Reply/Message from Aggie Casavant (69): Fort Mill, SC
Gary, I saw for the first time the video by Micheal Moore,although I haven’t lived much in N.Dakota since High School, I go home from time to time,and there is something so beautiful unique about N.Dak. that I felt totally offended,when my sister Kathy showed it to me; when she was down a couple weeks ago. Maybe I felt doubly offended because it came from Micheal Moore….someone I find offensive,maybe because of his political propaganda,and mean spirit.There are so many positive things to say about N.Dakota why did he have to stoop to making us look like a bunch of morons?But that ‘s o.k. About 18 yrs. ago I was a nanny fo a family, in Houston Texas. When I asked David & Nancy what made them put an ad in the newspapers in N.Dakota for a nanny,they told me that the nanny agency told them ,that their best nannys come from N.Dakota because they have a reputation to be kind,polite,honest,and hard working,and kids love them….So as for Micheal Moore…..Whatever……So to my fellow N.Dakotans I hope you all have a “Blest Day” and I’ll keep you all in my prayers,as the snow flys, the rivers rise,the sand bag dikes get higher,and as the chunks of ice fly through the air as the dynamite is detonated…WOW! I can’t help but watch with a sense of pride,as the people of N.Dakota show the rest of the country on national T.V. ………How To Get The Job Done……….”As they would say here in the south,”Dats what I’m Talkin Bout”…Ms. Aggie
From Ardys Bakken Horner (Teacher): Detroit Lakes, MN
Hi Gary, thanks for the blog and keeping everyone in touch, we are all watching with horror as the Red River continues to climb, they are trying to stay ahead of the expected 43 foot crest, while this is happening, it is blizzarding outside at Detroit Lakes, Mn makes for cold sandbagging. keep these people in your prayers. Ardys Horner


Flood Conditions From Barbara Clark Olson, Fargo, ND

Folks, this letter was forwarded to me by Barbara’s mother, Vivian (Dave (Deceased) Clark. Vivian lives 5 miles SW of Bottineau on the original Dave Clark ‘Short Horn’ Cattle Ranch.


Good and Bad News. The city called an emergency neighborhood meeting for 10:20 PM tonight. Bad news is they are going to write us off. They will build clay dikes on all the major roads around us — 52nd Ave. S. — 40th Ave S. — and maybe 25th St S. The good news is they are giving us priority for all the sandbags and volunteers we need to make a complete dike around us. So if the electrical stations function properly we will survive.


Bad news is the river will crest at 41 ft. Good news is 41 ft will not flood our house, but it will come within feet of our house. Good news is, if the electricity is functional and sump pumps work as needed we are fine. Bad news is if Cass Co Electric shuts down we are screwed.


It has been a busy week. My Garage is food central. The ladies in our neighborhood fed 1000 volunteers on Tuesday. We have 80 houses in our neighborhood. It is amazing how everyone has come together to help


Tomorrow a group of our NDSU Football friends from Grand Forks are coming to help us move our stuff from the basement upstairs. I spoke with John Mills a good friend of Victoria’s and Freddies and he is getting a group of NDSU kids to come help tomorrow also. What a nice guy.


I have to go to bed more updates later tomorrow is a busy day.



Pray for us. thanks

From Bill Grimme (65): Birmingham, AL



This page is pretty interesting. Shows a lot of flood info.




Flood Pictures posted by Dave Wurgler (64): Rugby, ND
Gary: Flooding in North Dakota– These are pictures of Buelah and Hazen N. D. which is northwest of Bismarck, These are just two of the towns that are flooding including Bismarck. Fargo, Grand Forks,Linton and many more. The Red River is roaring again worse then the flood in 97, figuring to rise to 40 ft. which is about 6 ft. higher then the 97 flood and the Missouri is raising hell also. Its been a long drawn out winter, started in early Nov. and hit us hard and hasn’t quit yet, along with about seventy to eighty inches of total snow fall, high winds and even freezing rain. Take care to all——Dave Wurgler (64)
View from east of Hazen, ND



Beulah, ND

Dunseith Journal posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND
The Dunseith Journal/December 31, 1953/locals

Picture provided by Joanne Millang Bernstein (70): Souris, ND
Deer on the snowmobile trails at Lake Metigoshe.