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Albert Johnson’s (’70) Services
Posted by Linda Johnson Juntunen (’72):  Perth, ND
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Carl and Cecelia Brudvic
Message from Ginger LaRocque Poitra (’70): Belcourt, ND


I finally was able to find out the spelling of my family’s member of whom used to visit someone in Bottineau when they’d come home on vacation years ago. Their name is Brudvic, Carl and Cecelia.

Thank you

Ginger LaRocque


Posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe: Bottineau & Minot, ND
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Blog (459) posted on May 15, 2009


Posted on May 15, 2009

Gerald Brudwick Obituary/Picture

Posted by Noela Kofoid Garbe: Minot & Bottineau, ND

This is one of my favorite pictures of Uncle Gerald and his wife, Delores. Delores passed away a couple of years ago.


This is from the Minot Daily News:

BOTTINEAU Gerald Brudwick, 77, Bottineau, died Tuesday, May 12, 2009, in a Bottineau nursing home.

He was born Aug. 18, 1931, to Andrew and Ellen Brudwick in Cordelia Township, Bottineau County. He married Deloris Berg on Jan. 29, 1950, in Bottineau.

Survivors: sons, Bob, Bottineau, Larry, Williston; daughter, Debbie Sapp, Bottineau; 10 grandchildren; 18 great-grandchildren; sisters, Emma Kofoid and Alvina Christianson, both Bottineau.

Funeral: Friday, 10 a.m., Metigoshe Lutheran Church, Bottineau.

Burial: Vinje Cemetery, rural Bottineau.

Visitation: Today, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., Nero Funeral Home, Bottineau.

Gary and Debbie Sapp

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Dunseith, ND 58329-9613

(701) 263-4100

Mary Eurich Knutson (62): Dunseith, ND

Request from Jean Eurich Roland (80) : Minot, ND

Dear Gary,

My sister, Mary Eurich Knutson, would like to be added to your distribution list. Her email address is

I was surprised to see my graduation picture posted a few days ago. Where on earth do you guys come up with all these pictures?!?! I remember that Wandrasek’s took my graduation pictures on a very hot summer day – I just couldn’t wait to get the turtle neck shots done! I often laugh when I think of how Mrs. Wandrasek would lick her fingers and pat down unruley hair before pictures…that would most certainly violate some health code now!

I’ve enjoyed the recent onion sandwich stories. I’ve always liked raw onions; in fact, my brother-in-law, Bud Knutson, used to tell how much I liked raw onions when I was very small – he said the tears would be rolling down by face but I’d keep eating them! I still like them…in moderation!

I’m very impressed with the alumni blog you’ve got going. Like most, reading it has become part of my morning routine. I’m struck by how many area families are related in one way or another. I’m also impressed with the loyalty to our Dunseith “roots” that’s shown by so many contributors.

Keep up the good work! Jean

Mary, it is with great pleasure that I add you to our distribution list. I know some folks hold off from being on this distribution partly for fear of thinking they may receive large email files from me. I do my best to keep the file sizes of these daily messages small. I remember you well. You, Sharon & Norman are the siblings of your family that I remember the best. How well I remember being in Ackworth school and seeing you and Bud driving by when you guys first started dating.

Folks, Mary has a Dunseith Address, but she lives in Bottineau county. She lives one mile into Bottineau county on #43 and 1/2 mile south.

Eurich Family:

Back, Sharon, Eileen Norman & Dave

Front: Mary, Dorothy, Jean & Winifred

Reply from Gary Metcalfe (57): Forsyth, MO

Hello all….. A few RAMBLINGS…..Yes Dick, Carl Wicks was Floyd Lamb’s uncle. Floyd’s mother was Sylvia Arizona Wicks.

Do you remember when Mrs. Lamb and Willard bought a new barn from your Dad or Hans and moved it up to a spring on #43 Highway?

Bonnie, I would enjoy my morning coffee more if you would get on the ball with more stories like coning the kids on the street of the big city. Yes, Marion Strickland was our friend.

Denice Lajimodiere– I have a special request, I think I know part of it, but for sure don’t know who Alcide Lajimodiere’s mother was. I wonder if Alcide was name after that little town north of Rolette??

In the days of a one gallon pail with holes punched in the top for air, summer school with no cooling of any kind. We had to make our lunch the night before, because of time—3 1/2 miles to school took awhile with a slow horse. Mustard made a great sandwich, as did dill pickles. Sure these new Vidalia onions are more than fine. BUT, back in Joe Vanorny’s days, Joe was night watch at the San, he cut quite a figure standing by one of the old San buildings in the shadows. BETTER WATCH OUT. Unless there was something I didn’t know about onions, you have heard the old saying “HE KNOWS HIS ONIONS’. I am convinced it took a Mexican, Italian or maybe a French man with about one inch of chest hair protruding out of their tee shirt to eat an onion sandwich. I think Joe showed discretion to say, “What the hell is that?” There has to be an explanation, like oh, I sliced them real thin.

Bob Hosmer, you showed high intelligence to put oranges on your onion and had to be desperately hungary… LOL

Gary Metcalfe

Picture from Jeff Skjelver (Dave Shelver’s son) Rugby, ND


Here is a photo I stumbled across recently. You might know who some of these fellows are. I know the coach is my grandfather Glen.



1945 Basket Ball team with coach Glen Shelver:

Jeff, this is a great photo. I don’t recognize these guys, but I’ll bet we have some folks that do.

#8 looks like he could be a Vanorney? #11 looks like he could be and Evans? I will repost this

when we have all these folks identified. Thank you Jeff for sharing this picture. Gary

Rodney Lagerquist (67) posted by Evon Lagerquist (77): Dunseith, ND

Hi Gary, thought you might be interested in seeing this from this week’s Star.


Rodney Lagerquist

Rodney, For just a youngster you are looking mighty fine. If memory serves me right, I think you had a birthday several months ago too, in April. Being born in 1949, this would have been a milestone for you too. Congratulation with this honor of recognition. Keep up the good work. Gary

Fassett Pictures from Bill Grimme (65): Birmingham, AL


The other day, Bonnie Awalt Houle asked for Fassett pics. Here are a couple.

Hope these are in the right ballpark.


Bill, I have included your first cousin Wendal Cushing with today’s message too:

Wendal, with your mother being a Fassett, Harry would be your uncle too.

Many of our readers remember you from being a teacher at the Forestry for years too. Gary

Harry Fassett family:

Rachael, Harry James, Donald, Orville, Carol

Harry is my mother’s brother

Left: Cleora Pigeon (Fassett) Right: Kathleen Grimme (Fassett)

Message/picture from Mark Schimetz (70): Rolette, ND

‘The Hyperlink below will bring anyone that is interested to the full story of discovery of the Bakken Formation


Gary ,,, maybe some of the people would like to view this article as to how the Bakken Oil Reserve in North Dakota came to be named.