Reply to Lee Hosmer’s Birthday greeting
From Colette Hosmer (64): Santa Fe, NM
Happy Birthday, Mom!

Love from your favorite daughter,

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From Aggie Casavant (69): Fort Mill, SC
Aggie, This was just too good not to post. You are a saint. Gary
Reply from Neola Kofoid Garbe: Bottineau & Minot, ND

Hi Gary,


Thanks for the birthday greetings. :) I had intended to spend the day with my mom at Good Samaritan in Bottineau. We were going to reminisce about the day I was born. She says she remembers it very clearly–as you know, she’s 94 years old, so she’s doing well. I found my “baby book” and was going to take it with me when I visited her. I had also planned to take my tape recorder, as I thought it might be a very interesting/informational visit. I’ll do it when I get back to Bottineau. I plan to stay in Minot for several days. I’m to call Dr. Swenson on Friday and report on my leg. He gave Celebrex to me to take (pain) for six days.
Wally/I and any of Wally’s family who don’t have other plans are going to eat out. The relatives had short notice, as I had planned to be in Bottineau for my birthday


I think you/Mel Kuhn have decided I’m 30–sounds good to me!! LOL!!


I see Debbie’s sister, Roberta Soland, passed away. I plan to locate her obituary (The funeral home’s URL is included in her obituary.) and send it. I don’t think I’ve sent it before, or have I?


Reply from Larry Hackman (66): Bismarck, ND
Dick is right, I am the quiet ,shy type, and
I often stood off to one side and watched the other young fellows play in the puddles and the mud.
I stayed above the fray, and stayed cool, you know what I mean, kind of like the Fonz (Henry Winkler), from Happy Days
without the booster cable neck tie. However, I did eventually own a new $20.00 pair of black engineer boots that I bought at Hassen’s Store with money that I earned. That was about as close as I ever come to looking like the Fonz. They were a size to big, but I think someone convinced me that I would grow into them. I never did, but I wore them all the time anyway, until I wore them out. Some day I’ll have to buy another pair that fits. Maybe it was a good thing that I spent that summer working on my Uncles farm wearing them big clod hoppers.
That pictures of Dick on yesterdays blog amazed me. That was Dick Johnson!
I still can’t believe that the fellow on them pictures (Little Dick) is the same fellow we know now.
It is however, how I remember Dick, with black rimmed glasses, light colored hair with a heinie.
He definitely did stretch out after awhile, but I remember that he also kept the same look
for as long as I can remember. Then I saw him at one of the school reunions and saw that he had become his dad.
But for the longest time I often wondered what that Norwegian kid was doing sporting a German hair cut?
I was beginning to think that he must have been adopted?
  • A slang term for the buttocks (also spelled hiney)
  • A derogatory term used for German soldiers that originated in World War I, short for Heinrich
  • A crewcut haircut (from the stereotypical German soldier’s haircut)
    I do what I can!
    Everyone have a good day,

    Picture From Martha Lamb Schepp (68): Newburg, ND
    Martha, I missed your message that was included with the picture you sent that was posted yesterday. Normally the messages appear on top of the attachments. For some reason your message was displayed on the bottom and I missed it. So sorry about that. Gary
    PS – You most certainly have a family to be proud of.
    Martha’s message that should have been posted yesterday with her picture.
    This is our little family after 38 years of marriage. This was taken
    last Sunday at our grandson Tucker’s baptism. Tucker was born on Oct
    14. Our oldest granchild is 11, so we have had a baby at our
    gatherings for 11 years. The kids are sitting in front of their
    parents except for Karson at the end of the couch with his son and
    wife Kristen Marie is standing behind him. Just an update. Martha
    Lamb Schepp (68)
    As requested, Martha’s reply for today’s posting with the re-posting of the picture. Thank you Martha.
    Gary, I just thought I would do a 38 year upgrade when I e-mailed our
    family picture to you. Here’s the whole story.

    Lto R On the couch is our youngest son Karson with son Daxton Edwin
    (2yrs. 10 mo.), behind Karson is his wife Kristen Marie Casavant
    Schepp, massage therapist(she is the daughter of Rick and Denise
    Casavant of the Thorne area. Karson is a farmer/mechinist. Karson
    and Kris have been flooded and are hoping to move into their home
    this week sometime. They have a baby due Dec. 24th. Their home was
    only 4 yrs. old. A devastating year, as the water was coming down
    their street on their 4th anniversary. Many people dealt with much
    worse flooding than them. They live in Robin Wood Estates in Minot.

    Next couple is our third son,Kyle(agronomist at United Agronomy in
    Berthold) and his wife Bonnie( ICU nurse at Trinity) , the occasion
    was their son Tucker Kyle’s (2mo.) baptism last Sunday, Kyle is
    holding Lily Irene( 1yr.10), in front of them is their oldest
    daughter Aubree Ann (5yrs.). They live in Berhold.

    Next couple is Kristen Lee, our 2nd son( farmer/diesel mechanic) and
    his wife Melissa(domestic engineer/secretary), their daughters are
    sitting in front of them, Lynzee (7), Megan(9) and Kinsey (11). They
    live 8 miles west of Ruthville. Their girls go to school in Berthold.

    Lynn, my husband and myself. Lynn retired last spring from managing
    the seed plant in Newburg for many years . He is enjoying working
    for his farmer sons.
    I am still teaching Title 1 and a math and reading class, and
    reading strategist at the Newburg School. Thirty three years in the

    Kevin, our oldest son(director of Occupational Therapy at the Heart
    of America Health Center, Rugby) and his wife Alyson,( a Title 1
    teacher in the Eli Elementary School in Rugby) are on the far
    right . They have two sons, sitting in front of them, Dawson Paul,
    (9) and Gavin Lynn (7).

    We feel very blessed.

    Lynn and Martha Lamb Schepp class of 68

    Joke of the day
    Posted by Dick Johnson (68): Dunseith, ND
    A guy goes to the bank to cash a check. He asks the young blonde
    cashier if he can have all large bills. She replies, “I’m sorry sir
    but all of our bills are the same size.”