Reunion Letter written by Charlotte Hiatt Lang (39) in 1969:

Provide by Lee Stickland (64): lee_stickland@yahoo.com Dickinson, ND




I got the following letter from Lee Stickland (64). It is a letter that he found going through his dad’s (Bob Stickland) personal belongs follow his recent death.


This letter was written by Charlotte Hiatt Lang (39) to the class members of 1937, 1938 & 1939 following a combined class reunion they had in 1968.


This letter was typed on 5 full pages of legal size paper with small lettering from the very top to the very bottom of each page. Charlotte did not waste any paper sending this letter out. I have pasted this letter, below, with 10 scans. I have tried unsuccessfully to reduce the file size of this letter smaller than I currently have it. I feel this letter is a significant piece of Dunseith history that should be published, so I decided to send it with a slightly larger file size than I normally like to send. With that said, this letter is all that I’m including with today’s blog.


Thank you Lee for sharing this with us.


Folks, If any of you would like the original copy of this letter that Lee sent to me, please let me and I will mail it to you. Lee, reading your little post-it notes with this letter, I’m thinking this is OK with you.