More good news from Deb Morinville (70):

Hi Gary,
Today (Sunday) they removed the breathing tube and discovered that Bev (Moriniville 72) can talk!  She can also swallow!!  So the feeding tube will come out tomorrow and she will probably be released on Wednesday.  We have a lot to be thankful for and celebrate.  The scenario could have been so much worse!
Thanks again everyone for all your prayers and support.
Deb Morinville Marmon 70
Memories from Dick Johnson (68): 
To Gary and the masses,In response to the memories of DHS band and choir days, I want
to share a few memories that come to mind. We were in
Boissevain Man. marching for some function (?) and were asked
to march down the street in front of the nursing home. This was
a dead end street as I recall. We had practiced making a 180
degree turn where we marched back between the rows without
stopping and this seemed to word quite well in practice. This
day however when Dave Slyter, who was carring the big bass
drum, turned around, either he or Don Berg (?) turned the wrong
way and there was this loud BOOM in the back of the band and
two guys on the ground. It did seem to entertain the old folks
though and we had a good laugh!

Another time as we were in the gym practicing the songs for
graduation, we had a break in the action while the teachers
were deciding how it should go. SOMEONE had a firecracker and
SOMEONE had a lighter. As the fuse was burning the one holding
it tossed it into the open bell of an upright baritone. Our
principal, Don Martel was walking away when it went off and as
I recall he jumped about three feet in the air and came down
facing the opposite direction. I think Dan Boguslawski was the
poor guy holding the smoking horn! I may not have the right
guys but the facts are right as I remember.


Dave Slyter’s (70) reply:   
Hey fellas,

You talking about Elwood Fauske and George Gregory got me thinking about the winter of 67.  I know you guys probably were already gone after you graduated but that winter was one of the worse that I remember.  My dad, Freddie Hiatt had a HD9 International bulldozer that he used a lot on our farm just south of you guys.   That winter the county had asked him to clear roads as the snow was so high the snow plows and graders couldn’t handle it all.  They sent him about 3 miles south of our place down by the Rendahl church turnoff as the snow was really packed in between some hills.  He first had to make a trail in Olsens hay fields so the school buses could get thru and then he had to push the 10 to 12 foot snow banks out from the Willow Lake road. I think we were out of school for about a week straight that winter.   My dad also use that cat or bulldozer for logging as we use to have saw mill on our farm many years ago.    If you all remember the Birchwood Golf course at Lake Metgoshe.   Well just before it was put in  my dad and us boys move everything up there to clear the trees so we could have the lumber and they could have the golf course.  My dad and uncle Wallace moved a little shack up there as we use to work a lot of summer days up there and my mom Margaret Hiatt and sisters would come up and cook and feed us.   It was a lot of hard work.�

What memories
Dave Slyter 
Message from Joan Wurgler Salmonson (61):  
Hi Gary,
My sister, Peg sent this to us.  Have you heard or read about ND, the Emptied Prairie? That should keep the riff-raff out!
Even tho we had -31 two mornings last week, we wouldn’t trade it for anyplace else.  At least we have a variety and something to talk about!
Stan & Joan Salmonson

From: Peg Wurgler (71)
Subject: ABC World News Tonight
We read the article in the National Geographic on North Dakota titled “The Emptied Prairie”.  This video by ABC News was on World News Tonight last Friday, January 18.  Thought you would enjoy seeing it.