John Belgarde
Reply from Warren Anderson (65): Rolette, ND

Hi, Gary—yes John B. is my mothers younger brother. There were to older brothers that served in WW-2, Issac and Charles. Issac was Army and Charles was an airforce pilot. Both heros.


There was a story in life magizine back in 1950 about a large battle in Korea where John was pictured. I don’t know if it was the battle of Kunu-ri or not. I read it when I was about 10 years old as one of my aunts had it. If I remember right they charged a hill and only a few walked off the hill, Uncle John was one of them but he had been wounded. Maybe an elder in the blog remembers that story.


A couple of years ago John also had a two page story of his war expierences in the Turtle Mtn Star—out of Rolla.


I do not think John has E-mail. His Phone # is (701)263-4851. His mailing address is PO Box 667, Dunseith, ND 58329———John and his wife live on a horse ranch three and one-half miles straight north of Dunseith.


Warren ’65

Warren, If John has Email, can you get it for us? That is if it’s OK with him. Thanks, Gary
Wesley Schneider celebrates his 90th Birthday.
Message/Pictures from Vickie Metcalfe (70): Bottineau, ND
Gary and friends,
Thor and Me and the dog named Bue went for our walk this morning. It
was +13 no wind. The ice build up under their paws, was bothersome.
But a day so bright and clear, made pure pleasure walking the 2 miles
through the snow.

On the way back home we stopped for treats at Wes and Ovidia’s. who
were listening to a local musician, Jerry Olsen country gospel cd.
Ovidia met the dogs with 1 treat. Then, Buie enjoyed Wes smooth
petting, while I took birthday photos.

Ovidia told me she had forgotten to light their breakfast candle. I
had no idea in all the time I’ve know them, that she lights a candle
every morning during the fall and winter months at their breakfast
table. “Simple gifts” of candlelight and music are enjoyed every
day during the cold weather.

Wes’ children sent him a beautiful bouquet which we admired while
consuming a choice of various Norweigian treats. I only once did
catch Wes sneaking the boys a bit of fatigman (ms).

I left their cozy home as they were watching sparrows gathering at
the bird feeder and the temperature climbing well in to the +20s.
Ah, Simple gifts.

From Karen Larson
Wesley Schneider’s 90th birthday December 27th, 2010 Vickie took these
this morning. Karen
Folks, Ovidia is Karen’s mother. Karen is the owner of the Spectrum store in Bottineau. Several of you have used her wonderful services to provide pictures for this Blog. Thank you Karen.
Wesley, you are looking great! You have not change one iota from when I frequently saw you in my child hood days working at the creamery and also at a lot of the Hiatt/Fauske family gatherings. You look as though you are good for another 90 years.