Reply from Martha Lamb Schepp (68): Newburg, ND
Hi Gary,


Happy Holidays! I’m enjoying every blog. I brought home my lap top from school. Kinda scary, because I can send e-mails on this computer. Somewhere on one of the blogs you posted Orvin’s address at Bethany homes in Fargo. Would you please e-mail this to me? Thanks Gary


Martha Lamb Schepp (68)

Martha, Orvin’s address and Phone number are

Orvin Hagen
201 S. University Dr. #630
Fargo, ND 58103
Your mother, my mother, Mary Ann Hagen, Orvin and others were the Mountaineers 4-H club leaders for many years. We were a very large club. We must have been one of the largest of all times. I have forgotten the numbers, but 60 plus comes to mind. I mentioned those four leaders, because they were the ones that organized and started our club. I learned so many good things from being in that club too.
Our mothers were also very active Kelvin Home Makers members. I remember seeing you often at their monthly meetings and social gatherings too.
Martha, It is great hearing from you.

Reply from Wesley Schneider’s Sister-in-law
Florence Hiatt Dahl (49): Anchorage, AK
Wesley Schneider was working at the creamery in Bottineau and he told the ladies that worked in the office that his birthday was such and such day. So they did the nice and proper thing and had a big celebration with the birthday cake etc. And then when the actual day of his birthday, Ovidia brought a beautiful home made birthday cake in to the office– much to every one’s surprise—————Wesley’s comment, “I like birthdays” Hope I remember this correctly..