Reply from Lynn Henriksen (64):

Yes, of course I remember Dot & Tommy! Mom loved you both so much. I always remember you as being so nice & fun. The names you just brought up & even the mention of the cabin behind Kelvin bring up so many wonderful memories – it actually brings tears to my eyes and tightens my throat, so I’m glad I can type, not have to speak right now, since I’d break down bawling. Seems like a million years ago – and the stuff we each have tucked inside can be triggered so easily by just the mention of a name. Thank you for think of us!

Briefly, Dana and Rick and families are all happy & healthy – Dana in Idaho, Rick in Oregon (1/3 of the time in Baja developing his “casa” project).

And yes, all the play time & boyhood memories between Markey and Hal. Hal had a horrible, crippling accident about 20 years ago – he is amazing, doesn’t let quadriplegia stop him – has a beautiful “saint” of a girl friend, writes, etc. I’m sure he’d love to hear from Markey & from you two – don’t know if I should put his email address in this reply, so please email me & I’ll give it to you.

Keeping Spirits Alive,

Lynn Henriksen

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Reply to Tom & Dot Hagen from Colette Hosmer (64):
Hi Tom and Dot,


I remember you well! Lynn and I were best friends and if she wasn’t staying at my house I was at Kelvin with her. I felt like I had two homes during those years. I remember walking down the hill often to visit you and Dot and the kids. I also remember you working in the store. It seemed as if you were always in a good mood and had a great sense of humor. I’ve thought of you and your family often over the years.






From Cheryl Kester Gaugler (69):


Hi Gary,


Am learning a lot of history about Dunseith from these postings – thank you.


I have a question: Does anyone know the history of the ‘quaking bog’? The Fassett girls, Pennie and I (and whoever else was available) used to take hikes, led by Bill & Irene Fassett, up through Evans pastures, across the creek and into an area that was very unique. It was full of small streams with a middle that moved, like the piece of earth was spongy. I think they may have surveyed it at one time to see if there was anything worth mining. Does this sound familiar to anyone?


Thank you once again for all your time and effort keeping everyone connected.







From Jacqueline Hiatt Fix (79):

Good Day Gary,
It is a small world. Miles from ND, first time at this Legion in VA and I am told there are people from ND there. I say great not thinking they would be remotely close to Dunseith, think again. Linda Gardner daughter of Phelps (Bill) and Lillian Gardner from a farm on the county line! She attended the country schools until they closed and because the farm was on the Bottineau side attended Bottineau. She told me how she would like to have a reunion with individuals who attended the country school. And of course I told her all about your great communication tool that we all relive the “good old days” and stay in touch with current affairs back home. Her e-mail address:
Thanks Gary.
Linda Gardner, I remember you and I know many of our readers from the Willow Lake/Beaver Dam & Rendahl church areas will as well. Trish Larson Clayburgh’s mother, from the class of 73, is a Gardner. I’m assuming Trish’s mother and your dad were cousins. I have added you to our daily distribution. Please let me know if that is OK. It is in deed a very small world. Gary
Reply from Rita Anderson (Former owner of the Gamble store):
Dunseith Alumni,
I was to the Cachevars, a little farm, or whatever several times. Their furniture was made from the wood that they got in the Turtle Mountains. They grew alot of their own vegetables. If you want to know more about it, you can contact Carol Watkins Carbonneau. She could tell you more about them. There is another place not too far from there called Butte St. Paul. Many years ago, there were alot of doings there. There is a stone monument at the very top, quite a steep climb to get there, but once you get to the top, on a clear day you can see quite a distance. That property was donated by Pete Bogawlaski many years ago. It was quite a place for picnics and outings. In the Turtle Mountains, there is also a place called Bear Bute. It is also a steep climb, but worth the view. I just thought I would mention these.
Rita Anderson

LaVerne Rude’s military photo posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe:
Folks, Neola sent this picture of LaVerne Rude in his Air Force uniform. LaVerne is a retired Air Force Pilot. I’m not sure of his entire Air Force career, but I do know that he flew a lot of the C141’s over the Pacific. LaVerne is Married to Carrole Fauske (66). Many of you and especially those of you from the Bottineau area know LaVerne. He graduated from Bottineau HS in 1963, the Forestry in 1965 and NDSU in 1967. The Rude’s lived about 2 1/2 miles into Bottineau County, just east of Salem church, on #43, also know as the Peace Garden Road. Glen is still living on the farm.
LaVerne, I just happen to have a recent picture of you too, that I included. That picture of us together in 1953 brings back lots of memories. Our families were back and forth, real often, in those days. Dad took the picture, so he’s not in the picture. Bib Overalls were sure in, back then. I think it was in about 1953 that I remember your dad telling us they budgeted $5.00 each for you Glen and Arliss’ Christmas gifts. Our folks could sure stretch those cream checks back in those days.





Stokes’ & the Rude’s (Stokes house) – Christmas 1953:


Adults L to R: Glen, Gladys & Arliss Rude, Elaine Stokes, Albert Rude


Kids L to R: LaVerne Rude, Allen, Darrel & Gary Stokes



Kim Lagerquist’s (80) picture posted by Neola Kofoid Garbe:




Here’s a name I recognize!!



Neola, Kim is Evon Lagerquist’s younger brother & son of Leola. Gary


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