Shirley Brennan’s (60) reply to Randy Flynn (70) – Randy’s message follows: 
Gary please send to Randy Flynn

Dear Randy
It is so nice to hear from you.  Yes Glenn was Pats Husband, Glenn died 2
yrs ago of a stroke.  They have four children Shelly lives in San Diego, 
Ginger lives in Bellingham, Mike is in Bellingham,  David is a minister in
Arizona. Glenn has no family alive.  The Family all live in Leeds and Harlow.
The young man you were asking about is Sonny (my brother, married his mother
and adopted Sonny
while he was in Vietnam.  Sonny became a professional boxer, He now lives in
Bismarck with his wife and 2 kids and works in pluming.-
I do know your Mother, If I can help you any more just let me know. Its been
nice talking to you—Shirley
Original Message —–
From: “Randy Flynn”
Subject: Groff’s Bellingham


 I recently read Gary Stokes’ missive where you provided the
 name of your sister Pat.  My name is Randy Flynn the son of
 Minnie (Knox) Flynn,  I did not know Pat but I did work for
 Glenn Groff one summer (1971) custom combining.  I am curious
 to know about the Groff’s family.

 I believe Glenn brought 2 or 3 boys with him.  One boys was
 possibly named Seaholm and a fiend of his son.  I believe a
 younger son also was on the trip.

 Thank you for any information you can provide.

 Randy Flynn


Memories from Ron Longie (65): 

Hi Gary,

When it gets snowy and colder than H___ , I remember going across the field behind Hetley’s house headed for the gravel pit to jump off the top of the cliff and into the snow drifts that used to accumulate there. I could spend all day in the cold and snow then and never want to come in, we would also shovel the snow off willow creek behind the stock yards to play hockey  we would have a bonfire on each end to get warm, man O man what a way to grow up I loved it then, and now even more in my memories also going to Lake Shooty to skate with my dad  holy cow he could skate what a fine place to grow up, and look back with pride and be grateful for spending my childhood in Dunseith, ok-ok I’m going take care all.

                                                              Ron Longie



Dave Slyters (70) Reply to Bill Hosmer (48) & Gary Stokes (65):

Hi Bill

Thank you so much for the story about our dad Freddie Hiatt.  That was pretty special.  I don’t know if you know this or not but your dad was the Slyter boys guardian for many years.  He would over see our spending for cloths and things like that, out of his store.    Always enjoyed going into their store.   He was always so nice to us. 

I am glad that you have such a beautiful place to live.  I will try and remember you as I pass by on the ninth hole of the golf course.  ha   So that must be pretty convenient to have a golf course so close by

Wow that is a whole lot of water around your house.  ha    Do you know how to swim?   I hope your house is on high land.  ha  Thanks for the invitation.   That probably be something to look into in the future.     Stay safe.

Thanks for the tribute and the prayers.

God Bless
Dave Slyter

Bill Hosmer’s (48) reply to a message that Gary Stokes (65) sent him: 
Hi Gary.  Thanks for the address.  Acually I have his address (Pat Godfrey 50), and have
communicated with  him by mail after he made a short visit to Dunseith
and surroundings a couple of years ago.  If anyone else needs to know
my phone number it is 520 750 0170.  At home at Metigoshe it is 701 263
4499.  I’ll leave here in May for the hills of home.   You ought to
find a way to have us subscribe for and pay for all this service you
accomplish way out in Cebu.  Bill
Gary’s Reply to Bill:
Bill, It’s my honor to be able to do this.  I absolutly possitively do not want or expect any payment what so ever for what I’m doing.  I’m doing this because it’s something I enjoy doing. This has turned into a really fun hobby with such a nice bunch of folks to communicate and interact with. Each morining I look forward to seeing what messages I received through out the night from you folks.  Remember, it’s day time for you guys when it’s night time for me.  When I’m sending my messages out, you guys are sleeping.
From Dwight Lang (61):
Dwight, I sent this same link out several days ago that we got from Peggy Wurgler (70), but it’s worth sending again.  Gary
Read the article in the National Geographic on North Dakota titled “The Emptied Prairie”.  This video by ABC News was on World News Tonight last Friday, January 18.  Thought you would enjoy seeing it.  Just ignore the leader.



Got a letter today from Lois from Bottineau, ND.  She said it was 27 below on her thermometer, but could have been colder because that’s as low as her’s goes.  Tucson never felt better.