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Thanks again for your interesting Blog. We have been away for Christmas and enjoyed catching up on Dunseith news upon return to Yuma. Even though my family moved when I was in 7th grade, I cannot believe all the familiar families that I remember from my life in Dunseith. It was a good time and reading all this daily news I feel like I am still part of this

wonderful community.

I epically enjoyed the letter sent on the 14th of Dec. —

Bonnie Awalt was our neighbor and a fun friend from the past. Spencer Teal I remember as a sweet older boy whose

parents ran the depot — was sad to hear how his life ended.


Donald Egbert, was actually my mothers 1/2 brother – as her dad was Adrian Egbert. After he and my grandmother divorced and he married Dorothy — My parents moved to Washington State and we did not have much communication with them — My mother came to appreciate Dorothy’s good care of her father as my grandmother Ethel lived with us of and on, and needed

a lot of care in her last years also. I always loved my Grandpa & Grandmother Egbert as I was their lst grandchild and spent a lot of time with them as a little girl. So have always been a little sorry that we never got to know Donald too. It sounds like

he was trying to make up to Donald for all the things he couldn’t give his lst family. It’s too bad it turned out that the old

alcohol ruined the good intent.


Gary thanks for including us in your news blog. Also the trip- to Alaska sounded wonderful for all.

Marlene Lilleby Palmquist Larsen

Marlene, Donald Egbert was in our class of 65. I remember Donald well. When I entered Dunseith High School, coming from the country and the hills, Donald was an Icon to me. He was a popular Jock. He was a handsome young varsity Basket ball player. I remember Donald as being bright too. Like Larry Hackman mentioned, Donald was exposed to some of the evil elements, very early in life, with some of his much older team members. Folks, This is what I remember and please correct me if I’m wrong. At some point in HS, Donald, along with some others got expelled from school for an alcohol related incident. There were conditions that had to be met for them to be readmitted back into school. After getting expelled, I don’t think Donald ever went back. At that point in Donald’s Life, I think his addiction to Alcohol started taking a toll on his life. That was more than 45 years ago. Donald is well known, today, in the Dunseith community. I’m not sure how many folks know of Donald’s good past. He was a great guy and still is today once getting past the alcohol. We made a special effort to include Donald in our class reunion in 2007. Raphael Poitra made arrangements with Donald to take him to the reunion. We were all glad to see Donald. He went around and greeted everyone shaking their hands. Not long after that, someone looked out on Highway #3 and noticed Donald headed down the road back towards town walking. Raphael was alerted, went out, picked him up and gave him a lift back to town. The picture I have of Donald was provide by Bill Grimme. Bill said when he took that picture, Donald made a special effort to hold up his whisky bottle. I tried cropping it out of the picture, but wasn’t able to entirely get the whole bottle cropped out. Donald has always been a well known guy. I just wanted to bring out some of the good side of Donald. To this day, Donald has great recall of the past with great detail. Gary
Donald Egbert (65)


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Yes Melvin is the 3rd oldest brother and Arliss is the youngest of the thirteen. They both live in Michigan ND, beyween Grand Forks and Devils Lake on highway #2.






Wade Waagen’s Obituary:

Posted by Vickie Metcalfe (70): Bottineau, ND


Note: Wade is the grandson of Larry and Connie Burcham (62) Sime


Wade Waagen
June 25, 1986-Dec. 30, 2009

POSTED: January 1, 2010

The funeral service for Wade Waagen, 23, of Dickinson, N.D., will be
at 11 a.m. MST Saturday, Jan. 2, 2010, at St. John Evangelical
Lutheran Church in Dickinson, with Pastor Steve Tangen officiating.
Wade will be buried in the Little Prairie Cemetery in the Turtle
Mountains at a later date.

Visitation will be from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. MST Saturday at St. John
Evangelical Lutheran Church, Dickinson.

Wade passed away Dec. 30, 2009, at Triumph Healthcare, Mandan, N.D.

Wade S. Waagen was born June 25, 1986, to parents Steve Waagen of
Bottineau, N.D., and Carolyn Sime of Dickinson. Wade attended Perkett
Elementary School in Minot, N.D., from 1st through 6th grade. Upon
moving to Dickinson, he attended Hagen Junior High and Dickinson High
School, graduating in 2007. He enjoyed family, bowling, riding horse
and going for walks. Wade’s travels included Medora, the
International Peace Garden, the Bismarck Zoo and Bottineau.

Wade is survived by: his mother, Carolyn Sime, Dickinson; father,
Steve Waagen, Bottineau; sister, Nancy Waagen (finance, Cayce Stute);
nephew, Adam; grandparents, Larry and Connie Sime, Dunseith, N.D.;
grandfather, Gordon Waagen, Willow City, N.D.; grandmother, Joan
Waagen, Bottineau; and numerous aunts, uncles and cousins. Wade also
had extended family at ABLE INC., 23rd St. Dickinson, where he
resided for 11 years.

Remembrances and condolences may be shared with the family at

(Stevenson Funeral Home, Dickinson)



Wesley Schnieder Story:

From Vickie Metcalfe (70): Bottineau, ND

Gary and Friends,
Happy New Year 2010.
Prior to Christmas Eve day, my next door neighbor to the east,Marlys Richard, and Ovidia Schnieder’s daughter Barb delivered to my doorstep homemade Christmas goodies. On Christmas Day, I packed gift packages and the goodies into my car and drove into the hills to share Christmas dinner at Archie and Sally (Knutson) Metcalfe’s.
Today, a sunny, clear, cold, New Years Day, Lochbuie and I bundled up warmly and went across the street to thank Wes and Ovidia Schnieder for their generosity.
Wes was looking out the west window and fretting about “Mr. Squirrel”, chattering and sitting on top the tall bird house poaching on bird food. Another squirrel jumping from tree limb to tree limb was adding to the demise of the wild birds.

Wes, one of Buie’s favorite people, attention was diverted and he got out the dog treats. Ovidia while she brewed me a cup of green tea in her microwave, took me into her family-parlor room with a plate and directed me to fill it up. Ovidia’s daughters and granddaughters had filled the round oak table with a vast array of goodies. Fudge, krumkaka, fattimann, candied pecans, sandbakkels, breads, and others…..Oh my!

We went back into the kitchen, Buie was welcoming Wes’ gentle strokes. We sat up to the table me with my cuppa tea and Wes and Ovidia with their coffee cups and enjoyed a warm New years visit, Jim Reeves smooth voice on the LP played.
Stories! Yes! Wes regaled me with stories. Then a tale! I have to say it is a tale, because while Wes gave me permission to share Ovidia and I were concerned about the statute of limitations.

Wes, Warren, and the Mysterious Packages!
One day, young Wes who was about eight years of age and his younger brother Warren set out to get the mail.
They each rode a bike. Wes was riding his backwards,as he often did. They were enjoying their ride and visiting as young boys do when the mail box came in sight about a mile off down the long road from the Schnieder farm.
There’s something different about the mail box….
Their mail box was on a stand with about three other mail boxes…the Boguslowskis, possibly brother Hanks, and another neighbors.
What? Ah ha! What a sight! “What is it?” Let me see.” Excitedly. Someone had sent packages to each of the mailboxes.
Curious. “Lets’ open just one.” “Lets open our parents.”
Ummm. “Candy. Unresistable. And it was delicious!” ……Chocolate!!!!! “If we open the other packages…. no one will ever know” .
Yes, more……more chocolate candy! What a treat! The two young Schnieder’s ate the neighbors packages of chocolate candy as well as their parents.
The boys did not read the contents on packages. They stuffed those papers into their pockets and riding back home cleverly put them in the burning barrel.
Before the next morning their mother found out their secret. The boys had made many, many trips to the out house.
And mother had found out that, many others had also received packages of samples sent by a company on their new promotion.
A promotion to help occasional irregularity.
The two boys learned the lesson of not opening anothers mail. Wes and Warren found out the wonder of Chocolate……Exlax……




Berg Pictures & Message:

From Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND.


Gary and Friends,

There are a couple more pictures of some of the Berg family. I think
it’s Alvin, and the gal is definitely Amanda Berg. Her name is on the
picture but the guy could possibly be Alvin’s brother, Martin Berg.
Neola may be able to find out for sure from Carol Berg Hamel, Martin’s
daughter. I really would like to put the names on the pictures so I know
for sure. My grandmother had these pictures and would have known who is
who, but I didn’t take the time to ask her—big mistake. Several years
later I did sit down with my Grandma Johnson and go through her pictures
and put the correct information on the pictures. I only wish I would
have done this with my other grandmother but that mistake led me to not
let it happen again. History can be lost permanently if the individuals
who know don’t pass on this information to the next generation. I was at
more than one auction where the families sold the old family pictures
because no one knew who any of the people in the pictures were. Sad, to
say the least. There are many in the next generations who will miss out
on some of the most important parts of their genealogy for this very
reason. As we are going through our busy daily schedules, it doesn’t
seem that important to mess with old pictures, but as we get older these
things become important, as this blog demonstrates. Thanks to all those
who have sent pictures and of course, thanks Gary!


Neola, Can you ask Carol about Amanda too? I’m thinking she may still be living. Gary
Amanda Berg Alvin or Martin Berg


Reply from Carmen Leonard Richard: Rolette, ND


Gee, pictures don’t lie, I must be getting old !! The gal with me is Rosemary LaCroix, her husband was Leonard LaCroix brother to Henry and Ernest. We are headed to Fargo to attend the funeral tomorrow for Helen. She was such a special person, and loved by us all.

L to R: Rosemary LaCroix & Carmen Richard


LeaRae Parrill Espe (67) Named “Bottineau’s Outstanding Young Educator” 25 years ago.

Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe: Bottineau & Minot, ND.

Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe: