Sandi Dubois LaRocque
Reply from Connie Zorn Landsverk: Bottineau, ND
Just read today,s Dunseith news & so sorry to hear about Sandi Dubois LaRocque. I don,t know Sandi but will pray for her. Cancer is an awful thing. My husband Roger died from cancer in June so I know how Sandi & her family & friends are feeling. We must put our trust in the Lord & hope for the best!!
Boy on the horse pictured with John Awalt has been identified
Reply from Lloyd Awalt (44): Bottineau, ND
–I finely know who the boy on the horse is it is Michael Gress who is my sisters Eleanor’s grand son the picture was taken at crossroad ranch which is on hwy 43. She has the picture on her wall. Mystery solved. Lloyd Awalt
Reply from Lee Stickland (64): Dickinson, ND
Gary the boy in the picture with John Awalt is his great grandson Michael Gress. He is the grandson of Leonard and Eleanor Stickland. The picture was taken at Cross Road Ranch. Dick his mother is Punky Stickland. Eleanor
Lloyd & Lee, Leonard and Eleanor Awalt Stickland’s email address that I have is not longer a good one, so they have not been getting these daily message. Gary
Reply from Gwen Grimme Eltz (68): Spokane, WA
Hi Gary,

The little boy on the horse with John Awalt looks familiar to me, too. I noticed that Bonnie said the photo was labeled “Carl.” I was wondering if the “Carl” could actually be “Carol.” The little boy looks a lot like Carol (Fassett) Tessin’s son, Timmy. When Tim was about that age, Carol and he visited the Dunseith area. Bonnie and Carol probably graduated within a year or so each other.

The picture of John Awalt is so real to life. He and Gertrude were good friends of my folks, so I remember visiting their home many, many times. They were so friendly–never too busy to sit down for a good visit. I also remember Bonnie Houle’s (and Lloyd Awalt’s) grandmother, Myrtle Anderson, really well. My mother was part of Grandma Anderson’s Wednesday afternoon coffee guests when Myrtle lived in a tiny house next to John and Gertrude. After Grandma Anderson passed away, both of her sons (Charlie and Walter) stayed with us at the Commercial Hotel for many years.



Michael Gress and John Awalt




Pictures from Mrs. Conroy’s class

“Green Berets reply”


rom Dwight Lang (61)


Let me start a new name the heads game (well not really new /50+ years back) Mrs. Conroy classes. Remember the poppy program and posters? I believe it’s my eagle on the back wall. Pretty pathetic now that I look at it but at the time it should have won the top prize as far as I was concerned.
Gary, some time ago I sent you an email regarding my recollection of the “Green Berets” and I included in bit about Mrs. Conroy. You never published either. I don’t know if it was because of the content or if you lost it in the scuffle. Anyway, the Mrs. Conroy story might go well the ID game with the epic’s attached. Here’s a reprint. Edit as you please, PLEASE. Dwight , No editing necessary. Gary
Dwight, I did not see this the first time when you sent it back on November 11th. I would have posted it then had I seen it.
Folks, I never just not post anything that is sent. If I feel editing is necessary, of which none rarely is, I will reply with an edit request. Gary
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Subj: “The Ballad of the Green Berets” & Mrs. Conroy’s teaching
“The Ballad of the Green Berets”
I have to agree with Keith that “The Ballad of the Green Berets” came out in 66 or possibly 67. I remember Veterans day on the campus of UND. Although I never served in Vietnam, I was a vet having been discharged from active Army a few years prior. There was no honoring of the service veterans that day at UND. But there were 20 or 30 protestors marching around the entrance of the student union. The signs they carried ranged from “Stop the War” to “Baby Killers”. I remember vividly the feelings of both shame and hatred. With thousands of my comrades being killed daily, those “Baby Killer” signs hurt to the core. Yes it was the right time for “The Ballad of the Green Berets” to arrive. We all needed that little pick me up back then.


Mr. Editor, Gary, are we allowed two topics on the same blog?Dwight, Absolutly, The more topics the better. Gary

Mrs. Conroy’s teaching:


Another flashback! Yes I recall the singing of “It’s a Grand Old Flag” at the Memorial Day program. Mrs. Conroy was a real choreographer in her day. She convinced me that I had a special talent to display and make Mr. Bo jangles dance. You guys remember the toy, the stick puppet with the hinged arms and legs suspended on a string above a flexible stick. I believe it was the very first time I ever performed before an audience larger than the forth grade class. I don’t recall which event it was but here I was, center stage at the old city hall, before the entire Dunseith population making Mr. Bo jangles dance to the music blaring. Was spot lighting used in these programs? That I don’t remember, but it was a grand production let me tell you. It was my finest hour of fame or maybe just two minutes. Next stop – Broadway!!!

Thank you, Mrs. Conroy.

Dwight, These are precious! They will bring back some memories for lots of folks. Thank you so much for sharing.
Folks, feel free to reply with the identities of or those you think are in these two pictures. I’ll keep posting until we have it nailed. Thanks,Gary




I think Dwight Lang is in 3rd row from the right, 2nd from the back?



Gwen Grimme Eltz’s Nephew.
Posted by Gary Stokes

Hi Gary,

The voting link is embedded in Facebook, so I sent you a message in Facebook to connect with the West Acres content that Steven is in. Hope the link works for you still. Steven is a neat kid; he was born prematurely so has had a lot of health issues–but he’s a totally happy, bright teenager. He’s had 22 surgeries so far in his short 18 years; in fact, last week he had to have to surgery to prepare for using a Vagus Nerve Stimulator. The stimulator, hopefully, help with the seizures that cause him a lot of misery. He graduated from West Fargo high school. Steven’s dad (who was killed in a car accident) was George’s only brother; hence the “Eltz” name.



Hope all is well with you and Bernadette!

Folks, This is for a good cause. For those of you that have facebook, please follow the link above to Gwen’s facebook and Vote for Steven. Let’s keep him number one. Gary