Dunseith Alumni Reunion in Seattle:

We agreed in contract negotiation with the Best Western hotel, located near the space needle, to give them periodic reports with the number of folks we have signed up for our reunion banquet on July 24th. Bill Grimme will be giving them our first report on April 21st. We currently have 150 slots on hold. They will use our report to evaluate future requests from other groups for the number of slots they can offer them. There is a strong likely hood that we may loose a lot of our unused slots to other groups. We want to give everyone the opportunity to sign up while the slots are available. If for some reason you can not attend, Bill can refund your money up until the time he has to make the final payment to the Best Western for our group on July 21st. If we do not give them reports, they may hold us accountable for all 150 slots whether we fill them or not. The Best Western can accommodate 4 groups at the same time by dividing their banquet room into fourths.

To attend this dinner, just fill in the following selections for you or your party, send Bill a check, and he will return a receipt.


NumberEntréePriceExtended price


______Pan Seared Chicken Breast$24.90___________

______Angus Beef New York Steak$34.10___________






Send Check to Bill Grimme,

3117 Memory Brook Circle,Birmingham,AL35242

.Phone 205-991-6512





Pete/Sofie Schneider Picture provide by Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND


Reply from Betty Schneider Lamb (54): Grand Forks, ND

Gary – Thank you for posting the picture of my parents. This is their wedding picture and they were married June 30, 1928 in my grandparent’s home near Thorne. Mother had copies made in 1980 for each of us children and our copy is sitting on our organ.

Here in Grand Forks, there is alot of preparation for a flood. The city of Fargo is in alot worse condition then we are. The basement in our home had substantial damage in 1997 and we are trusting that the flood this year will not be as bad. Our city has built dykes that are good for sixty feet and the predicted river crest is fifty feet: however, in 1997 the predicted level was forty-five feet and the water went to fifty feet. We do not live in the flood area but you have heard the phrase if my house goes the whole city will go and it did. We have purchased flood insurance again.

Thank you for the great job that you do. We appreciate all your work. Betty and Bill Lamb


Pete/Sofie Schneider – June 30, 1928