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Carolee Casavant Halvorson’s (75) reply to Neola Kofoid Garbe: 

Hi Gary,

My husbands name is Jeff. His parents were from Rolette. Both are deceased. Thier names were Orris (Bud) and Leslie Halvorson. Jeff’s Grandfather is John Fish also the father in law to Margie Landsverk Fish .                                       Carolee Halvoson

 Carolee, If I’m comprehending this all right, Margie Landsverk (57) is your husbands aunt.  I had no idea that you guys were related.  Gary

Sharon Longie Dana (73): 

Reply to Laurie and Tim HillMy thoughts and prayers are with you Laurie and Tim and your families. What a blessing this transplant was!! Their is strength in numbers so remember their are those of us still connected to our hometown that are rooting for Tim and for all of you!!  Bod Bless!!!Sharon Longie Dana (73)

From Dick Johnson (68): 

Gary and Friends,

Rod was right, Hank’s haircuts weren’t the best! One time we had a

basketball game in Rolla, for seventh or eighth grade players, and when
I went out on the floor to play, Mom heard somebody behind her laugh and
say, “I wonder where he got his haircut”? She said she was so
embarrassed because she was sitting with all her Dunseith friends! There
were spots where Hank cut right down to the ‘wood’, like they say! I
used to look through the window at the guys waiting for a haircut and
then decide whether or not to go in or come back the next day. Hank
never disinfected his electric clipper, most of the time he never even
shut it off between haircuts! Some of the guys hadn’t had a haircut for
a long time and I was not too sure what they might be carrying in that
mess! The other barbers, south of the drugstore, were probably the
Godfreys. There was a father and son who both were barbers. The older
Godfrey used to do the entire haircut with only a scissor, and of course
a straight edge razor around the bottom. His haircuts were just as good
as anyones, old school I suppose. There is a short joke about the guy
who went in for a haircut. As the barber was getting ready, the guy
explained how he wanted it cut. He wanted it longer on one side than the
other, real short in the back, and some long hair in the front that
falls in his eyes every time he looks down. The barber said, “I don’t
know if I can give you a haircut like that”. The guy said, “Why not, you
did last time”!!! Thanks Gary!


Bev Morinvill Azure’s (72) Reply to Dave Wurgler (64): 

Dave  , thanks  for  the  memories  I  do remember some of those  but  I am younger  then  you  so i clicked onhttp://cruzintheavenue.com/TakeMeBackToTheSixties.htm so  if  you are  younger  then  Dave and his  fellow seniors ( in all  due respected to them)  click on this link and  be  taken  back to  another   great time in  history.


From Vickie Metcalfe (70): 

Gary, to  Neola…..

Fern Berube is Musette (Berube’s)  (class of ’74) mom.  Fern, I believe, was married to Lawrence Berube and   the sister in law to Eva (Berube) Seim, & Fortune  and Edward Berube, Mrs. Dionne, etal.. .. The Berube’s were a huge family all related to Jim Berube.   They  were also related to the Mongeon’s & Greniers.

Eva (Berube) Seim  of French descent, was raised in the Thorne area ,taught rural schools before teaching first grade at Dunseith. She met and married Arthur Seim, of Norweigian descent.  Their son, Edwin graduated from Dunseith High School.  Their two daughters, Marion and Margaret graduated from Notre Dame Academy in Willow City.

My dad, Cliff lived with the  John  & Ingrid Seim and Art & Eva Seim families, as a teen., prior to WW II.  They all were wonderful mentors and kind of… family, as Bernice Seim, Art’s sister was married to my uncle, Archie A. Metcalfe.

John Seim encouraged Dad to be baptized and confirmed when he drove my dad to Little Prairie Lutheran Church on Sundays. I was blessed to stay after school at times, with Grandma Seim, who  lived  about 1/2 block from the big white school house.  I have fond memories of Art and Eva (Berube) Seim, wonderful friends and neighbors growing up, as my parents purchased the farm adjacent  to Art and Eva.

Eva was close to her Berube family, often showing me pictures of them and spoke highly of them. One of Eva’s sisters worked for the foreign service in Europe…. Nuff said… Vickie Metcalfe

Picture/message from Angela Berube Malget (65):

Hi Gary and all,

I can identify the Edward Berube family picture.  Front row left to

right is Gary, Perry, Evelyn (Edward’s wife) holding their youngest
child Tim, Sharon and (as Evie said), either Tanya or Briana, Sharon’s
daughter.  Back row, left to right is Brian, Brenda, my Uncle Edward and
their son in law, Dave Kelly (Sharon’s husband).  Eldon was not included
in this picture.  Evie, you were so right about Dave–great guy and his
friends he introduced us to were equally as nice.  Remember, (Cecile and
Marge too), how they showed us all a very good time in our first
ventures to Minneapolis??  I should also mention here that Brenda is
battling cancer right now while maintaining such a positive attitude.
While this blog has been so enjoyable, we’ve also learned about so many
of you that are going through difficult health problems.  There is truth
to the saying that when you have your health, you have everything.

To Evie–thanks for your kind words about my Mom.   She is doing well in
her assisted living arrangement and enjoying the activities they have to
offer.  She does a lot of greeting card making.  She too has a positive
attitude.  I consider myself lucky to still have a parent living.

To the Tim Hill family–my best to all of you.  We haven’t heard for a
few days.  I do hope everything is going well.

To Allen Richard–how is Susan doing?

I was really happy to hear about Lise Rosseau a few weeks back.  I had
been meaning to ask.  I knew she had married Larry Metcalfe but didn’t
see her on the roster.  I will try to get in touch with her.

I am sending a picture of me and my family on the 10th Ave. bridge here
in Minneapolis which is downstream from the new 35W bridge.  They have
been conducting tours every Saturday morning.  We took the tour
yesterday, July 12.  As you can see on the left, the final gap on the
bridge (both north and southbound lanes) will be filled with concrete
sometime this week.  They expect to be completed 2-3 months ahead of the
target date of December 24th.  On the left is my daughter Sarah, a
senior at Mankato State (approx. 80 miles south of Minneapolis), Danelle
who works with the National Park Service in Fort Collins, CO.,
(currently home on vacation), my husband Greg, and me.  We had 40 mile
an hour winds that day (just a bit strong) but temperatures in upper
70′s – a gorgeous day!  I have listed the website for much more
information and pictures.  It’s all very interesting.


Thank you again Gary and Bernadette for all time and effort you have
given to re-connect so many people.

Angela Berube Malget

Angela,You have a very nice looking family.  This is the first picture that I have ever seen of your girls.  Gary

Berube, Angela 2099

Berube, Edward family 2099