‘Mule Skinner Blues’ posted by Alan Poitra (76): Bloomington, MN
Hi Gary, I have gotten a couple request for the CD that I mentioned. I wanted to clarify something, the CD that I mentioned was ‘Cindy and The Turtle Mountain Boys’, this does not include my grandfather Frank Poitra, it had the following singers, Scotty and Cindy Thompson, Roger Thingsvold and my father Gary Poitra. The vinyl album was sold around many parts of the Turtle Mountains and outside the immediate area, but they were well known in Dunseith, Rugby, Bottineau, Souris, Rolla, Belcourt and many other towns and played many bars in and around Dunseith. Cindy and Scotty Thompson and Roger Thingsvold were from the Bottineau area and my dad of course from Dunseith. I am including one more song from the album that everyone should know and it is called ‘Mule Skinner Blues’ and was sung by my father and as I remember was always requested at many social functions. My apologies if some people thought it was my grandfather and uncles. I do have music by them but nothing that can be reproduced. But for those of you that requested a copy of the CD by all means I will make one for you. I hope you can attach this song because it is and still gives me a tingle to hear my father sing it…
Alan, I asked Bill Grimme to reduce and shorten this song a bit to a size I could post with this message. He was able to do that. This is Bill’s reply: “Had to shrink a lot and also shorten to get even to this size.”
Bill, As usual you did a fine job. The song is shortened a bit, but the quality is still there. You actually reduced the file size to about 10% of the original. Thank you so much for doing this.
Folks, ‘Mule Skinner Blues’ sung by Gary Poitra is attached. This is the shorten version. Please contact Alan Poitra or myself if you’d like a copy of this full size. Gary
Reply from Bev Morinville Azure (72): Dunseith, ND
Colette, Here is Debbies addy again Debbie Marmon…..1911 north Merriam ….Miles City MT 59301. ALSO AS SOON AS I CAN FIND SOME TIME I WILL BE SENDING YOUR PICTURES OK BEV
Bev, I thought I had this message included with yesterday’s blog, but for some reason I missed it. Sorry about that. Gary



Message from Tom Hagen (51): Mesa, AZ


Hi, all you good friends out there!! Dot had her right hip replaced on
March 16 here in AZ. She is doing great and the therapist had her up
out of bed an hour after recovery. She will be in the hospital for
about 3 days and then recovery at home. We have things pretty well set
up for getting around the house. She will have to climb 3 steps but
they teach her that at the hospital. Thank you for all your prayers
and kind thoughts. We will keep you posted.!!!

We love E-mail letters, Love Tom and Dot

Reply from Paulette LaCroix Chisholm (68): Newark, Delaware

Lloyd, Thanks for sharing more information on Roy Anderson. My brother and I talked and we both thought he could read since he had so many books on “Westerns” and made comments on them. I’m sure our folks knew he couldn’t read. We weren’t aware of such information at the time. I’m happy to hear that he got to see his sister after so many years. As you mentioned his rising voice in excitement, I could imagine the crinkled nose and toothy renditions of his “take” on things. Thanks for bringing even more color to this memorable character of our past.

Gary M., I appreciate your comment on inheriting my father’s zest for life. We kids sometimes did not know our parents like others with the hours they worked 6 days a week @(9 AM to Midnight) We envied those who farmed and might know them “shoulder to shoulder.”

Paulette LaCroix Chisholm

Folks, The following is a message Neola sent out to folks on her distribution list that I thought I would share with you guys. Her mother, Emma Kofoid, is a resident at the Good Samaritan Home in Bottineau. Last week she was rushed to a Minot hospital with a low pulse rate and a few other problems. She spent some time in the ICU and they were able to get her stabilized. Emma will be 92 years old in May. Neola is also in the middle of radiation treatments for her breast cancer.
Neola, our thoughts and prayers are with both you and your mother with all these things that are going on in your life’s at the moment. Gary
Neola Kofoid Garbe’s message:
Hi Everyone,
Thank you for all the prayers/thoughts for Mom and me. :) Mom is much better; she is now on her way back to Good Samaritan in Bottineau. Bill Young (our relative) and Marvin Brandvold (long time friend) came to get her.
I was at the hospital today from about 12:45-2:15 and then went for my treatment. After the treatment, I went back to Trinity to stay until “Good Sam” came. We had been told it might be about three when they came, so I thought I’d be there when they came. Bill/Marvin are taking great care of Mom. :)
At this time, I plan to go to Bottineau (for the weekend) after my treatment.
All for now.
Correction to Yesterday’s message.
With my comments to Lee Stickland about the new car his parents purchased. The years were 1963-64, not 1993-94. Gary
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