Reply from Tom Hagen (51):
Hi, Gary, this is to reply to Lynn Henriksen(64) Hi Lynn, do you remember Tom and Dot Hagen when we lived and worked for your Mom, Midge, for 3 summers at Kelvin??? I worked with Rick in the store and gas station and we lived first in the little cabin down back and later in a mobile home we would bring up for the summer. The phone exchange at first was Eleanor (Metcalfe) and Cliff Nerpel, and later Kathy (Maginol) and George Gregory. Ken Tooke would bring the gas for the pumps. Lots of memories come back from those days!!!! How are Dana and Rick???We love E-mail letters, Love Tom and Dot
Hi, sorry but I had to add a little more to the message Lynn Henrikson (64) Her brother Hal and our son Mark (Tom) are about the same age(50s) and played together every summer . Our son and family are moving to AZ in July what is Hal doing now???We love E-mail letters, Love Tom and Dot
Reply from Marge (Landsverk) Fish (57):
Hi Gary and all,
I was just reading Dick’s e-mail and it brought back memories.
I remember going to Cachevar’s? I’m not sure of the spelling. It was on the crest of a hill at the start of the Turtle Mountains.
It was very different with furniture made of tree limbs and varnished. There was a lot of taxidermy of frogs playing violins, otters, prairie dogs and more, it was fascinating to a kid. It was across the road from Hills.
I was friends with Elve and Arla Hill and remember going there and riding horses. That was a big deal as I was crazy about horses and a town girl.
I had my first soft serve ice cream cone at the little place that was on the west side of Iver Lo’s store. I’m sure they made it with cream as it was the best that I can remember.
I got my hair cuts and rarely fixed at Maries beauty shop. I mostly got Toni Perms that got pretty hard to manage from my mom but thats what you did when your hair was straight as a stick.
I don’t remember if the Smokers in the basememt of the city hall were in the 50’s or before but there were rumors of guys losing a farm or a vechicle.
Dales cafe had the best hamburgers with everything on them even cucumbers!
Thanks Gary!
Take Care
Marge (Landsverk) Fish
From Bonnie Awalt Houle (56):
Dear Gary,
In answer to the question about the “Tastee Freeze” soft ice cream parlor next to Marie’s Beauty Shop. Some of the girls’ that worked there; Millie Crum and Elaine Schneider were the first two who worked there, next it was Marlene Kraft and Joann Kester. I don’t remember who worked there after that. It was a great place to hang out in the 50’s.
Bonnie Awalt Houle (56)
From Sharron Gottbreht Shen (59):
So excite by the clip posted by Dick Johnson – made my day! I wonder if it was moved? destroyed by fire? Must go but will want to write to Lloyd soon and thank him for his input.Gary I have searched over and hour for the Hot Sauce ordering info. Cannot seem to locate. If not too much trouble please paste to me. Sharron
Sharron, I have 3 bottles of this hot sauce, compliments of Bill Hosmer. It’s good stuff.
This is the info on the bottles.
Mile High Hot Sauce 288 Aviation Road Pikeville, NC 27863 Toll-Free Orders: 1-866-264-5344 mpcooper@milehighhotsauce.com
Reply From Sharron Gottbreht Shen:
Yes Gary,I like the dialogue. Bill Evans often called Dale “George junior” – your slip brought this dear expression to mind. In my father’s will drawn up after inlistment, George, my brother, is called Dale Jr. and he is listed second, my spot! It speaks to me about pride and affection and makes me happy. The picture of dad standing by the repaired semi was taken about 1947 along the street of the former Link home where we moved that same year. Dad learned to remove his keys from that semi after young George climbed in at age 4/5 and attempted to drive! The rolled trailer picture was probably late spring 1944. I hope to verify that today. I have no idea where the rear axel/wheels may have gone but Uncle Roland might know. Sharron
Sharron, I have reposted the picture of your dad with the correct labeling. With the first posting I identified him as George. Sorry for the mistake. Gary
Dale Gottbreht
Posting from the Dunseith Journal from Dick Johnson (68):
Gary and Friends,With all the talk about these guys lately, here are their bowling scores from November 28, 1938. This is from the Dunseith Journal also. If you don’t care to sit in the old bowling alley and watch these guys, you can walk over to the Althea Theater and take in a show! Thanks Gary! Dick
Pictures from Dick Johnson (68):
Gary and Friends,Here are a couple pictures to go with the newspaper bowling scores and Althea Theater ad. Don Johnson bowling in the old bowling alley–Lilleby’s, behind the bar and Eleanor Awalt Stickland in front of the show hall. Thanks Gary. Dick
Don Johnson

Eleanor Awalt Stickland  

Posted by Ellen Graff Myrick (58):
How’s this for a “snowman” !! This was built in Wahpeton ND. Kinda gives you an idea of how much snow we’ve been having.

Pretty good sculpture too, don’t ya think?