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Folks, Our new phone number is (701) 428-8186. That’s a Kindred phone number with Magic Jack. Phone numbers for SRT phone exchanges are not available with Magic Jack, so I chose a Kindred number. This number will not wake us up, so you can call anytime. If we don’t answer just leave a message and I will get back to you.
Wonderful Wonderful – A lot of folks have been visiting our Dunseith Alumni Website. It’s interesting to note that several days last month we had in excess of a hundred visitors. The average daily visits for last month were 50 and a fraction. It’s also interesting to note that for days I’m late getting a message out or if I miss a day, the visits to our Website are spiked.
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Mrs. Conroy’s class pictures

Reply from Sybil Johnson: Cheyenne, WY.
Thank you Marie Staub, for the school pictures showing Augie and Harvey Johnson. As you know, Harvey passed away some time ago, in St. John ad Augie lives in
Minot. Him and I have been divorced for the past 15 yrs. and I dont speak to him, but it is still nice to see and read stories about Axel’s family. Thanks again.
Sybil Johnson
Mrs. Conroy’s class pictures
Reply from Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND
Gary and Friends,

Thanks to Dwight Lang and Marie Iverson Staub for the picture and the names of the kids. I did have a question about some of the names I don’t recognize. Can someone fill me in on how some of these kids fit into the Dunseith area, as in what there parents did or who they were living with. The students I don’t seem to remember are:

Marta G.
Duane T.
Glenda Fletcher
Judy Kiesow

I think the second girl in the 4th grade picture is Joann LaRocque–she is listed as Joan L. ( my guess?)
The boy listed as Lowell K., I believe is Lowell Kelly, who is Randy’s brother. (He looks like Augie Johnson, his cousin, in the same picture.) Thanks to anyone who can fill in some information. Thanks Gary!



3rd row front to back: Kenny Handeland, Lowell K., Dwight Lang, Lynda Williams
2nd row front to back: Nicole Bedard, August Johnson, Nikkey Bedard, Patty Spaeth, Johnny Morgan
1st row Front to back: Cecile Gouin, Joan L., Gearld Anderson, Duane T., Marta G.,
George Gottbreht, Glenda Fletcher, Mrs. Conroy






3rd row front to back: 4th graders; Glenda Fletcher and August Johnson



2nd row front to back: Marie Iverson, Jean Lake, William Longie, Judy Kiesow



1st row front to back: Harvey Johnson, Ernestine Dailly, Janet Hosmer, Michael Graham,


Billy Awalt, Rodney Kalk, Adolph Longie, Mrs. Conroy