Folks, I went up and got a hair cut and a foot scrub at one of the local beauty parlors located in our local mini mall here in the Philippines the other day. The hair cut cost a dollar and then I gave the guy a dollar tip, so 2 dollars in all. I got a very thorough foot scrub with nail clippings and the whole bit. They scrubbed away all the old calluses and dead skin leaving my feet as smooth as a babies butt. The whole process took about 2 1/2 hours. The foot scrub cost 5 dollars, so with a 2 dollar tip, 7 dollars in all. Bernadette’s manicure and pedicure cost 2 dollars total. That’s 50 cents per limb. What a deal. Gary

From Larry Hackman (66): Bismarck, ND


A beautiful day in Dakota today. The sky was clear with a slight breeze. The sun was shining. The snow was melting. The water was running. The birds were singing. The geese were flying. Spring has sprung. My thermometer showed 60 degrees in the shade. I went out and washed the car on the driveway in between the piles of snow without a jacket. I even got a little sunburned. I have to say it again. A truly beautiful day here in Bismarck after a long winter. Just so you don’t get homesick and jump on an airplane and come flying in to enjoy spring in the Dakotas. You have to remember that Spring here includes snow and they are talking 3 to 4 inches next week. Them flocks of geese that were flying today were flying both ways. The flocks flying north were honking with joy. The flocks flying south had been up north and saw the snow in the fields and the ice on the lakes and were honking their disappointment as you know they want to get up north to lay their eggs and start their families. It still was a beautiful sight and at least reminded a person that summer isn’t to far off and that it is good to be alive to enjoy days like this. I’ve worked outside most of my life and I know there are not too many perfect days like today.

Hope you had a good day, I did.

Take care and again thanks for all that you do.

Folks, I want to share this message of Lee (Leland) Stickland’s with you. Lee and Gloria have registered for our cruise. Unless told other wise, Lee has told me I can post what ever he sends. Gary
Lee Stickland’s (64) message: Dickinson, ND
Gloria, Gary and Bill,
I have had a couple very pleasant/constructive phone visits with Gina, She purposely stayed after normal hours at work in WA DC this afternoon and called me to continue booking procedures.
I now have completed the deposit, received a registration/confirmation/booking number of 16415392. Gloria and I have elected to have a cabin with a balcony. I understand that there is always the possibility of a free upgrade.
I have made reservations at the Ramada for the nights of July 23 and 24, 2009. I was told the rate is to be $99 per night, confirmation # 60418104.
WE sure wish to participate in the gala of the reunion to be held at the Best Western.
I am a list-maker and have a few pages of, with questions that will either be answered by the many questions/answers in the links sent or I will ask them directly.
THANKS SO much for the multitude of arrangements that are in place and the efforts to do so. Lee
Posted By Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND
Renee is the daughter of Rodney (67) and Karen Peterson (77) Lagerquist.