Reply from Lynn Halvorson Otto (75): Seoul, Korea
Hi Gary, in reading the replys to Erling’s letter regarding the ND story I commend him on his response. His undying love for ND is a tribute to all the people that come from that state who move elsewhere or decide to stay. After Tuesday’s blizzard in Fargo that just adds fuel to the fire but for myself I miss a good old blizzard once in awhile. It makes for hardy people and besides, it’s just weather. No different than the 120 degrees in Arizona in the summers. So, Erling, thanks for sticking up for us North Dakotans! The Landsverks have always been good neighbors to the Halvorsons in the “hills”. Lynn Halvorson Otto

Reply from Paulette LaCroix Chisholm (68): Newark, Delaware


Just had to add to Bill’s remarks about the Michael Moore’s video. I thought it was a hoot, but took it in the nature for which is was meant…”to be funny!” Comedy is nearly always linked to a morsel of truth with exaggeration. Hey, you guys that send all those denigrating jokes about women(without being shot) have to know this. If there wasn’t a morsel of truth to them..we wouldn’t laugh.

On another note. Does anyone know the whereabouts of Alice Faine? She was in the class of ’68. Also, does anyone know anything about Roy Anderson? He was the man who worked for my dad in the Corner Bar and the Crystal Cafe for many years. Later he lived in our backyard playhouse that my mother fixed up for him. He said it was the nicest “shack” he’d ever had. We got a kick out of his colorful and rhythmic one liners. It was the first time I had ever heard the line “he was so dumb, he couldn’t pour p— out of a boot if it had the instructions on the heel.” I wish I could remember some of the many others.

Bill Grimme, thanks so much for the “Tickle Pink” download site. (They must’ve had so much fun.) Now, can we get Frank Poitra’s CD on it also? This could be great site to share talent from our area and or videos that people might want to share.

Living in Delaware I have run into a few people from ND. One time I saw someone in a jacket with a familiar logo leaving a grocery store. I yelled “hey North Dakota” and they smiled, turned around and walked back to talk. I just “knew” they’d be friendly. Ha! I’ve never heard a disparaging word about ND in all the states we’ve visited or lived over the years. From what I’ve gleaned, we are considered hearty, hard working and very friendly. As Bill said, “this is my story and I’m sticking to it.”

Thanks Gary,

Paulette LaCroix Chisholm

PS Hosmer girls: I think your grandmother and my grandmother Coranna Boucher were sisters.

Paulette La Croix, Toni Morinville, Randi Mongeon, Brenda Hoffman


Reply from Dick Johnson (68): djcars@hughes.net Dunseith, ND

Gary and Friends,

Ginger LaRocque Poitra mentioned several families she remembered living
in what was commonly called ‘Shanty Town’. Can anyone remember the cold
night that Lawrence and Ruth Hetle’s big house burned down? I remember
how bright the fire was as I watched from our house. I don’t think they
could have been able to save much of anything the way it looked. I would
guess it was in about 1959 or possibly 1960. I think it was around
Christmas when it happened. They then moved to the far southeast corner
of town and lived there for several years. Ginger jarred my memory when
she mentioned the families and I remembered the fire. Thanks Gary!

From Dave Slyter (70): Fargo, ND

Hey North Dakotians:

If you haven’t heard yet the NDSU Bison have just won the Summit League Championship and will be going to the “big dance” which is the NCAA tournament. It’s there first year in Division 1 sports and what a way to start the new transition. “GO BISON” Watch Sports Center on ESPN. Its all over the sports pages and then watch for who and when they play in the up coming NCAA tournament. Congratulation BISON.

Dave Slyter (70)

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