Olivine O. Allard’s Funeral notice:
OLIVINE O. ALLARD, 90, Bottineau, died Friday in a Bottineau nursing home. Funeral Wednesday, 10 a.m., St. Mark’s Catholic Church, Bottineau. Visitation Tuesday, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., Nero Funeral Home, Bottineau
To the family members of Olivine Allard. My condolences are with you with the loss of your mother, grandmother & aunt, Olivine. Larry, I remember you from our high school days before you guys were redistricted to Bottineau. Mary, I don’t really remember you, but I know your Husband, Laurel Hiatt, well. Carol, you being a class of 65 gal, I/we have gotten reconnected well the past several years. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Gary

Standing: Lillian Allard, Alice Kuhn & Evelyn Senechal

Sittiing: Adeline Allard & Olivine Allard
Reply from Tom Hagen (51):
Hi, Gary, just a quick reply to you about Wetheralt School. I had the
3 summer months when we were first married and it was really hot and
rainy that summer (55) When it got too hot we would have school in the
shade beside the school. We swept the room every day (mostly the kids
did it ) and used compound (reddish material to hold down the dust)
which had fallen off the kids legs who had walked to school in the muddy
roads. Isn’t that right???? Tom Anderson kids, Bud Anderson kids,
Obert Medlang, Susie Knox, Strong kids, Larry Metcalfe, Larry Hall, Eva
Eurich, (Hope I didn’t leave anybody out) That summer I took a bunch
of the kids to see Gone With the Wind , now can’t remember who !!!

We love E-mail letters, Love Tom and Dot

Reply/Pictures from Dick Johnson (68):
Gary and Friends,

Rod Hiatt’s picture of a pine marten is neat! The sightings of the
little animals have been increasing over the last couple of years. I saw
one about 3-4 years ago and had no idea what crossed the road in front
of me. Some college researchers set up cameras in the hills around here
and were able to photograph several in the wild. They baited an area in
front of motion detector operated cameras and got some nice pictures.
Last summer I saw one get hit by a car on Highway 3 by Rose Lake, north
of Dunseith. It wasn’t physically damaged and I picked it up and froze
it and sent it back to the Game and Fish Department in Bismarck, with my
son-in-law who works there. They didn’t have any specimens, alive or
dead, to necropsy (autopsy) and study so were very interested in getting
one. They are bigger than a large squirrel but smaller than a small
racoon. They kind of resemble a fox with their ears and face. I’ll
attach some pictures from the motion cameras and one of the one I found.
Thanks Gary!