1/15/2021 (2788)

Dunseith Alumni Website is back on line


Our Website, https://dunseith.net/blog/ ,  is back on line running safe and sound. When my Hotmail email address, associated with our site, was compromised they temporarily blocked the site for nearly a month.  For security purposes, they also required me to purchase an SSL certificate of which they are requiring for all Websites now too.

Each and every blog is posted on this website too, with a simple searching tool that allows you to you to search all the postings to find whatever you are looking for.

Our Website is open to the public, so they too will find their subject matters in our sight with their google searches.


Mick Kester Memories
From Art Rude (’71):  Bismarck, ND

I just want to say thank you again for all you do.  Mick Kester was a tremendous guy, I always looked up to him, son of Red, that great guy that would visit with the kid I was as he delivered the fuel.  I thought the world of both.  There are some things I definitely do not like about Facebook, but the way I have been put in touch with wonderful people I hadn’t heard from in years is tremendous!  Mick was one of those people.  I felt honored when he communicated with me.  I was shocked to hear he was gone.

Although it’s not good news, I like knowing.

Thank you!

Every day is a gift, that’s why they call it the present!

Have a great day!!

Art Rude


Mick Kester Condolences
From Colette Hosmer (’64):  Santa Fe, NM

Dear Janice, W

When I think of sister, Jan, (several times a day) you and Mick often slip into the same thought.  I am so, so sorry to hear of Mickey’s passing.  I have always loved thinking of you two still together since high school.  Please know that I share some warm memories with you.



Trying to locate Dunseith Highschool Year books.

Posting from Francie Gottbreht Dutra’s (’63) son:  Lacey, WA

Evening, Mr. Stokes!

By way of introduction, I’m the eldest son of Francie Kay Gottbreht (Dutra).  I have very much enjoyed your alumni website and read it constantly to add to my (amateur) genealogy pages.    I usually push out my questions about Dunseith to my mom, or my Aunt Maryann Brennan or sometimes Sharon Shen but this time I thought I might reach out to you as a quasi-fellow researcher/archivist:   Why is it that I can only find one digital copy of the Dunseith High School yearbook?  I’ve been searching bookstores, eBay, auctions and even the university libraries and all I ever come across is the 1972 yearbook.  Was there a school name change or are the folks from North Dakota just that stingy with their high school memorabilia?    :)

Any thoughts or insights you could give would be much appreciated.    I sincerely hope you have made archiving plans for your huge database of photos, stories and contacts from Dunseith… I consider them to be of the greatest family/community treasures!



Retired professor writing a book about San Haven.
Posting from Brenda Hoffman (’68):   Taylors, SC

A retired Moorhead, MN State professor is writing a book about San Haven with emphasis on hospitalized children with TB. If anyone has information that might help Professor Grineski with his research, please send contact info to Gary so the Professor can discuss your information with you via the Internet or telephone.


Earl, Lillian and Woodrow Aal Pictures
From Cheryl Larson Dakins (’71):  Bedford, TX

I am attaching a couple pictures. One is of Earl and Lillian Aal, the other of Earl and Woodrow Aal. These pictures are in folders and in beautiful shape and I would love to send them to any relatives or descendants that might like to have them. I’m hoping someone on the blog will be able to help point me in the right direction.
Aal, Earl and Lillian