Happy Birthday to Sharon Zorn Gerdes (62) down there in Colorado:
Sharon, I believe to today, January 15th, is your birthday. Enjoy, have fun and be merry. This is your day. If my math is right, you should be one year younger than Dwight Lang and he’s just a young buck.
Down Memory Lane
From Vickie Hiatt Lafontaine (73): Grafton, ND

Happy New Year to all, Its a beautiful day here in grafton n.d. temps +7 and the snow has been falling so peacefully all day no wind just huge flakes like a christmas card.I dont read the blog every day due to using my work computor and I work 2 16 hr shifts and an 8 hr so not here everyday. I have been reading over a few blogs and the one entry that made me just sit peacefully and remember the 3 Hiatt men that were so important in my life, was when I read that Dwight Lang played taps @ uncle Harrys funeral wow . I never knew him I was born 9-30-55 and he died 10-10-55. I only know this so well because over my years growing up I heard the story many times, of his standing by my crib saying I’ll have that little shit laughing before long. He sounds like he was an awsome man, loved by many.


Oh Gary you told the story about the minot state fair in july when Lorie was born 7-27-63. Boy do I remember that It was terible I didnt get to go only Marlys and Jim I was to little imagine that. I had to stay with grandma Margie and not only did I have to stay home but mom and dad left me too. I will forgive them though they did bring me a babie sister who has grown up to be one of my best friends. I just spent the day sitting on the swing crying and feeling sorry for myself. Grandpa came and got me and we went to the barn and just hung out. Grandma thought I was to big a girl to be carrying on like that. Go Figure. Thank-you for the trip down memorie lane. Gods blessing to you all


Vickie Hiatt Lafontaine





Reply from Travis Metcalfe (76): Mesa, AZ


Happy New Year Gary,

Please add me to your email list….Deb was forwarding them to me but she got a new phone and reads them on it then erases them…

The morning coffee stories reminded me of a story a friend of mine tells about the group of “Old Farmers” that met every morning in the small town in Minn. where he grew up…

One of the regulars bought a new pickup and changed brands from what he usually drove. He started bragging about his new truck so the rest of the group decided to take turns getting to coffee a little later that the rest of them and adding a gallon of gas to his new truck every day. He was really excited about what fantastic mileage he was getting and should have changed brands years ago. Of course they did this until he took it in for the first oil change-then they quit adding the gas. He was so mad at the service department for “doing something to his truck” that the other guys didn’t dare tell him what they did for months.

Every time I think of that story I picture the guys at Dale’s and wonder how many jokes have been pulled over the years and realize that it is a real shared experience of growing up in a tight knit community (notice that I did not say small town-The first house we bought was in a large city but it was in a neighborhood that was really like a small town-We were there 25 years).


Travis, I have updated my records with our email address. Gary
Message from Jean Nicholas Miller (66): GLENDALE, AZ
First I want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year! And regarding the terrible violence in Tucson, AZ. Everyone in arizona and I’m sure world wide are so devastated by this senseless act. We have lived here for 25 1/2 years and feel almost like natives, although North Dakota will always be home. We live in a suburb of Phoenix which is about 125 miles north of Tucson. We especially are so saddened by the death of Christina Green( the little girl) and of course the other victims.
Metcalfe Picture posted by Vickie Metcalfe (70)
Reply from Sharron Gottbreht Shen (59): Everett, WA
Hello Gary,

Best wishes to you, yours and all bloggers 2011.

Stunned by the picture posted by Vickie. So grateful. This gives me an excellent opening for a few paragraphs about Frank E Gottbreht, former neighbor of the Metcalfe family, his wife, Annie Case Gottbreht and their four children: Jennie and Logan might be the children in the picture. Must check about my dates.

Thank you Vickie and Gary. Sharron

Replies to the Ed Milligan Picture posted by Neola yesterday:
First off, I agree with Dick Johnson that the guy standing between Ed Milligan and the military man is Bill Hosmer. I’m only comparing pictures, but this side profile of Bill sure resembles the guy in the picture.
Bill, we have not heard from you yet. I’ll bet you are behind reading the daily messages. Is this you? What is the occasion and who are the three unidentified folks?
Reply from Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND

I think the picture at the Peace Garden has these folks L-R:

Simon Grenier
Ed Milligan
Bill Hosmer ?

Henry Sunderland
Military Individual
Older man–wearing kilt
Younger man–wearing kilt
Don Hosmer

The reason I think it may be Bill Hosmer with the sunglasses on is that he is beside a member of the military and his brother Don is there.


Reply from Mona Dionne Johnson (48): Bottineau, ND
My great uncle, Simeon Grenier is on the left end, next to Milligan. I
believe on the opposite end is Don Hosmer.
Mona Dionne Johnson


Reply from Larry Nagel (Teacher): Shields, ND



In regards to the picture–front on left side–Simon Grenier of Dunseith. I stayed at his house for a few years while I was teaching at Dunseith.

Larry Nagel

Reply from Joe Johnson (77): Lindstom, MN


Referring to the photo that Neola sent. The location seems to be the Peace Garden, west of the Cairn, near the flagpoles just as you enter the park. They may be standing in Canada if I got my bearings correct. Seems this photo may have been taken around 1962 as the car on the right, you see only the driver’s side fender, may be a ’61 or ’62 T-bird, not sure though, maybe someone who is more of a “car guy” can verify that. Also, the gentleman on the very left with the hat in his right hand, in front of Ed Milligan, is Simeon Grenier.


Joe, Isn’t Simeon Grenier your Grandfather? Gary

Reply from Lloyd Awalt (44): Bottineau, ND

Neola The picture L to R Simon Grenier, Ed Milligan , ? ?, Henry Sunderland, I think they are from Canada and Don Hosmer. Hope this helps. Lloyd Awalt
Reply from Allen Richard (65):

The man on the left holding his hat is Simeon Grenier, Orville Grenier’s father. The man on the right looks like Don Hosmer. I’d guess the picture was taken in the mid to late 50’s






Reply frm Eve Gottbreht Pilkington (65): Irvine, CA

Hi Gary,
Gentleman on the far left is Simon Grenier
Bill Hosmer
Simeon Grenier, Ed Milligan, Bill Hosmer, Military man, Henry Sunderland, ??, ??, Don Hosmer