Wesley Schneider
Memories from Connie Fauske Monte (62): Santa Barbara, CA
I too enjoy Vickie Metcalfe’s story telling, especially the ones about Wesley Schneider. He is my uncle and it seems the only times I get to really hear about him is when Vickie talks about him. Vickie, tell Wesley hi from his niece Connie Fauske Monte. He was the greatest uncle anyone could ever have. I remember when he worked at the creamery in Bottineau, he would bring cottage cheese over for us. It was so good, Mother always made hers so the kind you had to buy was really a treat.

The last time I saw him, he was telling my sister Carrole and I, the story of when Exlax first came out, the company sent out samples to everyone in the community, so when the Schneiders got theirs he and Sal liked them so much they went around to all the neighbors mailboxes and got theirs and ate them all. He said, needless to say, they did not go to school for the next few days. We all laughed so hard.. He is a great guy and great story teller as well.

Reply from Vickie Metcalfe (70): Bottineau, ND.
I am speechless reading Erlings compliments. Thank You.
Erling, life has given us simple gifts; One of the most valuable is friendship.
All I am or hope to be is rooted in the beliefs gifted by my parents. Lessons in strength from interactions (some negative some positive) with folks of our home community. And, multiple gifts of courage which were taught to me by great teachers, ” kids” from N.D. across to Montana. I safe keep each of those gifts. Vickie.
Sandi Jubous LaRocque
Message from Verena Gillis: Dunseith, ND
This is just to inform everyone on the latest of many cancer victims here
in Dunseith/Turtle Mountains. Sandi Dubois LaRocque has been diagnosed
with ovarian cancer, she also has a tumor on her liver and a 5x6 tumor on
her stomach. She leaves for the University of Minnesota along with her
family tomorrow morning at 8:00 am. This was such a shock to everyone! 
She has always been a healthy person, rarely getting sick. Her son Jared
is married to our daughter Brandi. We will be taking care of the 4 little
ones so they can accompany her to Minnesota. I do believe her mother
Violet, sisters Beverly, Poodie, Janice, Shelly and Linda will also be
going with her. We still do not know what is in store for her once she
gets there, more than likely surgery to try and get the tumors out. We
are asking for prayers from everyone for her and her family. PRAYER IS

Megwitch (Thank you)

Horse Picture with John Awalt
Reply from Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND.
Gary and Friends,

After eliminating Dustin Striker as the boy on the horse, I do have another thought. The Peace Garden buildings of the earlier vintage were mostly all of ‘board and batten’ construction. This is vertical boards with a strip covering the seam.Most of the practice huts at the music camp were also similar. It was in the late ’60s when I worked there and they were just then talking about an equestrian camp and stables. The building in the picture appears to be newer as the boards haven’t really started to weather much. John Awalt was one of the better carpenters in the area and maybe he was involved with the construction of the barn type building and was there when this picture was taken. That could also explain why no one recognizes the little boy as he may not be from this area at all, just at the Peace Garden for the day. If this is right, it may also explain why there is no last name on the picture–just ‘Carl’. His last name would probably not even been asked. Just another guess. Thanks Gary!



Horse Picture with John Awalt

Reply Don Martel (Teacher): Rosemount, MN
Perhaps the child on the horse is not a boy