From Bonnie Awalt Houle (56): Becker, MN.

Merry Christmas Gary from Minnesota and our fresh foot of snow. The wind is blowing and sculpting beautiful shapes in the drifts and the best part is we can sit inside where it is warm and put together a jigsaw puzzle. Thanks to everyone for solving the picture puzzle of my Dad for us.
My Grandmother Anderson always wore aprons, she had many, many of them when I came across this poem about aprons (attached) she immediately came to my mind. Thought people might enjoy the poem and think of Grand Anderson also.
Bonnie Awalt Houle (56)

Bonnie’s memories

Long Distance Telephone Calls

Horseback riding


What are some of the common things from the past that we haven’t thought of in years?How about the long distance operator breaking in to tell you that your 3 minutes are almost up?Now days we pick up the phone and dial long distance without giving it a thought.When we were kids it was a big deal to call long distance, and when a long distance call was received at your home everyone was to remain silent while our parents talked, long distance was not for children. The time limit of 3 minutes was honored by the person calling and the person receiving the call.When the operator said your time was up you hung up even if you were in the middle of a sentence.Children did not talk for a long while on the phone, it was state your business and hang up.We had party lines in town sometimes several parties on one line.I do remember how excited everyone was when we were able to get a two party line.Your ring let you know whether the call was for you or your party line partner.Our ring was two long rings.If you were calling someone up in the hills you had to go through Berdella, or something like that, that was the operator at Kelvin. (Some of you people from the Hills could be more accurate on this as I am guessing).

The stories of horse back riding remind me of the Schneider girls, Elaine and Marlene.They were excellent riders.Elaine even had her horse jumping poles she set up.Gayl Bedard was another excellent horse woman.Gayl loved horses from elementary school until the present day.Gayl spent a lot of her spare time in school drawing horses. (she was pretty good also).When we were in High School we borrowed Rodney Evans horse Toni and road out to Lords Lake.It was Elaine, Gayl, and Myselfand I can’t remember for certain who else.We decided we should have a race.(DUMB)The county grader had been through and left a row of dirt clumps down the center of the road, of course that is where we were racing.The Evans horse was used to racing and used to winning and so with Gayl as his rider he had no trouble jumping the dirt clumps and taking the lead.I was not a good rider but was very competitive and tried to do the same thing.Needless to say the horse and I both went down.I broke my ankle and the horse was scuffed up pretty good also.We had to get the horses home and face the music of having done such a senseless thing.I believe Elaine took the brunt of the blame for that, as I was riding her horse.Another day after that we rode from Schneider’s out to Rodney Armentrout’s farm.We did a lot of riding that summer and our biggest challenge was trying to get the horses to cross the creek out by the graveyard to get to Gottbreth’s.I led my horse across I never could get her across with me on her back.




Mrs. Conroy’s class picture provided by Dwight Lang (61):

Reply from Dwight Lang (61): Tucson, AZ.


This was far too easy for you folks, about a 2 or 3 on the hardness scale. I figured Joan (Wurgler) Salmonson and Janet (Hosmer) ???? would have nailed them all shortly. Got to thinking again and that’s very dangerous, when did Janet (Hoagenson) join up with the class of 61? The Duane T’s last name was Trustee. I think his dad was a fed with the border or the post office. Now that Marta G. I have no idea. Sure cute with those big ears. Bet she grew into a beautiful woman. Dick, you got the rest right, Lowell, Augie and Joanne.

Dwight, You are the only guy I recognized in these pictures. You are the only Guy in these pictures that I knew back then too. Since the day I was born, I have known you. You’ve got 4 years on me though. Your mother, Charlotte Hiatt Lang, was my first grade teacher at Acworth. That was the last year of summer school at Ackworth too. There were only 7 students total in the whole school that year. They were Barbara, Harvey & LD Hiatt; Bradley Salmonson; John & Dale Pritchard; Gary Stokes. Gary
PS – Hopefully the Origin of the name Marta given below will jar some memories as to who she is?
Marta (given name) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Marta is a Czech, Russian, Finnish, German, Hungarian, Georgian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish given name for females,




3rd row front to back: Kenny Handeland, Lowell Kelly, Dwight Lang, Lynda Williams


2nd row front to back: Nicole Bedard, August Johnson, Nikkey Bedard, Patty Spaeth, Johnny Morgan


1st row Front to back: Cecile Gouin, Joann LaRocque, Gearld Anderson, Duane Trustee, Marta G.,

George Gottbreht, Glenda Fletcher, Mrs. Conroy



3rd row front to back: 4th graders; Glenda Fletcher and August Johnson



2nd row front to back: Marie Iverson, Jean Lake, William Longie, Judy Kiesow



1st row front to back: Harvey Johnson, Ernestine Dailly, Janet Hosmer, Michael Graham,


Billy Awalt, Rodney Kalk, Adolph Longie, Mrs. Conroy