12/18/2012 (1674)

Happy Birthday Crystal Fassett Andersen (DHS ’70): Walhalla, ND
Birthday wishes
From Ivy Eller Robert (’74):  Belcourt, ND
I would like to wish Happy Birthday to Connie Lagerquist. Her Birthday is on the 20th. Also, there are a few more Birthdays in December from the class of 74. Like Joanne Hill, Muzette Berube, Rocky Davis, and so on. Happy Birthday to you guys as well! I just don’t remember who all they are and what days!
Ivy Robert
I have Leo Davis in my records from the class of 74, but no Rocky. Does Leo by chance go by Rocky? What day is his Birthday? The rest you listed I have and also their birthdays.
Reply to yesterday’s blog
From Dale Pritchard (’63):  Leesville, LA.

Be easy on yourself about the little, inconsequential mistakes.  It is difficult to understand why you don’t make more mistakes than you do considering the volume of email you get and turn around for redistribution, putting it all together in your standard format, keeping more tracking lists than I can imagine, and being able to find something that someone asks about.  I challenge anyone else out there to say they could do better.  I sure I couldn’t.  Little mistakes are not important to us.  What you are doing is!!  I found out while working for the Army that the more you learned how to do the more you were expected to do, even at the expense of not doing what you were hired for in the first place.  And that is partially why I retired in March.  I got tired of being in the wrong every time something went wrong when a supervisor was afraid to set a priority (except after the fact).  Stepping off my soapbox now!!

Dale Pritchard 

Thanks Dale,
I am not sure I am worthy of all the credit you are giving me, but thank you just the same.  It is my system and of coarse it is always easier to use one’s own system than adopting someone else’s. At least that is true for me.
Stokes Garage
Other than for the inside painting, our garage is finished. They finished the outside painting today. As of last night, we are now parking our car in there too.
We only have one car, so with a 24′ x 60′ garage, we have extra space.
Other than for the two 3′ doors, this garage is 100% cement and steel. The white window and door frames are cement fabricated to look like wood. The down spouts are 3″ Schedule 40 PVC pipes that feed into a 4″ PVC pipe under the cement
That is a water tank, no longer in use, above the garage to the left in the picture. The area under the water tank is the boundary to our house lot on the back side. There is a 6′ common boundary. Our house lot is to back and left of the water tank. When finished, the area between the house and garage will be entirely enclosed.
Joke of the day
Posted by Dick Johnson (’68):  Dunseith, ND
Gary and Friends,

      The American Medical Association has just released important new
medical advise for older folks and I believe Diane Larson Sjol has now
incorporated this advise into her itinerary while training younger
nurses.  I mentioned it to her at Lake Metigoshe and I know she really
found it both urgent and wise advise for geriatric care. AMA Alert:
NEVER take a sleeping pill and a laxative at the same time.