Folks, Last night when I logged into my computer, I was able to open my Internet Explorer program just fine. I think the problem was a bad internet signal that we often times have. There are times I can access all of my email just fine, but cannot log into any internet sites and vise versa. Anyway, I have now posted the last two days and today’s will be posted on our Dunseith Alumni Website after I send it out. Gary
Dialogue between the Awalt’s & Dick Johnson
Reply from Bill Hosmer (48): Tucson, AZ

I am so impressed with the dialogue about the Awalts and what Dick Johnson generated about the old places on his land. I’m 80 years old now, and have been so close to the Awalt family for my entire life. Then I was a fellow student of Dick’s parents in high school in the old white school house., All of this is a miraculous record of days, people, events, and places in the hills which warms my old heart. Since the holiday is approaching, and my memories of singing the Christmas songs in church and in the city hall, accompanied by these wonderful memories of those special days , let me give my sincere best wishes and hope for the New Year, and a fervent “Merry Christmas” to all you Dunseith folks who give me such pride in your friendship and loyalty to our common place. Bill Hosmer
Generational History
From Vickie Metcalfe (70): Bottineau, ND
Gary and friends,
Ah, generational history! Again, many, many thanks for the photo sharing of the children of John and Gertrude.
My father Cliff, a phenomenal oral storyteller, spoke of a deep friendship of William Awalt and his father, William Metcalfe I.
According to my dad, “It was said Mr. Awalt, was a highly respected early pioneer, of deep spiritual faith within the Holmes Township Community
Dad said, Mr. Awalt and my grandfather had many intellectual conversations. One conversation, Mr.Awalt told his friend,to name the new baby, my father, after him. William Metcalfe I replied,”He already had a son named William, but would name his son, Clifford David;” The middle name David, an early Scot’s king, and like King David the 7th son of a 7th son”.
The early Metcalfe’s of Rabbit City Lake,were also were neighbors and friends of the William Anderson’s parents of Walter, Charlie and Gertrude.
Through the years, the two William’s sons, William II and John Awalt continued to be great friends. John and his sweetheart,Miss Gertrude Anderson were attendants at the wedding of William II and Mary Metcalfe in September 1923.
My dad and his friend Bill Peterson, another grandson of William Awalt as young men, embarked on their adventure to Seattle in the early 1940’s.
Dick/Brenda Johnson’s log cabin pictures
Reply from Mark Schimetz (70): Rolette, ND
Very Nice Home Dick and Brenda!
Date correction to Dick Johnson’s log cabin pictures posted yesterday
From Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND

The pictures are current and the numbers behind the photos are simply the ‘jpg.Dec. snow .001 — .002 etc.’ picture numbers. I think the readers will think it’s the date I took the pictures and in the text I said current which they are. Thanks.


Dick, I caught that mistake after I had sent those. That’s what happens when I get in a hurry. Thanks for the correction, Gary
ND snow
Pictures from Larry Liere (55): Devils Lake, ND & Mesa, AZ



It does not happen very often in North Dakota that we get this much snow and no wind. The radio said 15″ and then changed it to 20″


The snow on top of our picnic table in the attached picture was 22+” Mesa, AZ will look good.