Request from Pam Wenstad Lane (78):


Hi Gary,


My name is Pam Wenstad Lane. I graduated in “78”. My parents are Elberta and Oscar Wenstad. I think you might have graduated with either Donnie or Connie. I was to young to remember. Also Debbie Slyter is my sister.


I went to school with Dellorie Enno, Shelly Hagel, Keith Berg,David Fugere.


Thanks Gary,


Pam Wenstad Lane

Pam, I remember your family well from the Willow Lake area. Our families were back and forth a lot in my younger and your a lot younger days. I’m closer to your brother Arlan’s age. He is a year older than me and I’m 61. Thank you so much for this request to be added. Gary

From Bev Morinville Azure (72):

Gary this is to Dwight . first of all I would like to say I am sorry about you having cancer.It is a very scary thing to hear the Dr say those words. I to had the same fun news a year ago on the 9th of jan 2008 I had cancer on my tongue and they removed 50% that was cancerous and then on to 36 treatments of radaition ( which was the hardest part of this whole thing) BUT with that being said today a year later I am cancer free so far Praise the Lord. My Dr told me my attitude had alot to do with my recovery. Radaition on the mouth is the hardest type of radiation a person can have. Dwight my point is Keep up your spirit and it is amazing how your body heals. I am praying hard for you and for the others I know that have cancer. stand up against this awful illness YOU CAN WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reply from Gary Metcalfe (57):
Well, Dick it is hard to do justice to some stories, when the story is more in the viewing. I guess I don’t remember Richard Belgarde sitting on the woman’s side, always in the middle and singing Elvis’ songs all the way to work.
Gates….that was one of the semi negatives those days. I sure wish there would have been a third party when my dad would decide to visit his old friend Annie Anthony, 4 gates in and 4 gates out. They had to be closed every time and the hasp was 6 ft. off the ground sometimes. A gate that was easy to open was a blessing as was a cow that was an easy milker. I didn’t hold the lantern while my mother milked the cow, but she sure did milk the hards ones.
I’m thinking about an old family friend that worked for my dad, Alcide Lajimodier, one of a kind guy. Was his dad Joe or Ben or neither?? The only ones that I think may have known very well were Clayton and Alice Bergan’s kids.
Cold here in Missouri this a.m. too, about 10 degrees, above zero, but cold for here.
Thanks Gary sure do appreciate you and what you are doing to keep us all in touch. Gary Metcalfe
From Jerry Williams (54):
From Ginger (LaRocque) Poitra (65):
I noticed no one sent any pictures of the snow, around our area, maybe I
missed it too. A lot of the stores in Minot had to close to clean off the
snow from the roofs. The Wal Mart has been closed since Sunday the 11th,
later the Town and Country Mall, Miracle Mart, and Oak Park closed for the
same reason, they would ‘ve put the customers in danger if the roof would
fall in.

The weather is HOT! today it’s 9 degrees below here in Belcourt this morning.

It is supposed to rain today?? and get into the 20’s and 30’s this
weekend. We’ll see.

Ginger (LaRocque) Poitra (65)

Ginger, I received these two ND snow pictures from Carmen Richard and Neola Garbe. Gary




Reply from Gary Metcalfe (57) to Sharron Gottbreht Shen (59):
Sharron, I am convinced #333 has Herman and Olard Boucher. Compare #329, the way Olard holds his arems and parts his hair. Why do I think he was killed in the war? Was he Elmer Boucher’s brother? I think so. Gary Metcalfe
Neola Kofoid Garbe’s reply to Monte Espe’s (68) message posted below:
Thanks for much for the email/prayers. People’s prayers are sure working; I’m feeling fine. I have a doctor’s (surgeon) appointment on Monday, so I’m headed back to Minot as soon as I get ready. I’ll try to respond more thoroughly to this at a later date, as there are a few things I’d like to mention–naturally! Ha! My appointment with the oncologist is Feb. 9, so I’m assuming sometime after that, I’ll be starting radiation. I take a day at a time/don’t worry about any of it/have no pain unless I accidentally bump my breast. I have a hard time remembering not to lift over 10 lbs. with my right arm, as it feels “fit”, and even though I’m basically left-handed, I do reach for/carry many things with my right hand/arm.
Thanks again for the email. Thanks to you, too, Gary.
Monte Espe’s (68) message to Neola & Gary:
Note – Bonnie, Alvin & Viola Berg’s daughter, from Bottineau, is Monte’s wife. Alvin’s sister, Helga, was married to my dad’s brother Nels. Gary
Gary and Neola, Yes, Peggy is Bonnie’s youngest sister. She
is teaching at Mandaree. Their address is 3611 103ave sw,
Dickinson,nd 58601. Neola, you also have the information right
on the Bergs. Also Neola, you have been and remain in our
prayers. You will beat this with all these prayers and your
positive attitude. Last night we were at the Minot State game
and it was [are you tough enough to wear pink night],about
breast cancer awareness, with proceedes going for research.
Gary, I remember Your uncle Nels well, throughly enjoyed our
many visits with Nels and Helga. Also, just a little sidenote
Gary. Diane Schneider Sedlack [daughter of Wesley Schneider
and Evelyn Hiatt Schneider], who is a good friend of Bonnie and
me would like to be added to your list. She lives in Eden
Prairie, Mn which is twin cities area. e-mail
Diane Schneider Sedlack, I remember you well. I used to see you up at Fauske’s and also at the many community and Hiatt functions that we both attended when we were kids. I remember your dad well too, working all those years in the Creamery. You have many relatives on both your parents sides in our distribution. You aunt Florence Hiatt Dahl, from Alaska, is also on our distribution. It is my pleasure to add you to our daily Blog. Gary

Message/pictures from Julie Hiatt Bonebrake (81):


Hi Gary,


Here are some pictures of my husband Billy and our neighbor down the street. They some how managed to get the snow blower on the roof of our house, and attempted (key word attempted) to blow the snow off. They were having some trouble keeping the blower from sliding down the roof. It was pretty comical. We have so much snow in Minot. Just in January I believe we have received over 20 inches and I think most of it is in our back yard. I will try to send more pictures. Please share these with the rest of the world. Thank you so much.

Julie (Hiatt) Bonebrake


Julies’s second reply: Her pictures did not come thru the first time. Gary


Hi Gary,
As promised more snow pics. I think in the 5th picture is our hot tub. You can see where Bill has made a ramp to get up 3 stairs to clear a path to our front door. It’s been pretty crazy around here. Today we had temps in the 30’s ABOVE 0 and warmer tomorrow, now it will truly be a mess!! Thank you for keeping us all in touch, and I hope everyone enjoys the pictures.
Julie (Hiatt) Bonebrake



Reply from Neola Kofoid Garbe:
Hi Gary/Others,
I just had a fun visit with Judith Bailey Foley. From info provided by Mona Dionne Johnson & Bonnie Awalt Houle, I located an address/phone number for Judith (white pages on the net) and called her. I’ll be mailing her picture to her soon.
Also, thanks to Judy Azure, Rita Gable’s picture is ready to mail.
I’m packing/getting ready to return to Minot (I’m going a day earlier than I had planned to go.), so I’ll either mail the pictures on my way out of town, or I’ll have my husband mail them after I get to Minot–He makes daily trips to the mall and other places; I prefer to stay home and work on “projects”. :) I’m taking the last pictures I’ve sent, with me to Minot, and will get them sent from there.
There are others (Gailord Peltier/Debby Champagne, etc.)who have helped with addresses/identifying people in the last few days and before. Thanks to all of you, too! I appreciate any/all help!
Question for all: Is Judith related the Vance Bailey family? Gary