From Cecile Gouin Craig (61) – Memories & History:
Hi Gary,
I totallly fried my hard drive about a month ago got it fixed but doesn’t
recognize the scanner. Have to call them. It’s been a zoo here. Jan. 29 my
dad Lawrence Gouin fell off a ladder (age 92) broke his hip was in hospital,
then rehab. We brought him home on Mon. seems to be doing great. He’s a
tough one. He and Mom Jean (age 86) live in their home. Still drive, both
play cards several times a week. They had their 67 wedding anniversary in

As for the Home-Ec teacher what popped in my head was Mrs. Allen.

The Morgans story: Mr. and Mrs. Morgan lived next door to us on the NorthSS.
Directly across the street from us on the East corner was an old old house,
shack as Mom called it. The house was owned by the reservation, they
wouldn’t tear it down. On the North side of it was another house, I want to
say they were the Nagels? Anyway one summer afternoon the house was on fire,
Mom saw that plunked on the fromt porch to watch. The phone was ringing of
the hook, she didn’t answer it. Just enjoyed the sight. About that time out
comes Mr. Morgan running with a bucket. Mom yelled at him “don’t you dare
throw water on that!” “Jean be quiet!” He had gotten the gas for the boat
they had in the garage to throw on it. Then grabbed the Nagel’s hose to
water down their house. Until the fire chief arrived. Jr. Melmer. Mom never
asked if Maurice or I knew who started the fire. Years later we found out.
Anyone out there ready to fess up???

Johnny Morgan would get freaked out at scary movies. The eyes got to him,
Vincent Price in “The Fly” was a big one. After the movies Johnny catch me
as we left the theater and ask if I’d walk him home. I’d have to walk him to
his door, then walk myself home. That was our secret.

Mrs. Conroy: She was my 1st teacher (4th grade upstairs) at Dunseith I had
just moved from Ontario, Can. She was a great teacher. My Mom still uses the
onion board with the onion face on it, also the bread board. School started
in Sept. 1952 at the git go I was asked if I liked “Ike” didn’t have a clue
who that was (ask me about the Queen) so I got beat up a couple of times,
decided I did like “Ike”.


Dean Stickland’s (73) Reply to a message Gary Stokes (65) sent him:

Hi Gary,

Can you please add another email address to the ’73 spreadsheet for me?  I’m not sure how long we’ll have the “netzero” address, but I hope to have mail@sticklandbows.com for a long time.

I keep pretty quiet in the background but read your emails every morning – thanks for your kind dedication and effort. 

There’s a bunch of ND folks who would enjoy a local musical event this weekend.  I’ll be spending the next four days at a bluegrass festival called Wintergrass, in Tacoma, WA.  Its one of the major musical events in the northwest with about 15,000 attendees.  I have a vendor’s booth there where I sell custom-made violin bows, restored older bows and a few violins.  My brother Darrel (Doc) will be arriving from Mpls. tomorrow to join me there for the event.  Ronnie Kelly from MT is also planning to come out this weekend.  Darrel, Ronnie and Ronnie’s brother Randy used to have a band in Mpls. back in the late 70’s.  Check out the website http://www.wintergrass.com.

 Thanks again,

Dean Stickland (73)

Dick Johnson’s (68) reply to Marshall Awalt (51) & Memories:
Gary and friends

Thanks to Marshall for the old pictures. The picture of your
dad, John Awalt, and Louise Johnson [my grandpa’s sister] was
taken in my front yard when the Awalts lived here. I tore down
the last of the old house and built another log home on the
same spot. Your dad told me that the big elm trees here were
just planted when the old house was being built, around 1902.I
think the picture was taken in the early 1920s as Louise was
married and gone buy 1925.
When Bonnie mentioned being pulled on a car hood, I remember
being on a tobaggan behind my old 1947 Plymouth out at the
airport one Sunday afternoon back in 1965. I gave a bunch of
kids rides and then got talked into trying it myself. The
driver was Rich Campbell and John Boguslawski was in the
backseat as a “spotter”. Each time I waved for them to slow
down, John said “he wants to go faster”. I finally flew off the
sled and slid and flipped half way down the airport! When I
stopped my glasses were gone and I tore one sleave off my
jacket! As I recall that was the last time I ever got on a
There was another Sunday afternoon maybe a year or so earlier
when we were down in the pasture just behind the park and we
were sliding down the hill on a TOBAGGAN. Each trip down we
went a little farther as the track packed harder. On the final
run we thought we could make it all the way to the edge of the
creek. With four of us on the thing we took off and we not only
made it to the creek but into the dry creek bed and directly
into a big rock! Leland Stickland was sitting in the front with
his legs crossed and when we flew forward we heard a loud POP!!
It was the sound of Lee’s leg breaking!! WE pulled him home on
the sled and they took him to the hospital, as I recall. Am I
correct with the details Leland?? Thanks again Gary..

Dick Johnson

Lee (Leland) Stickland’s (64) reply to Dick Johnson:
Note: I had time to send this to Lee for his reply before sending this out today. Gary
Thanks for the advance copy.  I do not recall having ever suffered a broken a leg; although did have adventurous rides on car hoods or toboggans behind a car.  I did fracture the third (3rd) lumbar vertrabae of my back on Dec, 30, 1960 while riding on a toboggan.   As I recall, Russel Fauske and some others and I were sliding down the slope North of Johnny Hiatts; across the road for the city dump. Hit a rock and landed in a bad fashion.  A short time thereafter Russel’s face was badly lacerated when he tangled with a barb wire fence.
I got up and walked home.  When I arrived at home, I was not able to take off my own boots.  To Rolla hospital, Dr Eylands was there.  Traction in bed for some time. I played 5 years of football following that episode, some discomfort(s) ensued.  (In later years, former sources of pain do return with a vengeance, seemingly.)  Coach Bob Jury would “encourage” me to do better and better, esp, with the 100 yard dash, takeoff, posture while running and last spurt efforts.  Have many wonderful memories of Jim Evans and I playing tackle position and doing our best to make a “hole” for Dave Shelver or John Leoanrd to get through.
As it may be,  also on a Dec 30, in 1965, was the day that Earl Hiatt and I were struck by another vehicle 16 miles South of Dunseith.  Sadly, Earl did not survive. 
I received 7 jaw fractures:: 3 of right  mandible, 2 of left mandible, broken from hinge joint(s) and pushed back and up against the brain stem. Two basal skull fractures also occured;as I understand. that is the bumps on the back of the head just above the neck.  Went from 217 #s to 154 #s in 30 days.
Had many car accidents, I was driving a few times,  Had two small planes quit on/for me and survived that.  As I ‘figger’, I have one live left. 
Gary, FYI and obvious need of editting.  I read with great expectation, each of the daily “memories” of Dunseith.  No, they c/would not be traded.     Thankz for ALL the effort you perform to keep US in touch.   LEE
Bev Morinville’s (72) request to Colette Hosmer (64):
Colette  I  would love  to see  some of  your  art.  Can u share  some pic ‘s  with us    Bev  azure
Marge Landsverk’s (57) Reply to Gary Metcalfe (57):
Hi Gary and all,
     Yes Mrs. Ward sounds like the economics teacher’s name.  You have a good memory!
     I remember the car hoods before snowmobiles only I remember them in the ditches pulled by cars.  If my mother only knew!
                                                                               Marge Landsverk 57
Dear Gary,                                                                        02-20-08
     I think it is typical of rural N.D. and has a good message.
                                                                                    Marge(Landsverk) Fish
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Marshall Awalt’s (51) reply to Gary Metcalfe (57) With Pictures:
 Yes Gary was right, the Anderson family were neighbors with the Metcalfs. My mother Gertrude Anderson went to school with the metcalf, Potria, Belgarde and Bailey’s. Here is some of the old photos. Hopefully everyone is indentified right.


                                        MOTHERS FRIENDS