Memories from Bill Hosmer (48): 
    Gary and all the rest.    Just read the neat 180 degree turn by the
band described by Dick Johnson.  It made me believe that Don Johnson
gave more positive stuff to more people than anyone I know.  The last
time I saw him was when he was leading the band down Dunseith’s main
street at one of my visits home during Dunseith Days.  His grin and
wink, when he recognized me, stays with me these many years later.

     Dave Slyter mentioning his dad, Freddie Hiatt, reminded me about the
last time I saw him in the Rugby hospital.  I had just taken my dad,
Jack Hosmer there for an examination in 1987.  Freddie and I had a
long conversation while waiting for the examination to finish.  He
and I had spent alot of time in friendship over many years.  He was a
Dunseith character I admired for his friendship, loyalty to the
community, and his positive attitude.  He told me his condition,
which was serious, but told it with all the optimism he could gather.
 This was  also the last time I saw my dad.  And the beat goes on.

    Additionally, I live right near the Birchwood golf course, as a matter
of fact, right next to the nineth fairway.  Sure did not know that
Dave and his dad cleared that land.  In the summer months, during the
end of the day, the setting sun brings shadows across those rolling
hills and the ponds, which I usually take time to observe for its
beauty.  Now when I do it, it will have more significance.  I will
give silent tribute to Freddie, Dave, Uncle Wallace, and the rest of
the family who helped create this little piece of North Dakota beauty.

     In parting, it seems to me that the power of prayer by your readers
and contributors had a most positive and miraculous effect on the
medical adventures experienced by one of us, Bev Morinville.  I am
happy to know that she is  recovering way above the expected
schedule.  Probably, the spirit of loyalty and love gave her  and all
of us a huge lesson .  Cheers, Bill Hosmer

Dave Slyter’s (70) reply to Dick Johnson’s (68) message yesterday: 
Hey Dick,

Ha Ha   I had forgot all about that little incident.  ha   If I recall I was either way to small or the bass drum was way to big for me to see over the top.   ha  ha    Thanks

From Karen Loeb Mhyre (65): 
Hello Gary and friends,
This is hysterical!!
Happy New Year to everyone!!
Karen Mhyre
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From: kmhyre@comcast.net
This is funny. Make sure you have the sound on and follow the link below.
Map of the Philippines:
The red star is where I live in this world – Cebu, Philippines.
This is a Map that Bill Grimme (65) sent out to the class of 65 folks a year ago.
For those of you that would like to see this part of the world, you are more than welcome to visit, anytime.
We’d love your company. We have accommodations and you can stay for as long as you wish.  This is a super friendly
country and they truly love Americans.
Gary Stokes