Memories and Condolences to the Arnold Zeiler family
From Gary Fulsebakke (71): Devils Lake, ND
Hi Gary,
Kelvin was a wonderful place for those of us who lived around or north
of Hwy.43 and a considerable distance from Dunseith or Bottineau. It
was a place to get groceries and supplies and to catch up on the
latest local news. Midge was a great storekeeper and a wonderful
person. She and her family lived in a nice apartment in the back of
the store. Even though Hal was a few years younger than me, we played
together often and I envied him because it seemed he had access to an
endless supply of candy, popicles, pop and ice cream. I thought he
lived in paradise! The “store” had a good supply of essentitial
groceries and general merchandise, much like a modern “C” store and
had a small bar connected on the south side. Midge was not only
bartender, but also an effective bouncer if the situation called for
it. She was an amazing lady. There were 2 Mobil gas pumps outside
where my Dad would often get his “2 bucks worth” of gas to carry him
thru the week. It was a sad day when Midge decided to sell the store
and move her family out west. One of my favorite memories was when
our bus driver, Arnold Zeiler, would drop us off at Kelvin while he
made his western route on 43 and then would swing back and pick us up.
While we were there we feasted on nickle candy bars, dime pop and a
game or two of bumper pool. When the weather was nice, he would drop
us off at the corner of 43 and 281 and we would walk all the way to
the top of Peace Garden hill picking up empty pop bottles along the
way which we redeemed at Kelvin for 2 or 3 cents a bottle. Those were
the days! We all thought Arnold was the greatest bus driver and one
of the nicest people you will ever meet. Arnold and Lorna were our
closet and dearest neighbors, and the entire Fulsebakke family offer
our deepest condolences to Lorna, Lyle and Sandra on your great loss.
Gary Fulsebakke
Condolences to the Arnold Zeiler family
From Sharron Gottbreht Shen (59): Everett, WA.
When I walked into the Rugby nursing facility attached to the hospital in mid August, it was so right to find Arnold and Lorna Casavant Zeiler seated in the sunroom, Arnold in a wheel chair all bright and cheerful and Lorna dressed for company quietly by his side. I so admired their devotion to each other. My condolences to Sandra and Lyle, both such a source of pride to their wonderful parents. Some years ago when I visited them at their apartment in Dunseith, Arnold went into great detail telling me about Lorna’s restored cardiac health; no other place or thing was more important than Lorna. Sharron


Arnold & Leona Zeiler

From Vickie Metcalfe (67): Bottineau, ND.



At 10 of 10, I ventured over east this morning to attend the funeral of an always kind,honorable man from the Peace Garden hills of Dunseith. When I got to the Catholic Church, I tugged on the doors, I found them securely locked. Baffled. Hum. I decided I must have read something wrong and I am here early.

Ah ha. I spy a couple cars to the side of the church. So, marching around to the side door, Yes! It opens, and bounding down stairs I go, to find Lorraine Peterson and Helen Boguslowski busy preping for lunch. Say I confidently, “What time is the funeral? Am I early?” Lorraine replied, “The funeral is in Bottineau at 10:00.” “Un oh.” Embarrassed. I think, “Boy, I really hate it when kids don’t read directions.” Lorraine and Helen kindly let me place forks on the place settings, make the lemonaide, and butter buns which was a fitting penance for this (Lutheran) teacher who apparently didn’t read facts and “assumed”.

Smells of scalloped potatoes and coffee filled the air when Bob and Supan Brennan arrived. Supan headed for the kitchen. Yep. Penance had been served and the St Michael Archangel Ladies came with more cakes. We three,Connie Peterson Lagerquist, Bob and I sipped decaf coffee and reminisced about the Zeiler team, “Arnold and Lorna“. As kids we recalled, where one was, the other was close by…….unless it was on Arnold’s bus. Bob said, “While riding school bus one afternoon, years ago Arnold told him he had to hurry and get home because it was he and Lorna’s anniversary.” Donna Fugere told us later that Arnold and Lorna were a married pair of about 67 years.

Fair well and God Speed Arnold.




Condolences to the Arnold Zeiler family

From Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND.


Gary and Friends,

My condolences to the Zeiler family on the passing of Arnold. We had a
lot of fun with Arnold and Lorna back in the early days of snowmobiling.
Good people.



Joan Richard’s mohter, Lorraine Olsen, passed away
From Vickie Metcalfe (67): Bottineau, ND.
Stopping by the Family Bakery early this afternoon, I saw Joni Richard and was saddened to hear from her of the passing of her dear mom. Joni is currently teaching at Dunseith High School, each of her three children are Dunseith High graduates. Joni, is quite active in leading the Bottineau women’s choir and also lends her talented musical gifts to playing for Peace Lutheran Church.

Today’s in_forum obit;

Lorraine Olsen
Binford, N.D.
Died Thursday, Oct. 15, 2009, at age 84 in MeritCare Hospital, Fargo.
Survivors: two sons, Barry (Faith) Olsen, Neal Olsen; and a daughter, Joan Richard.
Services: Visitation will be Sunday from 5 to 7, with a prayer service at 7, and Monday from 1 to 2, followed by the funeral at 2, all in Trinity Lutheran Church, Binford. Burial: Church ceme-tery.
(Quam-Plaisted-Cushman, Cooperstown, N.D.)
Repy to Doreen Bailey’s picture posted yesterday
From Lloyd Awalt (44): Bottineau, ND.
Reply to Doreen. I know every one on that picture. Mrs. Joe Cota is right I think my mom had a picture like this one Lloyd.


San Haven Memories

From Jean Nicholas Miller (66): Glendale, AZ.


Regarding San Haven, it is truly a shame what happened to it. I have many wonderful memories of it and history as well in my family. Back when it was a TB sanitarium my parents met there and fell in love and were married. My father(Herc Nicholas) was a TB patient there in the mid to late 40’s and my mother (Aggie Nicholas) was a nurses aide. When my father got out he worked there as an orderly. He and my mother got married and then he ended back in as a patient after I was born. My mother used to take me up to the grounds as a baby so he could see me through the window. Later we lived in Dunseith and move back there when I was around 10 as my parents both worked there then. It was a great place to grow up. Charlene Pearson, Dale Hoffman, Brenda too, Jay Vanorny, Ramona Thiefoe, the Cuadrado family and the other Cuban families too. Anyway it was great!!


San Haven
From Allen Richard (65): Midland, MI

About the San–I’m sure there are literally hundreds of opinions on what should or should not have been done in those last years. We all have different perspectives. I’ll give mine in a note to Shirley to begin with. It is still a major sore spot with me going back to ’76 when I was first elected to the legislature.






Answer to Gary’s Question

From Shirley Olson Warcup (49): Ivans, UT

Both of our sons were dentists–one still is. Our second son sold his practice about 10 years ago. His great love is golf!! He has some other business investments that don’t need daily “looking after” so he now can golf whenever he wants to. Next week he’ll be here in St. George to play golf. We have a multitude of golf courses. (We also have a grandson who is a senior dental student at the U. of Ohio.) Personally, I tried playing golf once and that was enough–I’d much rather read a book or watch a basketball game. I developed a love of basketball at Dunseith High School–watching, not playing. We had some very good teams. I’m a big NBA fan and have been known to not answer my door when I’m watching a close game and don’t want to miss the action.
Once again, Gary, many thanks for keeping us all connected!! I may have lived in California for 47 years, but I still consider myself a North Dakotan!!
Shirley Olson Warcup




Reply from Aggie Casavant (69): Fort Mill, SC


To Ele Slyter& Richard:
Quite a hansome grandson that Devin is. You are both so blest to have a grand son that age who wants to serve his country,and not go the way of so many teenagers today in the grip of drugs. I especially liked the picture of Richard and him together saluting. That was priceless. Your daughter Sherri sure enough looks like her Mama. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Can never get enough pictures. Looking forward to seeing you and Richard at the mini-union. Ms. Aggie




Reply to Dick Morgan’s letter

From Gary Morgan (54): Garrison, ND.

Gary & All,

It was a bit of a surprise to see a letter from my brother, Dick, yesterday. Since he probably won’t see it for a month or more, I’ll attempt to answer your questions: I faithfully make copies of all your blogs and every month or so Dick stops by and picks them up. He then reads them in chronalogical order, one or two a day. Since he is uncomfortable with and distrustful of anything “new” he will not touch a computer. He can type, (he was assigned Postal Clerk in the army because of his typing skills) however he prefers to handwrite his correspondence because it is more warm and personal. He disdains ballpoint pens as they have no personality. He has my son-in-law special order ink. Unfortunately, the resulting correspondence is sometimes a little difficult to make out. More so in recent years. With this in mind, I’ll attempt to correct a few errors in your translation: It should be “phenomina” rather than pneumonia; he beat his head against his “crib” rather than “circle” and his grandparents were Harriet & Charlie Watkins. Other than that, you did really well.

Some members of my family think Dick is just a tad eccentric.His afore mentioned characteristics coupled with his preference to sleep in the back of his pickup under his trusty buffalo robe rather than in a bed sort of lead to this conclusion.In recent years, his bodily functions have compelled him to sleep in the house in the winter time.He confessed to me that he decided that was the prudent thing to do one winter night when it was like 20 below and he found himself debating with himself whether it was worth it to crawl out of his warm nest to “take a whiz” which he urgently had to do.

He is a wonderful brother who has always looked after me and has kept my family entertained all of these years.

Gary Morgan

Gary M, I have made the corrections to Dick’s letter posted below. Thank you so much for this reply. We’d love to hear more from Dick too. Gary S


Corrected copy

20 Sept. 09

Yet another perfectly beautiful day in North Dakota.




Hi Gary,


You could not have conceivably anticipated the incredible phenomina you would generate and create with your project to compile a directory of DHS graduates.My wife is baffled and bewildered by the outpouring of loyalty and love expressed in your dispatches.Some months ago, Jack Flynn telephoned to inquire why I was not contributing.Jack is well aware that I am a professionally trained and experienced historian and story teller, absolutely dedicated to truth and accuracy. So the following is for “Uncle Jack”.




Few know or care that the Morgan’s, Marjorie and Kenneth lived in Dunseith during the early 1930’s. That is how I came to be born in Bottineau.The first glimpse my mother and of her beautiful lovely boy, my head was covered with blood.Nurse said I was beating it against the crib, no doubt about that.I have not spent a night in the hospital since.Mother always contended that the nurse had dropped me on my head.Mother said that explained a lot.




As soon as I could walk I commenced to run away.Consequently I was tied with a piece of clothes line to the clothes line behind my grandparents, Harriet & Charlie Watkins.As I was straining against my leash, around the corner of the house came an older boy running at full speed.He caught my leash across his throat, which stopped and dropped him.I was projected up into the air.As Billy Jack Hosmer observed my graceful arc across the sky, he determined then and there to become a world class flier and pilot. I landed on my head.Mother said that explained a lot.




Dick Morgan (52)




Supt. “Big Ed” Conroy used to say the class of 52 was the “Quality Class”, well of course!We had both Don Hosmer and Kick McKay.



1987….at lake Mirond Canada…Note who has the fish….

Gary Morgan, Glen Williams and Dick Morgan



Gary Morgan’s family:

Standing L to R: Laurel, Pamela, Stacy, Mark & Rob

Sitting: Mary Lou & Gary