I am kind of making this a little short today. Getting ready for an EXPAT Christmas party that we are hosting at our house this Saturday along with the finishing touches of our addition and with Bernadette’s sister having arrived from Japan yesterday, things are kind of busy at our house. I’ve also been experiencing some computer problems not being able to use my internet explorer browser. I need to be able to use internet explorer to post the these daily blogs too, so yesterday’s and today’s are not yet posted.
Awalt Homestead
Reply from Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND
Gary and Friends,

A real big thank you to the Awalt crew—Marshall, Bonnie (my babysitter long ago), and Lloyd, who emailed me saying he had a picture and would find it. I know the family has been here to look the old place over several times over the years, but I only hoped they might have some pictures of the old Awalt house. They certainly did! Thanks for posting them. On the south side of the house,which is straight out in front of the door in the old picture, William Awalt placed a ring of big rocks for a flower bed and, I assume, Mrs. Awalt planted flowers there. These rocks are still there and Brenda has flowers there every year. I will attach a picture of her flowers from this summer. I don’t know if anyone is interested but I will also send a few pictures of my log house when I was building it 32 years ago and a current one of how it looks today. Awalts house sat on the same spot although it faced south and mine faces east. Thanks again to the Awalts and of course Gary, our main man!!




Flower Bed in 004


Original Awalt flower bed




Dec 001


Dick/Brenda’s replacement log house located on the same spot as the




Awalt log cabin




Log house construction