Happy Birthday Bruce Pigeon (61): Garrison, ND
Bruce, I received this notice yesterday in blue below. We wish you the happiest birthday ever. Enjoy. Gary
Bruce Pigeon’s birthday is tomorrow (Jul. 5)
Reply from Aggie Casavant (69): Fort Mill, SC


Hi Gary, This is response to Cheryl Larson Dakin,and Ivey Eller Robert,I was happy to see that being a “fire bug” is just a stage all kids go thru. To Diane Fugure,I remember when alot of the kids on the bus would call our Mom “Mama Casavant”, she would just smile and take it all in stride like…Whats 12 more kids??? She always kinda got a kick out of it. As for you Fugure kids calling her that,it seemed normal as close together we lived.Your Mom and Dad ,and your family as a whole were such good people.To this day all us kids feel a special closeness to your family.I remember your brother David use to come up to our


Mom and say some crazy stuff that,only kids could come up with,and our Mom would laugh for a week about it…She just plain and simple loved kids…Praise God for That!!!! and all us kids said,…AMEN!

Come on All you former fire bugs out there I know you have a story!!!!




A reply to Gary from Neola Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND


Thanks, Gary. Very interesting. I won’t send the clipping. :)

I had forgotten Mel Kuhn and Keith/Myron Senechal are cousins. I should
have known/remembered this, so I’m grateful Mel mentioned the
connection again. I knew Keith when I was younger–like in high
school, or just a little later. He’s the reason I had a guitar.
Sharon Kofoid/I “hung out” a little with Keith Senechal and his
cousin, Jerome Allard. Keith played the guitar and sang. I thought
this was so neat. I asked Dad if he would buy a guitar for me (I
hardly ever asked for anything, but a guitar really intrigued me.).
Dad played the guitar when he was young, so he was happy to hear I
thought I’d like to learn how to play one. He ordered a $30 guitar
from, I think it was Sears (It was a beautiful guitar; the coloring
was so pretty. Needless to say, playing a guitar is quite hard on
fingernails, and I wasn’t dedicated enough to learning to play the
guitar to “sacrifice” my long fingernails. I did learn to chord a
little, but that was about it. About 4 years ago, when my brother,
Jim, visited his daughter/her family in Ashburn, VA (He drove his
pickup.), I sent the guitar with him to give to his grandson, Vinson
Corbo. Vinson was (maybe still is) interested in guitars, so he was
the perfect person to give the guitar to.

So, thanks to Keith Senechal, I had a guitar. :) I’ve seen Keith
occasionally over the years, the last time when he/his wife were
visiting his mother at Good Sam. Evelyn’s room was two doors west of
Mom’s room. Olivine was across the hall from Mom when she (Mom) first
moved to Good Sam.


P.S. If you think Mel would be interested in reading my “guitar
story”, feel free to forward it to him. The world continues to grow
smaller. :)

Neola, This very interesting story is worthy of sharing with everyone. You mention Jerome Allard (58) in your message too. Jerome is married to Donna LaCroix (64). I posted Donna’s picture with her cousin Randy Kelly a few days ago. Donna’s mother, Lydia and Randy’s mother are sisters to Elwood Fauske. Gary


Elwood & Eleanor Hiatt Fauske


Randy Kelly (69)



Bill Grimme (65): Birmingham, AL


Folks, I wanted to share this picture that Bill Grimme sent to me with a Happy 4th of July message.


Bill, I love your outfit! Gary


Manvil & Dorothy Sebelius
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