7/31/2008 (177)

From Dick Johnson (68):

Gary and Friends, Last Saturday night a few of us played music for a wedding reception at Long Lake, for Amy Kester and Eric Nabon! . We had a great meal and a real nice crowd. Amy is the daughter of Jim and Connie Halvorson Kester [64]. The evening was full of surprises. Nancy Hosmer Baldwin and Colette Hosmer came up and said HI and we had a’ too short ‘ conversation with the music and all! Then later as I was taking a break, Greg and Angela Berube Malget came over and visited for a while. I asked Angela if indeed her brother Robert had broken his leg, while snow skiing in the ditch behind a car, and she said YES he did! I thought I remember seeing him with a cast from the accident, but now I know for sure! It was probably unimportant to most of the readers, but after I mentioned it I wondered if I was wrong, when no one replied. I remember Robert Berube had a grayish blue 51 Chevy two door with full disk wheel covers. I believe he sold it to Garrett Myer and he rolled it up by Lake Upsilon the next winter on the icy road coming out to highway 43. I was going ice fishing one Saturday and saw the car on its top in the ditch, luckily Garrett didn’t get hurt but the car was done! I think it was the winter of  64-65, but don’t know for sure. Thanks Gary! Dick


From Diane Larson Sjol (70):

I would like to comment on my sister Cheryl Larson Dakin’s post about  military life.  We usually disagree slightly on whose version of our  life is correct so this may be a first but she is right on the mark.   Growing up in the military brought many challenges…having to change  schools and move to a new location and make new friends, leaving  behind old friends every three years….but we stood by each other as  a family and joined the hundreds of other military families who were  doing the same.  To us it was our way of life.  We were privvy to many  exciting adventures within the US and abroad.  We learned about  culture and being sensitive to others…we learned how important it is  to look out for each other.  We were always proud that our dad was in  the Army and we were proud that we were Americans.  We must remember  that our military is a voluntary service where men and women join of  their own free will to preserve what our flag and country stand  for….so yes, a huge thanks to all who serve; to all who have served;  to those who didn’t make it back; to those we are still waiting for.  One thing that got us through and made our lives easier was when we  were able to go back and live in Dunseith among old friends and  relatives.  I always felt at home there even though I only went to  school off and on during the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades.  Between  posts we always came back to ND and to Dunseith to visit family…so I  am also proud to be a member of the “Dunseithians”. Diane


Glen Williams (52) Reply to Bev Morinville Azure (72):

Bev you are right one of the guys is Barry Shelver….and he has changed somewhat from 1950…..


From Janice Leonard Workman (56):

Gary, The guys in the picture are Barry Shelver, he must have been the water boy in the football picture is it was 1950, he probably was in 7th or 8th grade.  The next one is Gary Morgan (#4 in the football pic), then Clark Crum, (#10), last but certainly not least is Jerry Williams (#11).  So there is Barry, Gary, Jerry, and Clark, four best buds in high school and after.

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