Getzlaff family. I could never figure out (when I was young) how one man could put on so many miles in one day. You had to be a special driver in those days during the winter months to get to all those mail boxes. But Bob was very good at what he did. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

The attachment of the tickle pink was just a teaser, but enough to get my toes tapping. Please send me a copy of the full CD. It would be much appreciated. I remember one time up at Kelvin when the tickle pick was playing they asked me to play drums for them that evening as Roberta could not be there. I was very nervous but not as much as when they wanted to play “wipe out”. Then it was pure panic. When it came time to play the drum solo I just started pounding any drum and cymbal that came into reach. It sounded “TERRIBLE” I was pretty much embarrassed. ha But all in all I had a great time.

Thanks for the memories

Dave Slyter (70)



Email update for Manuel (Manny) Cuadrado (63): Omaha, NE


Hello Gary,

Well, I am now a Cox Communications customer. Just got my email account set up.

My new home email is:

Please update your address book.



Manny, It’s great hearing from you. I have a question for you. Have you had the opportunity to visit your home country of Cuba since fleeing from there to Dunseith in the early 60’s? I’m kind of thinking that probably has not been possible though. Gary

Reply From Shirley Olson Warcup (49): Ivans, UT
Replay to Gary Metcalfe & Gary Stokes,
Thanks for the information about the Chase family. I’m amazed at the knowledge so many of you young\younger people have of the Dunseith community. My world during the first 10 years of my life was our immediate neighbors, relatives and classmates. I don’t think I knew anyone who lived more than 5 miles away. During the first 6 years of my life, I remember going to Dunseith only a few times and to Bottineau, even less–usually to see a doctor. Finding out more about local families and finding that I’m related (by marriage) to many of them is a joy.
I enjoyed the Tickled Pink recording–I grew up with music like that–and married a man who grew up with classical music. Our tastes don’t always coincide!! He went to Interlocken National Music Camp–for vocal and instrumental and has been involved in music all of his life. Last summer he sang at the funeral of a 101 year old man. (Ron, by the way, is 81 years old).
Once again, thanks to all who contribute to this “blog”–It brings back good memories.
A P.S.here–Ron’s uncle played with the Lawrence Welk orchestra for many, many years. Ron’s father and his three uncles were all involved with music.
Shirley Olson Warcup
Shirley, What was Ron’s uncle’s name that played with the Lawrence Welk orchestra? Please tell us a little bit about him. Gary
Reply from Ele Dietrich Slyter (69): Dunseith, ND
I agree with your correspondents…Tickle Pink was probably the best band to come out of this area for many years. The variety of music they performed was awesome to say the least. My personal favorite song was “Splish Splash”. I too would like to have a copy of the CD..just let me know what it will cost and where to send the money.
The last time I heard them play was at Kelvin Klinic 17 years ago on the 15th of Feb. Why, you ask, do I remember that date so well? They played for Cam and Sherri Millang’s wedding dance. Sherri is our daughter. I think that Cam and maybe Glen had to do a bit of persuading (begging) but they talked them into playing that night and I will be forever grateful that they did, as Kathy was not with us too much longer after that. What a tragic loss of an angelic voice when she left us. Elaine, Janice, Roberta and Shelly were there that night also and they did a wonderful performance as always. I wish Cheri could have joined also for that last bash.
PS They packed the bar that night..there was standing room only and to get a drink you had to elbow people out of the way…I even saw people standing outside waiting or trying to get inside…what a crowd!!
Reply from Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND
Gary and Friends,

The song ‘Long Tall Texan’ on the CD was one of my favorites the gals
did. Another was a Hank Williams song, ‘Kawliga’– they got all the
Cajun yips and ya’s in the right places. They played for dances at the
city hall and a few at the AC Bar and packed the house! The dance floor
was always crowded whenever they played and everyone was having a good
time! I’m glad Lyle mentioned that Roberta Hagen Striker played the
drums, and did a nice job. Thanks to the ladies of Tickle Pink for great
memories! Thanks Gary!


Folks, I got a message from Mel Kuhn telling me there are 29 songs on the Tickle pick CD. That’s way to many to be sending via email attachments. We/Mel are working out a plan to make these available to whoever would like a copy. We need to touch base and get permission from the Tickle Pink gals before doing this though. Gary
Qestion from Gary Metcalfe (57): Forsyth, MO
Question for whomever:
I need help on a couple of people from back when….Cliff Howery and his beautiful wife, name ?? Cliff rode back from Seattle with us in the 40’s and I have him placed out on old #5 north a little ways. He was an outstanding personality as I remember. Also Sam Howery.
Leroy Aftem still rings a bell. Didn’t his folks have a confectionery in Dunseith? Art Seim used to live down by the Lake Sisters and ran a confectionery for awhile.
Gary Metcalfe