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X. Azure – Reply to Vickie Metcalfe’s posting yesterday
From Ron Peltier (’70):  Dunseith, ND
I do believe the X stood for Xavier, he was a jack of all trades, I remember going to his place to have something welded on my Uncle Simeon Davis’s car.  The reason I remember this was because my Uncle had the only car I ever seen with a push button transmission.
Condolences to the Hepper Family
From Bob Lykins (Teacher): Hutto, TX

To Gary and all,

I am so saddened and heartbroken to learn of Tom Hepper’s passing.  His father, Gene, Bob Jury and I were the closest of friends and this friendship lasted up until their deaths.  Their loses left a void in my life that I have never been able to fill.  With Tom’s passing it is like another layer of memories has been added between myself and Gene.  I remember when Tom was born I told Gene two more boys and he would own his own basketball team.  I don’t recall that Patty appreciated the remark.  My deepest condolences to the family.

Bob Lykins  

Deb Wenstad Slyter
Face Book update from Donna Wenstad

Just wanted to update everyone on my best friend & sister’s condition. Sorry for missing a few days-had to back away for awhile.
Mon Dec 31st they attemped to remove the incubator tube but had to replace it. They increased the sedative to put her back to sleep.
Tues & Wed Jan 1st & 2nd she was still under deep sedation due to swelling of her throat.
Thurs Jan 3rd hemoglobin count was down given
1 pt of blood tube was partially removed so she was doing some of the breathing on her own for app 3 hrs then put under sedation again
Fri Jan 4th hemoglobin was way down are going to give 1 pt of blood and 2 pts of frozen plasma they are going to do another scope if her blood regulates to check for bleeding & a colonoscopy as well either this pm if not tomorrow.
The prayers, best wishes, & concern is appreciated by the entire family. Please also include Chad & Stacey in your prayers, they have been with her on a daily basis playing the rollercoaster waiting game.
Striker Family – Reply to Lee Stickland’s Posting
From Ken Striker:  Dayton OH

         I got Seasons Greetings from your brothers Darrel and Dean this year and now its nice to hear you too. 
         Interesting that your brother Dean Stickland and Deane Striker were born the same year.  I met Deane Striker and his sister Donna (and her son Dustin) and their mother Marlene, when they came to Berne Indiana in June 2009 for our Striker Reunion.
         Sometimes I see a tidbit at the DHS blog about Joy (Stickland) Peterson and Sharon Harmsen.
         I have gotten interested in Findagrave.com and make Striker memorials. Its an interesting way to keep up with the cousins,  at least some of the deceased cousins!   See link:
         Always good to hear about the Strikers!
         Have a good year!
Ken Striker in Dayton Ohio
Bernadette (sofa) playing Mohjong with her half sister (left), sister (red top) and her cousin.
After about an hour, Bernadette got tired and had to quit playing Mohjong. When that happens, one knows that she is not feeling well. So as not to fall over, she is at the point now of needing assistance to walk. Her mind is still good though. She spends a lot of her day lying down on the couch with her eyes closed. It is almost as though she weights on her eyes holding them shut.
Today, just after noon, Bernadette wasn’t feeling well, so she lied down on the bed. When I looked in the bedroom, there was Tata, our helper lying, on the bed beside her giving her comfort. Pretty touching. Tata has been with us going on 10 years now. She has become very attached to Bernadette and vise versa.
Candid shot – Novie, Bernadette’s niece
Novie has the 2:00 PM to 10:00 PM shift for being with Bernadette. Tata and Gaga’s aunt has the 6:00 AM to 2:00 PM shift. I pay them a regular wage to do this too. Their job is to be with Bernadette at all times. At night Gaga sleeps on the living room floor. If Bernadette transfers to the couch, of which she usually does in the middle of the night, Gaga is there when she needs assistance. We are so fortunate to have folks available that Bernadette knows so well to be with her 24/7. When I hired Novie and our helpers aunt to be with Bernadette, she really wanted Tata 100% of the time. I assured her that Tata is not going away. Tata will still be here doing her job the same as she always has –  cooking her meals, giving her her meds, looking after her well being, etc.
PS – Novie is 31 years old, is 5′ 1” tall, weighs 89 lbs and has 4 children. She does not diet either. Very Petite.  Bernadette loves having Novie being with her 8 hours each day too.
Joke of the day
Posted by Wayne (’61) and Rosemary Smith:  Bottineau, ND