Olivine Allard Passed away.


I recieved a message from Mel Kuhn that Olivine Allard passed away Friday evening at 8:00 PM. She is Carol, Larry & Mary Allard’s mother. She was also a sister to Mel’s mother. We will post more info later. Gary




Reply from Rita Carbonneau Anderson (Former Gamble store owner):


I am one of those who started school in about 1930. I went to a country school in Lordsbrg Township, there were 11 of us in the whole school. I lived just about 3/4 of a mile from school. We started school about the first of April and went to the first week of November. If the weather wasn’t too severe we would go to Thanksgiving. In the summertime when it was too warm to have school inside, we would go to the north side of the building and thats where the teacher would teach the classes. How about that!?





Email address change for Beth Fauske Duncan (67):

Dear Friends and Family,
I have come into the technology age and am now on high speed internet so have changed email addresses.
Please email me at :
Feel free to forward onto other family members whose address is not included above.
Thank you!
Al and Beth Duncan