Happy Birthday Sharon Zorn Gerdes (DHS ’62): Windsor, CO
Reply to Vern Sanden’s posting yesterday
From Bill Grimme (’65): Birmingham, AL.


After seeing Vern Sanden’s post in yesterday’s blog, I couldn’t resist relating a little story. First, some background. When I first met Vern Sanden, I remembered him right away. I guess I must have attended the basketball game when Vern did the hot dog shooting because I remembered him as a basketball star from Bottineau. It wasn’t until yesterday’s blog when Vern cleared it up, that I realized that basketball wasn’t his thing. He had great shooting form, I guess, because he impressed me that day. Lucky I had forgotten the score!



Anyway, one winter night, Vern, Dwight Lang, and I (maybe there was another guy-can’t remember). But, I do remember the cat. For some reason, we were transporting a cat from Grand Forks to Bottineau. We stopped a café in Leeds, or somewhere around there for a bite to eat and some coffee. We probably needed it. So this cat was a Burmese, I think. Vern will have to fill in some of the story. Vern passed this little cat off as a baby panther to the locals in the café and, for a little while, we were local celebrities, with us having a baby panther, and all. Vern told everyone a lot of stories about the history of the magnificent animal and, at least in my memory, he held the customers’ interest very well. We were having quite a laugh, back in the car and on the road again when Vern realized that he had forgotten his doeskin gloves back at the café. That did take a little bit of the fun out of the evening. 



Vern got his degree in math with a little help on a final exam over the telephone from John Frykman’s brother. Must have been a hard final, because Vern was on that payphone for an hour, getting an answer, dropping in more quarters, getting another answer, etc. but his true love was music. If you ever have a question about any singer since probably 1930 to present, call Vern. 



We had a lot of fun times and, even though we don’t get together often, I consider Vern as one of my oldest and best friends. 


Model T Ad
Comments from Dick Johnson (’68): Dunseith, ND
Gary and Friends,

In the world of old cars, things are changing. Twenty years ago
Model T cars were in great demand and the prices climbed every year.
Now they are going the other way. Some of the old car guys say it’s
because anyone that really knew what a Model T was has either gotten one
or has died. The younger generations are looking for what they see as
old cars as GTOs, Camaros, Road Runners, and Mustangs. These cars now
bring prices that are many times what they sold for new. If you watch
the car shows, it’s really evident how the trend has changed. When a
young person looks at a Model T, you can see the humor they get by
watching their faces. They grin like it’s some kind of a car just for
cartoon type (chitty chitty bang bang) movies. It’s interesting how
they walk by the oldest cars and never even stop to look as they head
for the muscle cars on display. Those guys who are my age are the very
youngest that are in the least interested in Model T and Model A cars
unless they are built into a hot rod with a wild paint job. There are
exceptions but generally this is the case. So it goes. Thanks Gary!


Laurie Marchus has been identified as the gal in the yesterday’s unidentified photo.
Thanks to Rod Hiatt and Neola’s follow through to Laurie’s mother, Mona Marchus, yesterday’s photo has been identified.
Larry and Mona Marchus are the ones that bought our farm too. Mona is also a past mayor of Bottineau. Larry and Mona are such friendly folks. They always make us feel so welcome when we visit our old farmstead.
Laurie Marchus – (Bottineau HS ’83)
Friday night out in Cebu