From Florence Hiatt Dahl (50):
Florence, I replied with an individual message to you, but I want to post this so folks know you are still out there. Gary
GARY, you have disapeared from my internet. Are you o.k.? The wind seldom blows here in Anchorage, thus with all the snow we have this last two months we have a winter wonder land. I live in a condo, so I have pity for the poor souls that have to shovel snow and shovel and shovel….Thank you again for your peraverance on this internet. Happy New Year and God bless you. I’ll bet you don,t miss shoveling snow…………………
From Blanche Wicks Schley (42):
When we lived in Dunseith, we would visit a Lamb family in the Turtle Mountains. Do you know if any of their family are still around.
Reading your blog each day is so interesting and it certainly has brought a bunch of people closer and you can read the pride in their notes about their early lives in Dunseith. I don’t know if it is the cold weather that makes North Dakotans so resilient.
We could use a few warmer temperatures here in North Dakota and a little less snow. Grand Forks has made a new record in snow fall and the weather service forecasts another front passing through to the east.
Best wishes for all the Dunseith alumni for a good 2009.
Blanche, Yes we do have members of the Lamb family from the Turtle Mountains in our group. For those I know of, I have pasted their info below. Bill Lamb is Martha Lamb & Vickie Metcalfe’s uncle. Martha’s father Floyd, Vickie’s mother Lottie and Bill are siblings. I’m thinking the Lamb family you visited would have been Bill’s parents and Martha & Vickie’s grandparents, but then again I’m just guessing. I think we have lots of folks in our group that will be able to answer your question very well. I’ll bet there are some that remember your family or stories of your family too. Gary
Schneider Lamb Betty Jane Willard (Bill) 3216 Walnut St. Grand Forks, ND 58201 (701) 775-8817 bandblamb@netzero.com 54
Lamb Schepp Martha 630 92nd St. NW Newburg, ND 58762 (701) 272-6341 lsche@srt.com martha.schepp@sendit.nodak.edu 68
401 13th St W
Bottineau, ND 58318
(701) 228-3353
Request from Bill Hosmer (48):
Gary and Dick Johnson, and several others. When you old timers were talking about the different homes around the hills, it occurred to me that someone with some abilities beyond my own, that it might be possible to develop a map of the area which included all the families we hear from and about. It could be a graphic display with a little bit of surveyor assistance and possibly result in a two by three foot chart, which might be reproduceable and even a sale item for the Dunseith Log House and the Rolette County Museum. I can see a framable image of the map, with sketches, and or photos of the homes of a given year, or a given decade. For example, “The Way It Was in the Hills in 1930 to 1950, or less and more, and I think it could include pictures of those who were early settlers and the location of their sites. This would be on a detailed map of roads, highways, and trails that we have enjoyed reading about recently. It would also accurately plot
the location of the homes of these tremendous family groups that gave us our collective heritage. As I think about it more, it could include all of Rolette County, and the part of Bottineau County that include former Dunseith people. It might take awhile, but I think there would be a mob of us scrambling to see just who and where we are from, and where it was in “The Hills”. Bill Hosmer
ps. It should also show the graphic shape and locations of the major lakes, as well as the churches and cemeteries. Ok Guys, go for it.
Bill, this sounds like a great Idea. I’m hoping someone will be able to put this together. Gary
Reply from Dick Johnson (68):
Gary and Friends,

Thanks to Martha Lamb Schepp for the story. It brought back good
memories of the old days here in the hills. Your memory of your Grandma
saving Christmas wrapping paper wasn’t odd. My Grandma did that too. She
never ripped open presents, just carefully opened them and saved the
paper! Hard times taught them to save things. Thanks.

Thanks Bill Grimme for the pictures of NYC. Gary mentioned the movement
of the Empire State Building. That is the one thing I remember about
being up there in’67. The tour guide told us the building has a
deflection of 12′, six feet either direction of center. It’s hard to
believe a concrete and steel building that big could sway! I see they
also have shields to stop jumpers now. I don’t know about Bill and
Irena, but that was the last thing on my mind! Thanks Bill.

Thanks Gary for your tireless posting!


Reply from Bill Grimme (65):
The “Go to North Dakota” song is credited to Lois Steele and Jack Fulton in 1958. I have had a lot of fun with this song over the years. In fact. I think we sang it at our reunion last year. Here is the complete song, although I think Diane had all the lyrics the other day:

Go Ta North Dakota

You Oughta Go Ta North Dakota
by Lois Steele and Jack Fulton (1958)

“Ya oughta go ta, North Dakota
See the cattle and the wheat,
and the folks that can’t be beat
Ya oughta go ta, North Dakota
And you just can’t say goodbye.”

“The sky is bluer than blue
The sun is sunnier, too
And if you don’t believe me
There’s only one thing to do…”


You were pretty accurate on Irina. She has a Phd in Chemistry and she is the head of the biophysics lab at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She just earned her citizenship this year and she has been in the U.S. since 2000. Good girl.

You were also correct in stating that our class and many other people on your mailing list helped me through a tough time. I will be forever grateful.


Bill, I found this WEB site. Gary

You Oughta Go Ta North Dakota
by Lois Steele and Jack Fulton (1958)




Class of 58 Pictures posted by Ellen Graff Myrick (58):

Thought I’d share these pictures of the class of 58 from the 125th Reunion The word document has all the people, but one, identified. It took three pictures to show the 9 members of our class of 18 who attended the reunion in July 2007. You may not want to use the individual pictures. It’s up to you as the expert.
Ellen S. Myrick
Ellen, These are wonderful pictures. Now we can put a face with some of you that we hear from. I just copied and pasted your word document directly into this message. It worked great. Bobby Lagerquist also attended our 65 reunion. It was nice seeing him again. Gary



Back Row: Robert Lagerquist, Jerome Allard, Marlene (Schneider) Haverland

Front Row: Ron Link, Joanne (Kester) Boucher, Mrs. Ron Link, Colleen (Conroy) Martel, Ellen (Graff) Myrick




CLASS OF 58 + Granddaughter



Allen Johnson’s granddaughter, Allen Johnson, Colleen (Conroy) Martel


125th Anniversary Opening Banquet Some of Class of 58 +



Left Side: Don Martel, Marlene Haverland, Ron Link, Jerome Allard


Right Side: Colleen (Conroy) Martel, Mary Ann (Gottbreth) Brennan, ???, Robert Lagerquist




Message/Picture from Evie Gottbreht Pilkington (65):

Hi Gary,

Happy New Year from Southern CA – we are experiencing a cold snap….must be 50 degrees…..LOL

Today January 2 would have been my Dad’s 92nd Birthday…he died in 1961. My Mom and Dad were also married on this day in 1939. I found this picture in my “stuff” today and decided a few might enjoy this bit of history. It is a four generation picture – George Gottbreht, William Gottbreht, Dale Gottbreht and my brother George on Great Grandfather William’s lap.

I found it interesting to once again see how tall my grandfather George was compared to my Dad, he was a shorty 5’6” I think…..Daddy’s mom, Evelyn was less than 4’10”.

Evie Pilkington







Peggy Peltier’s (84) picture posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe:



Here’s a good picture of Peggy Peltier. I don’t think I’ve sent it before as I don’t see it in my “courthouse” file.




May I send Peggy’s pictures to your address, Gailord, or do you have an address for Peggy? I’ve already sealed/taped your envelope, Gailord, but I would be happy to mail Peggy’s pictures to your address/address you provide. My husband will mail your envelope after I return to Minot.










Folks, Peggy is listed among the graduates for the class of 1984. Do any of you know if she has an email address and would like to be included with these daily messages? Gary